December 23, 2011

Michigan Haul Part 1!

Firstly, I woke up this morning to a picture text of my mother getting her eyebrows tattooed! lol
She's a brave one. She even has her eyeliner tattoo (which looks really pretty!)
I had an eye exam appointment yesterday at 3:40pm at Walmart! I absolutely love my eye doctor that I've been going to for years and years. The opticians are also super duper friendly awesome people. : ) I can't wait to see them again when I pick up my new contact lenses in a few days. : ) Eye doctor gave me a sample of the new Opti-Free Pure Moist contact solution to try out which is super awesome! My official new contact prescription for contacts are -6.50 in both eyes! Woohoo, they finally evened out. :) I ordered a year supply of Acuvue Oasis and the total was $219 (in case anyone was wondering what a year supply of regular lenses cost). My Michigan eye exam for both contacts and glass was $75, which is a great deal for someone without vision insurance, like me!

I also picked up a $4.47 box of 5 Minute White Teeth Bleaching Gel! I also grabbed two Youth Mouth Guards to use as my teeth bleach trays. : ) Works like a charm! I also grabbed a Neutrogena Naturals face wash since I'm without my Peter Thomas Roth face cleanser here in MI. I'll let you know how I like it in a minute.
Lime Twist Carmex? Yes, please (while I was at the store). I came home, tried it out and wasn't really in love with it. At least it was only two bucks.
The two nail polishes you saw yesterday from Target. :)
More Revlon Lip Butters!! I already gave some to my mom to give to her friends in Vietnam.
These are what I picked up at Meijer since they're having a buy 1, get 1 50% off deal going on right now. :D I really do like these lippies. I plan on sharing them with my friends.
I'm also going to be giving my favorite Cotton Candy away to one of you!
Leave me a comment in this post with your name, where you're from, and what you're doing this holiday season! :) I wanted to hide this mini giveaway inside my post for my favorite readers. I love you girls!

I also found my way to TJ Maxx! I grew up wearing a lot of clothes from TJ Maxx since my mom loved to browse there. :) I found so many cute Crystallized Swarovski dog collars!
They're XS and S, so they're for Nickel and my dog nephew Ty!
The small might be able to fit my little Wally bear monster too. :)
I miss my little guys so much!

The pink one is for Heidi, and the one with studs is for Timmy!

I also stopped by Pet Supplies Plus (my high school teacher's husband owns the chain!) to pick up a few things for Heidi. I need to give her a nice bath and clean out her ears. Heidi is an old lady now at 12 years old (84 years old in dog years!). I picked out some Senior doggie vitamins for her. I hope they will help her give her a little energy. If you have an old timer at home, what do you recommend they take for joint health?

I later found myself at Nordstrom Rack! lol We only have one Nordstrom Rack in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. You know I had to browse that!! What I love about a small the fact that many people don't care for designer shoes. Which means..more for me to look at and browse through! I found another pair of the Tory Burch glitter flats! I found them in the grey I already had and this gorgeous black with blue sparkles!! I think I know which pair I'm going to keep!
Tory Navy/Avatar Blue Katie Shoes!
Nordstrom Rack price: $149.99
It wouldn't be a lie if I told you I'm going through my glitter phase.

Thank you for carrying my lovely new shoes Nordstrom Rack, Grand Rapids!
You are so pretty sparkly blue color glitter!!!
Yup, they're keepers. The other black pair can go back to Nordstrom Rack, fo sho.
I wear 7 1/2 in TB flats which are very true to size for me.
Pink glitter TOMS! Yay!! My first pair of glitter ones. :) I love them!

I wear size 8 in TOMS leaving room for socks! I had a pair of 7.5 in TOMS, but I found them a bit too snug. Is that odd? Reviews always say TOMS stretch out and are pretty true to size.
A little childish, but hey..when in Michigan. ; )

I woke up early 8:45AM to go on a trail hike with my dad..but now it's 10AM and he isn't even ready to leave yet. The man showers before he I see where I get it from! My dad!

Talk to you later!


  1. Have fun Stephanie :D

    I totally understand the glitter phase, I'm loving em myself ^^

  2. You've been a busy shopper! Love your haul!!

    I'm a -6.25 in the left eye and a -5.00 in the right - I can relate!

  3. I love your haul posts! I wish they sell most of what you buy where im from.
    Can I join your "secret" giveaway? hehe. My names Shar.. from Guam. For this holiday season Im going to spend it in my country.. The Philippines, for the first time.. im so excited! Anyway.. I hope you have a verry merry and happy holiday :D

  4. Such a busybee scoping the stores while you're away! I'm always so jealous when you post up your Nordstrom Rack finds.. everytime I go into one on my trips to the States, I find next to nothing! The flats are gorgeous though :)

    Have fun on your hike!!

  5. seriously loving all of these blog posts from you!! <3 <3

    and are you supposed to wear socks with toms!? LOL i'm not sure why I never considered wearing them with mine?! O_O your glitter ones are adorable though. LOVE the print inside!

    and since when did walmart carry essie? off to buy the luxeffects now lol bye~

  6. i love dogs & from what i've used for an aging dog friend of mine is putting them on glucosamine. they have the glucosamine pills for dogs but it's so expensive compared to the human pills. so i just let my friend have half of a normal human pill every few days & call it a day. (:

  7. My name is Jacqueline from Orange County! i have been looking everywherefor the lip butters but cannot find ANY! :[ :[ I'll be working thisholiday season (except for christmas day). haha nothing exciting.


  8. I must agree that the Revlon lip butters are amazing!
    Youre such a good Mommy to your pups! Theyre going to be so stylish :)and you also have great tastes in shoes! All the glitz is perfect and beautiful!
    By the way, every time I scroll past your picture of your lash extensions I'm wowed haha really makes your eyes pop!

  9. i'm from va.. holidays? no plans.. stay home with family..

    thats a great price for TB.. was the TOMS regular price? i've been wanting a pair!

  10. Wah, your mom is so brave!! But I guess after all the "pain", she won't have to worry any more. ^^

    Great haul!! Loving all the glittery shiny things that you've found like the polish, collars, and the SHOES! *o* SO PRETTY!

    Lip butters ftw! :D
    (My name is Tiffany and I'm from L.A.! :] I will be spending lots of time with family and eating up a storm! Going to have a little lunch here at home and then will continue the celebrations at my dad's. ^^ )

    Have a wonderful holiday!!

  11. kinda surprised that tj maxx carries dog collars. i was curious about the lip butters and ended up getting tutti frutti. they're amazing!
    Angela from pittsburgh =]

  12. Wow, That's the first pair of Toms I've seen that I really really love! So pretty and sparkly ;)

    My name's Brianne, from Madison, Wisconsin.. Tomorrow I'll be having dinner with my mom's side of the family & exchanging presents and Christmas day, will be spending time with the rest of my family, relaxing and EATING ;) Got lucky that I didn't have to work on Christmas Eve! Great giveaway, I really want to try the Revlon lip butters.

    Take Care! Have a great Christmas :)

  13. Tina, NYC, relaxing, sleeping, and hanging out with the baby. Have a great holiday!

  14. Loved your haul...can't wait for Part 2! yay! Ali from GA and this holiday season I'm gonna be hanging out with my two best friends who I haven't seen in a while!

  15. Hi, I'm Kim. I'm from NY :D and this holiday season I'm going to be at home spending time with my family which is a nice change since I'm a college student and rarely get any time to stay at home for extended periods of time!

  16. Hi Steph! I'm Thao, from Salt Lake City Utah. I'll be spending the holidays with the boyfriend. I've been a silent readef of your blog for awhile, I sometimes respond to your blogpost, but most of the time, I'd rather read it. :) hope you're having a great holiday visiting your family!

  17. OO! Pretty TOMS! :) I love your glittery choices! You have a wide assortment of lip butters there. I went back to the drugstore after your tweet about the BOGO50%Off and stalked up on a few. But my little sister took a few, so now I need to go back. Haha~ Luckily, they are still having that deal! :D Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, Steph! :)

  18. hey steph! I'm Tania and I'm from Canada, I hope I can still join your giveaway! Revlon lip butters are so difficult to find here, they're always sold out so I would love to try one! For the holidays, not doing anything special, just enjoying the time off from school and spending time with friends and family.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  19. Steph! We have the same shoe size, and when I spotted glitter toms at my NR the 7.5 were snug on me too! They only had silver ones, but if I saw the pink ones, they would have come home with me. :v

    (Annnnd can I join in still? I'm Julienne from Texas! I'll be working all weekend, but start monday morning, my family and I will open gifts and celebrate Christmas a bit late!)

  20. hi Steph, my name is karen. I'm from new jersey and I basically just spend the day with my family and having fun with them. Happy holidays to you

  21. hi Steph, my name is karen. I'm from new jersey and I basically just spend the day with my family and having fun with them. Happy holidays to you

  22. Happy holidays Steph! I love the TB flats! So I'm LittoMokaa (I prefer to not display my real name :]), I'm from Montreal & I'll be hosting a Christmas dinner on the 25th :D

  23. I'm loving those pink Toms!

    I'll be spending Christmas in Austin catching up on blogging and photoshopping! I'm from Texas :)

  24. Merry Christmas~! I'm Esther from Atlanta, GA! I'm spending the day at home on this rainy day with my family opening presents and eating fresh crab legs :) I hope you are having a very merry christmas!

  25. I'm Amanda and I'm from Hawaii. I'm spending the holidays with my parents just hanging out and eating! I'm in love with the revlon lip butters but can't find them here so I've been buying them on ebay! merry christmas!!!

  26. i'm debbie, from aurora, CO.
    I spent the past three months studying abroad in paris, france, so my holiday plans were to come back home to the US to spend time with my family & good friends!

    merry belated christmas!

  27. hi. i'm lanie and i'm from the philippines. i'm spending my vacation here at my parents' vacation house in batangas. :)

  28. I wish I wish that I wasn't allergic to cats! But happy holidays hun! :)

  29. Happy New Year! You've got a lovely blog :)

  30. I know this is an old post but I FINALLY jumped on the Toms bandwagon. There has always been lots of talk about whether guys should wear Toms or not and if they do wear Toms what color should they get. I knew what color Toms I would buy if I ever did start wearing them. Yesterday I took the plunge. I skipped right by the men's section and went straight for the pink glitter ones. A women's 10 fits me perfect. I wish there was some way for me to send you a picture so you could see how my pink glitter Toms look on me.

    Thanks for sharing, Happy New Year

    1. Happy New Year! I hope you're loving the Toms! Aren't they super light?! I love them!


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