December 27, 2011

Tobey cat, Tobey cat, I love you.

Tobey is our family's cat. He's 9.
We adopted him from a farm feed store called Home Acres when he was a kitten.
He was the runt of his litter and grew into a giant house cat. lol
Well, he is more of a cat dog. He's super outgoing and loves people. :) I love it when house guests are caught off guard when Tobey jumps up and paws/massages their behinds begging for attention. Haha, it's the best!!
Hi, I'm Tobey.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

The winner of my secret blog mini Revlon Lip Butter (Cotton Candy) giveaway is Tiffyama!
E-mail me with your name and address girlfriend! : )

Thanks for visiting everyone!


  1. Aw, how can you not love that face! I miss him sooo much!

  2. Awwww, Tobey is adorable!! I find it so cute how cats use their paws to "massage" whatever they feel is comfy. XD We just adopted two little kittens from a local shelter two weekends ago and they've been quite a handful!

    Christmas was lovely. Hope you had a great one too!

    Ahh, I won? Thank you dear! Will email you now! :D

  3. Chanel has some gorgeous colors but it's a shame to hear about some of their other shades.


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