November 1, 2011

My Guest Penny!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share some random bits and pieces of the past weekend with you. There's been so much new nail polish news on my blog lately, I love it! I am really enjoying researching and collecting nail polishes. It's one of my newest hobbies/obsessions. I just discovered magnetic nail polish today, and it looks so cool! I need to figure out where to get them. Have you heard of magnetic nail polish? I wonder how it works? But more on that later. :)

Time for some Penny bear!
Penny is Nickel's sister and belongs to Minh's parents (as does Nickel). She looks nothing like Nickel. lol
She's a black, and brown long-haired full size Chihuahua while Nickel is a blonde short hair super skinny full size Chihuahua.
She's actually a rescue because someone's family didn't want her anymore because she was aggressive towards their baby as a puppy.
We gave her a haircut! She looks so much younger now. lol
We gave both Timmy & Wally a haircut too.
She was borrowing Wally's harness for the day. Bf's parents always has a collar on her, but I prefer having dogs (especially small dogs) wear harnesses.
I got Penny her very own pink iPuppy harness! Her jacket is from Target and reversible!
See her modeling the fleece side in the picture below. : ) Totally adorbs, right?!
Her tail is always wagging because she's happy girl!
In non-Penny news, I cleaned my closet a little bit and found two polishes that have been MIA for a while! Paradoxal is a really pretty color especially for Fall. I have yet to try Orange Fizz!
I also found my favorite pair stud earrings! They were hidden in a bottom of a shopping bag.
I don't like to sleep in jewelry so I take it off when I'm tired and misplace them often. It's a bad habit!
Here's a Timmy toy hogging moment. lol
No Wally pictures today because he's been camera shy..or too hyper to be captured with my Blackberry.
I try to juice veggies for us in the mornings. We got to go cups and lids from Costco. This way Minh doesn't have the.."I got to get to work" excuse. I have the Breville 5 Speed Juicer that I got 20% off from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Speaking of BB&B, I stopped there today and picked up some goodies with my $5 off $15 or more coupon. I picked up another OXO container (I love these!). I also snagged a L'Oreal Project Runway lipstick. I just cannot stand the smell of it. L'Oreal lipsticks has this unpleasant floral scent. It drives me nuts! I also stumbled across this tiny Vasaline lip therapy jar! It's so cute!
A random old school Shell gas station in Issaquah, WA.
I really like the Issaquah, it's a super cute, up and coming area. The houses are all pretty much cookie cutter, but totally adorable! Everyone in the area has little kids including one of my cousins. lol I think it's a great place to start a family. We found a nice townhouse that's across from..get this..a dog park! How perfect, right? :D No real plans to move away from Seattle yet though. I just like to think about moving to the suburbs. :)
We went to Costco earlier tonight to browse the kiddie area for Christmas gifts for Minh's nieces and nephews. I know someone is going to get this dog for Christmas!

Random price increases I noticed at Costco today:
The contact lens eye exam is now $100 instead of $90-95.
The executive member ship is now $110 instead of $100.

Look at what I found at Target! The EOS Strawberry Sorbet lip balm. Remember when they were limited edition? They're not so limited edition anymore! lol I picked this up for a friend. :)

In other random life news, Minh and I watched a really cute Vietnamese Romantic Comedy called "Passport to Love" on Netflix. (Note, I never really watching anything modern Vietnamese because it's hard for me to relate, but I liked it!). It was made in 2009, and takes place in both Vietnam, and Little Saigon, CA. It made us laugh a lot!! It's in Vietnamese, but it has English subtitles. I highly recommend it if you're into cheesy comedies. We also watched The Owl and Sparrow (Viet movie) that one was pretty cheesy and just overall Viet fob (fresh off boat).
I do think my Vietnamese is improving since I've been watching these films.

I also got Minh watching the Korean series, Boys Over Flowers. I hope we'll watch a few more drama series together since he's never been exposed to k-dramas. lol

And..Minh just started another Viet movie called ..something Green Papaya. It's about a young girl from the countryside who moved to the city to work as a servant for a well off family.
I still find it strange that so many families in Vietnam have servants and nannies (because labor is cheap).

My mom and sister are going to Vietnam this Winter for a whole month! I chose not to go with because I still have no interest in Vietnam. I hope that changes with age!


  1. Awe, I love these little tidbits you post about your day to day! Penny looks so sweet in her cute little harness

    & just a note about the magnetic polishes - Sephora carries Nails Inc. now and they have a couple magnetic polishes in their line! I can't decide if I want to try them out or not.. just cause I feel like it's another one of the trends that will fade out soon. The pattern is pretty neat though!

  2. Thanks for the update! Penny is sooo adorable!

    Viet Nam for a month! I wish!

  3. awwww penny is adorable!!! OMG you're watching Boys Over Flowers hehehe i liked it but it got a bit to angsty in the 2nd half lol typical kdrama.

  4. your doggies are too cute! im obsessed w/ collecting all the eos flavors! xx

  5. Penny is so cute! I love her little furry face... she reminds me of a baby brown bear! My Chihuahua isn't furry like her - he's doesn't have a lot of hair, so in the winter, I bundle him up if I'm not at home snuggling with him under a blanket! I'm like you too - I don't like walking small dogs on collars since they have smaller necks than medium to large sized dogs, so I always walk my 3 boys in harnesses. Her harness looks nice and comfy.. did you get it at Target? My dogs have a standard nylon one after their old faux-sheepskin/fleece harnesses broke, and since they all like to be "pack leaders", I want them to be comfortable when I pull them back next to me.

    Man, I really need to check out Netflix for those Viet dramas and movies. I used to live in Little Saigon, and sorta took all the great food, cheap nail polish prices, and Vietnamese grocery stories for granted, esp. since now I live in a non-Vietnamese area (totally Caucasian area), so I really miss hearing and speaking a language I can understand aside from English, haha.

    The last time I was back in Vietnam was 10 years ago. I was a junior in HS, and my parents and I went back to visit relatives in the winter. It was interesting, and obviously, I was not prepared for the poverty and culture shock. I was really surprised that one of my dad's siblings family had a maid, and it was sad how they treated her like she was a slave. Vietnamese mentality over there is totally different from over here.... but the food over there tasted soo much better, esp. the pho. Totally sad that I'm admitting this, but I also had KFC and even that tasted better than the KFC here!

    I wouldn't mind going back to Vietnam, but this time, I'd love to go with my BF only so he can experience one of my cultures first hand, and that way, I don't have to feel obligated to visit relatives I rather not visit since some of them were greedy & thought my family and I were super loaded, if you know what I mean. Also, I would much rather stay in a luxury hotel since it wasn't fun staying with relatives.

    Longest comment ever... LOL! BTW, did you find Stella Rosa @ Costco?

  6. I have a Breville juicer and LOVE it! You got the best girl. Mine was discounted. HAHA Penny is too cute and love all the stylish harnesses you bought! Great CHANEL polish. They always have the most amazing colors. Hope you're having an awesome day. Thanks for sharing.

  7. dead at, "because I still have no interest in Vietnam."

    oh and love your Chanel studs. yours are gold right? I picked up the silver ones from Ebay not that long ago and I feel like quality-wise, they're better than the rest of my Chanel studs! Your aunt definitely has good taste getting you those :)

  8. @Gjee YES! They have a good weight to them! :) Mine are the gold tone. I absolutely love them. :D I hope to find more like it in the future.

  9. Love your life posts, Steph! Amazing that you remembered the prices at Costco and how they've changed - and have you ever been to Vietnam? I went for a week for work and it was really nice - but I imagine it'd be more fun with some people who actually know the language/culture!

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  11. Dont thnk iv ever seen such amazing nail varnish!!!!!! and im such a lover of jenna marbles!!!!!



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