November 1, 2011

[ENDED] Kiwiberry1's Collection Giveaway!

The beautiful Kiwi models many of the lenses and lashes herself!
She has the prettiest eyes! There are lots more lens photos on the Kiwiberry1 Facebook page if you are curious to see more. :D

Kiwiberry1 Collection has offered to sponsor a giveaway for all of you, my awesome readers/friends. ^^

My favorite grey pair of lenses came from Kiwi, she picked them out for me! They were the G&G Dueba Diamond Series Grey lenses. You know, the pair I've talked about forever now. Kiwi also carries the Hana lenses which are the most comfortable lenses to date. I highly recommend those lenses!

Here's a description of Kiwiberry1 Collection on their Facebook page : )

"We carry a variety of popular circle lens models from S. Korea. Circle lenses are very popular and are sold all over Asia. Big circle lenses and hypersize contacts are the most popular in Japan. Circle lenses come in all colors and designs from very natural looking to very dolly and dramatic looking. Feel free to browse around my shop for many styles of circle lens and other products. We also carry several different styles of false eyelashes to complete the look!"

They're a business in Canada, so if any of my Canadian readers are interested in Asian lenses and lashes, Kiwiberry1 would be a great (faster shipping) option to shop for your beauty needs. ^-^

I will get to pick two winners! Yay!!
The Giveaway package includes:
-1 pair of lenses (of winners choice! how awesome is Kiwi?!)
-1 box of falsies (yes, one box full of false lashes!) (randomly chosen/surprise just for you!)
-1 exclusive 50% discount to shop at (The one time use/no expiration coupon code will be sent to the winner via e-mail.)

This giveaway has ended! Thank you for joining!

Giveaway Rules:
-Show Kiwi some love and 'Like' the Kiwiberry1's Facebook fanpage.

-Follow them on Twitter for the latest promotions/giveaway info.

-Show me! ^^ some love on my relatively new DSK Steph (DSK Jewelry) Facebook fanpage! :)

-Leave me a comment in this post with your name, where you're from, and what brings you to my blog today!

Feel free to tell me about yourself. : ) I'm really curious to know what everyone's day to day schedules entail. :D What are your must do's everyday? What do you look forward to? For example, as boring (and old lady) as it sounds my daily routine always seems to includes watching the 4th hour of The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda at 10am. :D I feel empty if I don't get my daily dose of The Today Show. TRUTH.

I look forward to reading your comments!!

On a completely separate note, my dog Wally only barks when his brother Timmy barks. He's such a follower! lol The dog social hierarchy always fascinates me. They are born to be either Alpha, Beta, or Omega. (The movie Alpha & Omega was pretty cute for a cartoon.) :D


I will also be hosting another giveaway after this one ends in 3 weeks. : )


  1. Hi! My name is Mari. I liked those fb pages and everything. :3 I came across your blog because I was searching for some lenses online. I'm in Japan atm, but broke as a joke. :c

    I also remembered that Bubzbeauty did a giveaway for a couple of your necklaces. So I checked out this link. :3

  2. great giveaway! her eyes really are pretty

  3. Hi! My name is Bella and I am from the MD. I liked both pages on fb. I have been following you on ur blog ever since I got two amazing pieces of jewelry from you last year! I <3 a lot of the things you recommend so every time you post something new I usually have to read it!

  4. I've liked and followed Kiwiberry1 on fb && twitter and of course like DSK jewelry on FB.

    I've ordered from Kiwi before and received great service, except for a pair of defective lenses but that's not their fault =] Anyways, AMAZING prizes love the 50% discount codeeeee hehe

    anyways my entry:

    Hi my name is Stephanie too, I'm a design student from Toronto and I visited your blog today because I noticed an update on my blogroll, while previewing my own post =p (ps for some reason i NEVER see your updates on blogger...) Anyways I've been having a stressish week, it's my reading week, but I've been heading to school or work everyday =] okay so what I did today... my FIRST day of sleeping in, in AWHILE!!! then head to work and had an annoying customer that tried to exchange something that she bought a gazillion months ago and without a receipt. I calmly explained to her the company policy of exchanges within 14days and WITH a receipt but she still made a big scene and held up customers -_-" Other then that... good day =] lol

  5. My name is Angela =] i liked their facebook, follow them on twitter and liked your facebook page a long time ago xD. I'm from philly, but currently residing in pittsburgh. I came to your blog to see if there were any more cute pictures of your dogs! wally seems so cute.
    college life is boring so nothing much to share there =P

  6. Hi Steph! My name's Amanda and I live in Hawaii. I love coming to your page to check out the newest in nail polish swatches! I've never tried circle lenses before...they look super neat and the Asian people here must use them all the time because their eyes look so big that I get envious!

  7. Hi Steph! I'm Amalee.. I often comment on your lovely jewelry making skills.. for some reason, the word jewelry looks really awkward to me. Does it look awkward to you? LOL.

    Anyway, I live in San Francisco and I'm a junior in college who has no idea what's going to happen once I graduate.. but I doubt I'm graduating on time because of budget cuts and increased tuition, and life T___T.. Ugh.. what a bad time to go to a public state university.

    I've been following you for awhile actually (that sounds kind of creepy...), and I always check out your blog for inspiration on EOTD and FOTD :D I admire things on your dsk site that I'm too broke to buy.. one of these days one of your masterpieces will be mine ;D I probably always say that, but IT WILL!

    Your page and Kiwiberry fb page are liked and I am following Kiwiberry on twitter! I'm surprised Kiwiberry doesn't have more followers.. especially since her site is offering a sale of 30% off... nice.. I especially like the second picture of lenses.. those lenses look awesome! And I'm always intrigued by lenses ;)

    Have a lovely day! =)

  8. Hey Steph! I followed/like everything above!

    I'm here at your page because I always am! You were the person who first started getting me to blog!

    My daily routine for the week is wake up and be grumpy, make breakfast, get ready, work, gym .. ehh.. well sometimes.. okay okay like once a week!, dinner, watch a crap load of TV, and sleep!!

    Hope I win! I've never tried these color contacts before!


  9. HOLLER!! im excited for this giveaway! ihope i win!! i followed u on twitter and fb :]

    Ive always been following/visiting ur blog but never really leave a comment so hi! hehe

  10. Hey Steph! I'm Vivian and I'm from California :) I came to this blog post because I follow you on twitter and saw your tweet! I've also completed all the requirements. Recently I've been consumed with coloring!! I know that sounds silly, but I'm a interior design major and I'm taking a rendering class right now and it's totally kicking me in the butt!!! Though it's a great feeling to see my drawings come out beautifully.........sometimes ^^

    Twitter: @VivianNgai

  11. Oo! Definitely entering this! :)

    *Liked* Kiwiberry Fanpage
    *Liked* DSK Jewelry Fanpage
    *Following* BOTH on Twitter

    Name: Jen
    From: Tacoma/ Seattle, WA

    And I am here today on this specific post because you tweeted it, but I came across your blog because I notice you're one of the bloggers that actually interact with everyone! And I also get oober excited when I see bloggers from my hometown! :) PSH, and of course, you're extremely talented! I tried making jewelry as a hobby once and gave up. I was terrible at it.

    My daily routine usually consists of working all day unfortunately. I'm helping out my mother at her restaurant at the moment which is good for me because this way I don't have to work too hard. I'm 7 months pregnant so my days are easily tiresome! I look forward to spending time with family this Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I know my wallet will be crying.. lol. Too many holidays AND birthdays coming up.. oy vey!

    Anyways, hope you have a wonderful rest of the night, Steph! :D Good luck to everyone on this giveaway!

    Look forward to reading many more posts from you!<3

  12. *Liked* Kiwiberry & DSK Jewelry Fanpage
    *Following* BOTH on Twitter

    Name: Joanne
    From: VA

    I've been happily married for 13 yrs and have 3 beautiful children (1 boy & 2 girls). Hubby & I have been together since High School, and haven't turned back since! Every day is an adventure with my 3 kids (ages: 12,4,& 2), and they teach me something new every day. I love them to pieces, and their laughter and smiles can get me through anything I'm going through. I make it a point to tell them I love them every day, and make sure to kiss them every morning when they wake up and every night before they go to bed. I love their honesty, especially when I need it the most. Kids don't know how to bite their tongues (LOL).

    I'm also in a bi-racial marriage, which is interesting... to say the least. We still get the occasional dirty look and whispers, but after being together so long we're so used to it. My hubby is hispanic & I'm half Filipina, half Spaniard. He is my lobster. ^_^

    Anyways, there's more, but I don't want to go crazy - LOL

    Good Luck to everyone! ^_^

  13. Name: Josephine
    Location: Vancouver, BC

    I *liked* Kiwiberry1 & DSK Jewelry on facebook, but I unfortunately don't have twitter so I hope this entry still counts!

    Anywho, I'm a long time blog follower on your personal and jewelry blogs. I've even bought a necklace & earrings from when you were just starting out with your business :)

    & my must do's every day would probably to clean. I have 3 boys at home and the house can get quite messy so it's definitely a must do before the hubby comes home. That & I MUST watch at least an episode of my k-dramas. Being on maternity leave it's the only exciting thing I do every day, and something I definitely look forward to.

    Oh & btw, I'm coming down to Seattle thanksgiving weekend, is there any good restaurants and/or places to shop you'd recommend checking out?

  14. love the pink nail color! and your dogs are too cute.


  15. That's an awesome pink! I love their Kolor Kollection! :D

  16. TOO CUTE. Love the doggie style!

  17. I followed Kiwiberry on twitter under mixxienotmexie, and liked theirs and your facebook!

    A little about me, My name is Brianne! I'm from Wisconsin, just checking my blogroll on bloglovin, i love reading your blog! Daily schedule- usually I'm just working, going to be going back to school soon. I work in retail in a pretty big department store and it's been pretty busy lately with the holiday season. Work takes up most of my day and I just try to see friends and have fun after work.

    My must-dos lately are listening to Drake's new cd 'Take Care' at least once all the way though once a day...OBSESSED with it lol...Other must-dos are texting my girlfriends during the day. The boy I've been seeing also lives in Kentucky right now so I definitely look forward to getting off work and checking my text messages because I can't check them while at work. It's the little things. ;) lol

    Thanks for the chance! Take Care. :)


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