January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!! and Chanel, "June"

Happy New Year!

I'm so excited it's 2012. : )
Bf and I celebrated our 5 year (we think) anniversary. Woohoo!! We didn't get to spend it together this year, but he'll be here next week to celebrate with me. :) He got to enjoy the Space Needle fireworks from our place in Seattle, Washington with the dogs. I rang in the new year at Firekeeper Casino in Battle Creek, Michigan with my Viet family, relatives, etc. It's was insane.so.many.people. We didn't end up leaving until the next morning at 9am. My relatives are so passionate about poker. lol

I've been spending all my time with my dad, relatives, and friends!
My mom and sister call and text from their vacation in Vietnam almost everyday too. :D
I'm glad my sister went so she can tell me how it is over there in the "motherland." It's pretty cool that she met some of our cousins and now we're all FB friends! The internet rules.

I love being in Michigan (minus the brisk cold weather). It's SO incredibly comforting to know that everyone I know lives within a 25 mile radius! lol
My Aunt, and her family literally lives down the street. It's awesome! She's been teaching me how to cook a few Vietnamese dishes. When Minh arrives on Jan 10, she's going to teach both of us how to make Banh Bao (Vietnamese/Chinese pork bun). Yay!!

It's been icy out on the roads for the past 3 days so I try not to leave the house. Driving on ice is always a little thrilling..because when your car slides it's super fun unless you're about to crash into someone else or a lamp post, etc. Many Grand Rapids, Michigan drivers (especially the younger population) are really brave when they're out and about in the snow. They're fearless!! "We" still go to the grocery store when it's 20 degrees and snowing outside. Everyone needs to go to work, so we brave the elements! :D

Anyhoo, I'm just super excited to be home. Now it's time for the new polish!
I picked up Chanel "June" and "May" from the counter in Macy's. In my hometown..Macy's is as fancy as it gets for our two shopping malls. :) I do love the 6% Michigan sales tax!

Pretty plastic Chanel tops justify our purchase? It probably does.. lol

I painted my nails with 3 coats of "June" because I felt 2 was too sheer. I didn't get even coverage with 2 coats. My friend Angie *Shout out to my fellow 2o something-crazy-dog-lady-favorite- Oregon-friend ever!* said she felt it was streaky. We were both not impressed. *sad faces*

The color is just not flattering to me once applied. It looks pretty...not cute with my skin tone. I'm going to give it a second chance and try it with two coats on short nails. I have a feeling I will like it more when my nails are shorter. I do love the finish of this creamy polish though. Chanel rarely fails at delivering a quality polish. I've had this on for the past 5 days at least and it still looks perfect.

As for right now..it's not one of those colors to get you compliments in my opinion! I almost want to hide my fingers when I pay for something at the store. lol Harsh..I know. Sorry June!
The glitter is Essie's "Set in Stone." It also didn't look good with Chanel "June."
She look gorgeous in the bottle and shouts Spring happiness. But that's about it for me!
I passed on "April" even though it's my birth month because the red color didn't impress me at the counter.
I am looking forward to wearing "May" later this week. : )

I was really disappointed in this pretty in the bottle apricot-peachy polish. I had such high hopes for it. lol I wonder if I will feel this same sadness with "May."

I'll keep you updated. Let me know your thoughts on "June" if you picked it up, or your thoughts on it from research online. I do plan on trying "June" again with two coats, but if I don't love, it's going on my blog sale! If you're interested at all (US only), please let me know through e-mail: nguyenst@msu.edu

Also! To update you on my Brow Art (Seattle, WA) lash extensions..they all fell out after 1 and half weeks! The set I got at Swink lasted for a good 3 weeks before a fill! You really do get what you pay for ($99 full set lash extensions), but at least they were nice for the few days I got to spend with my mom and sister before they left for Vietnam. :D

Thanks for stopping by everyone! My dad is almost home from work so I'm going to chill with him. : )


  1. Glad to see that you're really enjoying time with the family in Grand Rapids! We also saw the NY in in Seattle - we had a Mexican and saw a movie - but went to bed before midnite at the Westin!!

    Your nails are stunning! Glad to hear that Minh is coming out to join you!

  2. Sounds crazy driving in snowy weather! I can't imagine driving on icy slippery roads. I live in New Orleans so it RARELY snows here. Congrats on the 5 year anniversary! :)

  3. Great color, sucks about the formula and I'm sad about your lashes! Are you going to get them redone?

  4. Happy 5 years to you and your BF, what a milestone.

    These nail polishes look amazing on you ;) Hope you had a wonderful 2012!

  5. @JC I hope you're having a great time in Seattle. :) It sounds like you are having a blast especially with winning at Muckleshoot!

    @Amy Every winter day is an adventure on the roads! :D

    @Jill I'm not going to get them redone at Brow Art (even though they're super nice!) I don't really have anywhere special to go so no extensions for me for a while. I've been using Maximum Lash and it's growing out my lashes like really nicely. I just wish I had fuller lashes. The lash serum does make my newer long lashes very dry and a bit brittle. :/ You win some you lose some!

    @fifi Happy New Year!! :) May 2012 bring you nothing but the best!

    @just tututiny Thank you! Time really has flown by these past few years!

  6. Good to hear you're enjoying yourself back at home! And happy 5 years to you & Minh! Here's to 5 more!

    I really want to buy June. I keep looking at the shade and it looks so nice! Give it another chance! My skin tone is lighter than yours so I'm hoping it will look good on me. Crossing my fingers!

  7. @Andrea Thank you! :) I think it wil look a bit less intense with 2 coats. It's just so hard to get perfect coats with this polish. It drives me nuts when a polish isn't easy to work with. lol

  8. Happy New Year Steph! Glad Michigan and seeing the family has been fun for you:)
    Im surprised June didnt work out for you! It didn't seem to streak much for me...I think the color looks rather nice in your photos too! But hopefully May work out for you because it's now my favorite pink polish :)

  9. Love these two colors <3


  10. June is BEAUTIFUL! I think I may have to go to the nearest Chanel and get one! Hope you had a great New Year! :)

  11. @Vgo :) They look really pretty next to each other in the bottle. Doesn't it just shout Spring?

    @Phoebe You should! I hope you find something you like!

  12. 20 degrees outside? I.can't.even.fathom. @_@ Fearless for sure! ;) <3 your cute nails

  13. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time in Michigan with your family. :] Yay for close knit neighborhoods where all of your relatives reside. So convenient. :D

    lol. Driving on ice? I have no idea what that feels like. We never really get "ice" here in LA. :3 Omo..sounds so cold where you are though!

    Aww~ JUNE LOOKS NICE ON YOU! I bet it's be a perfect color to wear in the Spring. heh.


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