November 18, 2011

OPI "Designer...De Better" (Video)

Just so we have a photo in this post, here is my furbaby, Timmy.

Hi all! I've been playing around more with my Macbook iMovie to edit my video clips. I'm trying to see how fast I can produce a short video for Youtube. I've never been great (because I'm lazy) at video editing even when I had the super awesome programs to edit. Two of my college buddies were into movie making, but I never learned much of anything from them. lol I probably should have watched them while they worked! Macbook iMovie makes it SUPER easy, even for someone non-computer program savvy like me!

Moral of the story, don't be lazy Steph!

Bf's sister pampered me by painting my nails for me. :)
It's always nice to have someone paint your nails for you! I go in for the occasional mani pedi every month. Nothing feels better than groomed hand, and feet!! The hardest part is finding the perfect nail salon. I prefer getting my nails done in the suburbs or a small town because they're less likely to rush you in and out like they would in the city. I don't recommend getting your nails done in a busy mall either..they're always in a rush and they always seem to cut my finger. I DISLIKE THAT.

But back to "Designer...De Better," enjoy the video!


  1. I always wanted a MAC book for my computing needs, but I know they make life easier w/all their movie editing software and other cool stuff that only MACs have! hehe

    Timmy is so cute. He looks soft and warm!! I really need a dog in my life.

    I love your nails. You have such perfect nails!! I love the feeling of being groomed during a mani/pedi but I hardly go! :p

  2. Do you have an iPhone? I've been wanting to get one forever because I always feel like they have the best apps that no other phones have! lol

  3. Timmy is so adorable! aww that face!!!


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