November 18, 2011

My Favorite Fall Fruits

My favorite fruits this time of year are persimmons and pomegranates!
I recently discovered Hau Hau Market, a Chinese/Asian grocery store in the International District (aka Chinatown) of Seattle. I don't normally shop at Asian grocery stores because of the massive aroma de fish!! I made the mistake of wearing my Burberry trench in there and now it smells like an Asian grocery store. I had just taken out it out of my closet to wear too.
But to make up for the stench they had .89/lb persimmons!

We had guests over last weekend so I cut up some fruit and put them in the fridge. I figure they'd like a nice snack when they got back to our place. :D
I also spent some time deseeding 2 pomegranates! I washed them first (naturally), then I lightly cut around pomegranate. The trick I learned last year from one of Minh's law partners was to open them under water in a giant bowl or pot. It's the "no mess" way to deseed and enjoy some pomegranate. : ) Then I just used my fingers to deseed the pom. All the extra pieces just float to the top so scoop those out. After I let them air dry, I divided them into clear Solo cups, popped on the Solo lids & refrigerate my prized little cups. This way everyone gets their own cup of pomegranate that they can just pour into their mouth and enjoy. No one has to worry about any messes, or any stains.

Your guests will love you!! lol :D

Minh, however..did get it all over his shirt because he is notorious for spilling, dropping things...but for everyone's the fool proof way of enjoying some delicious pomegranate this Fall. :)

They sell a pack of 6 poms for $5.99 or $6.99 at the Seattle (Highway 99) Costco.
I picked up 3 jumbo poms for $2.50 each at QFC (Quality Food Center) grocery store.
You know I'm going to get the Costco case as soon as I finish these!

What are some of your favorite fruits this time of year?

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  1. oh goodness i LOVEEE pomegranates! i've already devoured 4 of them myself this week. i need to get out and grab some more. my supermarket is selling the ginormous ones for a dollar! so it's a deal breaker for me :D

  2. Lucky! $1 is such a great deal!!

  3. I love pomegranates!!! Thanks for sharing the deals, I'll have to pop into QFC this weekend.

    Also, I never knew what 'persimmons' where called in English. My parents buy them all the time and I only know it by the russian name.

  4. Persimmon!! I must take these fruits for granted because every year my auntie in law gives me bags and bags full and never eat all or try to give them away!! 1 of my cats even stole one off the table yesterday and played with it. lol

  5. omg I miss persimmon so much! My mom used to get them for me, from Asian markets too. I totally understand what you mean about the smell, LOL - I always fell like a fish market when I leave!!

  6. i loooove persimmons! luckily i have a persimmon tree in my backyard. xx

  7. Fou Lee & Mcphersons in Beacon Hill also got real good deals! :)

  8. yummy!! LOVE both of these fruits. wow you are such a great host. very...asian LOL all my asian friends offer fruit to guests, even i do ^_^

  9. Minh's parents are in Vancouver? That's awesome! So close to Portland! I actually stayed in Vancouver when I was visiting Portland. His sister's workplace sounds amazing!!

  10. I posted my last comment in the wrong entry! LOL oops! I always get confused because your comment thing is in the beginning of the post and after I read it, I click the bottom of the comment thing which is meant for the last entry haha

    I really miss persimmons! I haven't had them for years. Do you like those big hand sized persimmons? You have to eat them when they're super ripe or else they dry out your tongue! lol

  11. loved looking through your mini holiday pics!! i know what you mean about soft dog crates.. my dogs TOTALLY chew through the screens ugh!! so annoying.. i can't tell you how much money we've spent on dog crates!!

  12. Love persimmons and pomegranates! My grandparents used to have a persimmon tree :)


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