December 15, 2011

I Got Lash Extensions!

I went to get my eyebrows threaded for the first time at the new Brow Art in Westlake Center (Seattle, WA) last night. I have a Brow Art membership to get my eyebrows and lip threaded so I wanted to use it up before I left for my month long trip to Michigan. I overheard some ladies at the salon talking about the $99 lash extensions. You know I booked my appointment ASAP! lol I made my appointment for this morning at 9:30am. I walked Minh half way (one full block) to his work too..or more like he walked me to get my lashes done. lol

I came in at 9:30am and left at 11:40am. :D Lutmi spent a full 2 hours working on my extensions. She even gave me a blanket so I wouldn't get cold. lol Usually, I just fall asleep since they tape down your eyes anyways. Her and I spent the full 2 hours talking about different Asian cultures. She's originally from Nepal. I've never met anyone from Nepal so it was really fun to learn about her country. ^_^

She says lash extensions will soon be offered at most of the Brow Art locations. Many of the Brow Art locations are found in the middle of big shopping malls in Washington, California, and Florida. They're known for their eyebrow threading. I learned a lot of about the business and the owners from my lash girl!

I couldn't believe they offer a full set for $99! Fills are only $40! At most places, the price ranges from $150-$200 for the full set and $50-$75 for fills. Brow Art pays their employees hourly so she took her time. I loved that! If you would like, you can read about my very first lash extension experience last year here. :D

Lutmi suggested I get my lash fill in 2.5-3 weeks, even though the lashes can last up to 4 weeks. After 4 weeks they start falling out and you end up needing to pay full prices to get a new full set (2hrs). In the past, I've gotten them filled 2 or 3 times. The first time I waited too long and the girl yelled at me. lol She says she can only fill as much as 1 hour would allow.

I've been using Maximum Lash serum (and Lashem serum) and they really has lengthen and condition my natural lashes. They work quick too! I love my natural eye and eye color (above), but I have to rely on my prescription circle lenses (below) because I'm out of my clear contacts. I haven't had a chance to visit the eye doctor for a new prescription. Hopefully, I can get that taken care of in Michigan. : )
The Hana Iceye Brown lenses have been my favorite pair so far. They're incredibly comfortable and do not look too crazy for daily wear.
I'm not exactly sure which circle lenses I'm wearing, but I do know that they're from Kiwiberry1 Collection. Kiwi is my go to girl for circle lenses. :-) If she sees this picture, she'll be able to tell me which pair these lenses are ~ she's just that good!

The lash serums have helped lengthen my lashes, but I never find my natural lashes to be full enough for me. I guess that's where awesome mascara comes into play. I've been using Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash. I think it's a great mascara for girls with thinner lashes. I love the dry formula on my lashes. I have the waterproof version too, but I haven't used it yet. :D
My sad sad natural lashes. lol Minh's lashes are so full and dark!
It's crazy!! My cousin Ryan's lashes too! He has gorgeous lashes. It's never any fair when boys in your family have prettier lashes than the girls!
What a difference, right?! ^_~
The After, talk about an upgrade! LOL
Long lashes instantly glams up the eyes. Don't you think? :)
I wasn't planning on getting lash extensions, but I couldn't resist the $99 deal at Brow Art. Plus, I figured it's nice to have maintenance free eyes during my holiday break. All I really need is some black eyeliner for a polish eye look. I really recommend trying out lash extensions if you're curious. Do they damage your natural lashes? They do since you're adhering fake mink hairs to your lashes, but your natural lashes shed anyways. I like that I can rely on my favorite lash serums, Maximum Lash, and Lashem eyelash serums to grow out my lashes after.

Go back and take a look at my very first set of extensions, let me know which set looks better to you. Regardless, you can't beat the $99 price for 2 hours of patient work. lol The lashes feel a lot more natural this time around. I think it's because they use mink hairs at Brow Art.

I'm so happy they opened a Brow Art at Westlake Center! I love the girls who work there too. They're so incredibly nice. I'm going to take Van here to get her first set when I get back.

Speaking of Van..our Chicken Wing Battle 2011 Smackdown was such an embarrassing fail. Her wings came out overly salty because Minh's Mom cooked (fried) it wrong (she cooked both of ours for us since I was doing Van's practice engagement makeup).. lol Mine (baked) came out overly sweet because I went crazy with the brown sugar and honey in my marinade. Sigh. It's sad when the people eating your wings have to get a bowl of plain white rice to offset the intense flavors...

After a day of shopping, we came home to find one of my wings left on the plate. : ( All of Van's wings disappeared (I bet she threw them all away to look like someone ate them all). JK lol

In movie news, Minh and I watched "The Help" last night. It was such a great movie! I highly recommend it!

I have another giveaway (makeup related) coming up! There will be 5 winners too! ^_^

I'll give you the details next week from Michigan. I booked my tickets 4 days before my trip..I fly out on Sunday, Minh's 29th birthday. *sad face*
At least I get to spend the morning with him before I fly out at 3:16pm. : )
I'll be gone from December 18, 2011 through January 14, 2011! Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? ^^ I hope that's the case!

I'm going to spend some quality time with my dad and relatives since my mom and sister are going to Vietnam for a whole month. When I get back to Seattle will be the time I need to pack up and move! I'm going to miss out on New Year's fireworks at the Space Needle this year, and our anniversary too! lol January 2012 is also our last month in our cozy Downtown Seattle apartment. Can you believe we've lived here for nearly 2 years? January and February will be a very exciting month for us. We finally found that perfect house in the suburbs! :D

Talk to you all from hometown Grand Rapids, Michigan!


  1. I can't believe you guys found a house and you didn't tell us or show us pictures!? I'm dying to know! I'm so excited for you!! =)

  2. the lashes look incredible! congrats on the new place! xo

  3. Thanks Jill!! ^_^ I'm excited for you try extensions! :) Keep me updated!

    @Gjee I will share in February! :D

    @Thank you Fifi! ^_^ I'm excited for a new stage in our lives. I bet the dogs will love us more for it too!

  4. oh steph they look amazing!!!!

  5. The lash extensions look great, Steph! I have a lash extension appointment next January! Lol... The salon is totally booked out.

    Now after seeing how gorgeous they look on you, I'm even more excited now to have my lashes finally done!

  6. Thanks @Eri!! ^_^

    @Jess I know you will love them! I'm excited for you! I can't wait to see your amazings pics too! :D

  7. LOVE these lashses!!! they're so full but still natural :D

    ohhhh you guys are moving??? loved seeing the view of Seattle in your pics. I will miss seeing the Space Needle on your blog lol.
    Can't wait to see how your new home looks!! have fun in Michigan & happy holidays Steph!! ♥

  8. love them!!! they look sooo good and natural! and your circle lenses are also amazing!

  9. omg i need to get mine done ASAP!

  10. Your lashes look fab! I had extensions for a while and loved them but ultimately got tired of all the maintenance and didn't really want to pay for fills every 3 weeks. Enjoy your lashes!!

  11. Wow, those lashes really do look gorgeous! I've never really been interested in lash extensions before, but seeing this has me thinking about it...

    Your brows look great too, btw.

  12. man makes me want to try getting lash extensions now! :D CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU NEXT YEAR FRIEND ;)

  13. AHH! Such a great deal for amazing work!! Your eyes look gorgeous! It's crazy how full they are!!

  14. OMGOSH!!! they look AMAZING!! so full and natural.. there's def something that lash extensions can do that fake eyelashes cannot! the only thing that i don't like about lash extensions is never having the ability to take them off yourself if it's more of a casual day you know?? but man you look SOO PRETTY!!

  15. steph those lash extensions look amazing!!!!!!!! you hardly need to put on make up!! have a safe trip home!

  16. The lashes look great on you, Steph!! So cheap too.. it's impossible to get a deal like that up here where I am!

    Have a safe trip home & enjoy the holidays with your family!

  17. Ahh your lashes look amazing! And that is a GREAT deal especially since she spent an entire 2 hours - wow! You look gorgeous Steph :)

  18. Thank you girls! I couldn't be more happy with the new lash extensions. :) Thanks for the holiday wishes! I hope everyone has a fantastic Winter!

  19. Ooh! Your lashes look lovely!!!!!!!!! I've heard of this process before, but never really saw how much of a difference it makes. I have short and stick straight this is something that would really give me some more natural looking length!

    Sounds like you've got all your holiday plans ready to go! Safe travels. :]

  20. $99 for lash extensions and for a full set is really good. Refills are good too! Your lashes look AMAZING!!!!!!!! I want to have that done too!


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