November 21, 2011

Weekend, Giveaway Winners!

I had a pretty awesome weekend and I hope you did too!
Minh and I drove down to Vancouver, WA to spend time with his fam and to get my car fixed by their family mechanic. There was a bit of snow driving pass Olympia, WA pictured above!

I love the road trip down there because it means I get me my Dutch Bros. and Brewed Awakening's coffees! I love small coffee stands for some reason, oh right! It's because they make delicious coffee! :D

The boys on the ride down, sleepy doggies.
They're in their crates because it's the safer way to travel in case of accidents!
We just bought them the carriers above to better fit in Minh's new car.
The side flaps open up so the dogs can see outside. They're currently on sale at Target for $39.99 instead of $44.99. I hope my boys don't chew these up! At least they were tax free because we were a Target in Oregon. :D I love shopping in Oregon x100. I did also find two more Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters! I picked up Pink Truffle and Sugar Frosting. I have a grand total of 7 now! Blog post coming soon, you better believe it!!

The dogs love coming over to their 'grandparents' house because it means they have more playmates! We actually left Timmy with the family (including Penny) and took Nickel & Wally with us back to Seattle. Everyone loves Timmy a lot, and told us to take Nickel for a few days. We'll be back down there this Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving and reunite the pack!
I went to the Oregon Gem Fair with M's Mom & Sister right when I got to their house. I joined the event as the general public and walked around. (Businesses get to shop in a separate time slot with wholesale privileges). Jewelry fairs are fun for me because it's a time to meet hundreds of vendors. They come from all over the US, some even come from overseas to attend these fairs. This one was not as large as the one hosted at the Tacoma Dome in Washington, but it was fun for M's Mom! She was hunting for some pretty sparkly things. :)
Trays and trays of Swarovski Crystals. I live to see colorful beads in trays!
The fair looked like this x 100 if not more of these booths, and tables.
Gemstone cutting, and polish equipment! It's cool to see stands and stands of everything relating to jewelry crafting. Everyone there is SO into it. lol If you ever get a chance to visit a jewelry/gem fair, you should go!
Yesterday, M's sister took us on a tour of her awesome workplace!
She's in marketing at the corporate offices of an animal hospital. :) I would describe it as the happiest place in the world!! The front of the building is a beautifully manicured dog park especially create for employee's dogs.

Timmy & Wally have healthcare through Banfield (the animal hospital inside Petsmart).
If you get a new kitten or puppy, I can refer you directly her for pet healthcare like I do for my friends.
Penny & Nickel!! :) I had these made a few years back for bf's family.
These adorable stuffed animals were made by my friend KT. Isn't she amazing?
I need to commission her to make a Timmy, Wally, and Ty!

As we were touring the building, this sweet little thing starts running at us.
It's the famous Luci! She was the company's mascot for 2010. I bet you've seen her pictures all over Petsmart!
She has her own plaque and everything at the office.
There she goes back to her owner. : )
We went and got some bubble tea and pastry from this local Viet cafe in Vancouver, WA.
I need to learn how to make it from my Mom and Aunt the next time I go home!
I think I'm going to have to video tape my Mom & Aunt cooking to learn.
One of my favorite Viet desserts (at Bui's Natural Tofu), I have no idea what it's called.
We spent most of yesterday hanging out with M's sister and her fiance in Vancouver, and Portland. They're in the process of buying a new house which is super exciting!
You all know I love house hunting!

In other's time to share the giveaway winners!
Why yes, I did dump out all the pens, highlighters, and paperclips to pick my winners the old fashion way. ;D

The Kiwiberry Collection Giveaway Winners are...
Yay!! Winners, please e-mail me your name, mailing address, and style of lenses you picked out so I can pass it to Kiwi at Kiwiberry Collection. They will be sending you your prizes directly. ^_^
I can't wait to see which style of lenses you picked out!
Special thanks to my friend Kiwi for offering the giveaway prizes to not one, but two of my readers! You rock!

Thank you to everyone who entered! I really enjoyed reading your comments. :)

Stay tuned for my next post, I have more giveaways for you!

Have a great start to your week everyone!


  1. it looks like u guys are driving towards a winter wonderland!!! the dogs look so cozy & safe in their crates :D

  2. Congrats toward the winners!

    I love banh da lon... so yummy :D

  3. @ShinyPrettyThings The evergreens never looked more pretty that day. :)

    @Rubiiee Is that what's it's called? I never knew!

  4. lol i've been learning how to make korean food from youtube. videos do really make a world of a difference!! are you going to share with us the video of your mom cooking (if she lets you film her)? lol


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