January 6, 2012

Michigan Living!

I feel like my old self when I'm in Michigan since I grew up all my life in this mitten state.
I really like getting to be the old me at home with my family and relatives. I guess you could say life is a little bit more carefree for me when I'm around family. There's always someone taking care of me here. My dad insists on doing everything for me! I feel like he still doesn't remember I'm 24, and not 14 anymore. lol My aunt cooks me delicious Viet food almost everyday. I feel really blessed to have such an awesome family. :)

I'm spending as much time as possible with my cousins before they head back to university on Monday. I've been back to school shopping with them, and I can't help but shop for myself, my dad, and Minh!
I came across the prettiest pair of Ugg slippers! I've always wanted a pair of these fuzzy things, but never felt like I needed them until..I saw them in red sparkle! lol
They were $100 at this small sporting goods, shoe store called Merell's in Woodland Mall.
I'm going to research them online to see if they're available anywhere else. I don't want to buy too much here and have to pay to ship everything to Seattle.
The other day in my parent's neighborhood. lol
Ice! The main roads were all clear, but it seems like they're cutting back on the city salt trucks and skipping over the neighborhoods. The snow and ice have all melted since the sun has been out the past few days. It's incredibly nice here right for winter.
They had 50% off sale items at Banana Republic! The 50% sale started yesterday so check out your local BR's! I bought so many pieces for Minh and my Dad! I did snag a few things for myself. : ) I even got a nice sweater for one of my cousins who's a math teacher. The deals were just too good! For example, I got Minh a light peacoat for $34.99.
I did give in and signed up for a BR cc, and got another 15% off my purchase.
Look at the grey hairs on the top of Heidi's head!
I gave myself a manicure and painted them with Chanel "May."
I love it!
Pink nails, pink glitter TOMS : ) I was so happy yesterday.
Tobey's been my bff reading blogs. He loves to chill with me at home.
He's a giant sweetheart. I love him so much!
I also came across this crazy looking fruit called "Buddha's Hand" at Meijers (popular Midwest grocery chain).

I'm still sick with the common cold, but I've been taking Muxinex. It's really does help!
I'm trying to stay home, but it's just too hard to go out and play with my cousins. I did rent "I Don't Know How She Does It" with Sarah Jessica Parker to watch.

I'm currently watching The Wendy Williams Show. lol I don't know why I never watched it before, but it's such an entertaining talk show!


  1. Thanks for the update - love the nails!

  2. Those slippers are like comfy Dorothy's :) Glad you like the Chanel nail polish!
    Hope you have a wonderful,safe trip and

  3. @Tiffany That's what I thought too! They reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. :D

  4. Those red UGG slippers look so comfy and cute! I hope you end up getting them. hehe.

    Yay for sales at BR! $35 for a light peacoat sounds like a steal!

  5. That fruit is seriously creepy, haha. I think it's cool and generous of you to be always thinking of others and buying gifts for the bf and family. :)


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