January 7, 2012

Favorite Flat Iron, and Lip Scrubs

My best friend growing up introduced me to the hair flat iron when I was in high school. She changed my life forever and I thank her for it whether she knows it or not. : ) I have naturally wavy frizzy hair which is kind of odd for Asian hair. I'm pretty sure I grew up a little bit right after I learned how to straighten my hair. I find the flat iron is the easiest way to achieve a fast, polished look.

I have owned, and still do own many hair flat irons and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on three in particular. The CHI, GHD, and KQC. If DSK every makes a flat iron, I'll let you know! jk
(I went through the $20-$30 flat irons you can find at Target phase as a teen, and I wish I had a little bit more guidance at the time. I fried a section of my hair with a drugstore flat iron. And that was a bad experience..don't let it happen to you!)

Hair tools are an investment! Don't cheat your hair.
1. The CHI, found this one year at Costco. I have also found it at TJ Maxx, Marshalls as well. Price range: $60-70 (If you search online you can find this starting at $40.)

2. The GHD (limited edition white) from Sephora (similar here) during a 20% off Friends & Family sale last year. Price range: $185-$225

3. The KQC compliments of Flat Iron Experts (here) Price range: $100-300
They all are ceramic plated, and all have a similar body.
The GHD was my biggest splurge for a hair tool. I do love the limited edition white & pink butterfly packaging, but the CHI & KQC do the same job for a better value.
I currently have the red plated KQC traveling with me in Michigan. I do love the black and red because it reminds me of the classic pair of black Louboutins. : )
They all have the swivel cord which is a must! It just makes life easier when you style your hair.
The GHD does not have temperature control. It only has an on/off switch like the CHI.
The CHI on/off switch.
The KQC does have a temperature control which I really like. I like having the option of changing the heat setting. I find the GHD and the KQC heat up the fastest compared to the CHI.
I gave my CHI to Van since she lost hers on vacation. I have more flat irons than I know what to do with! However, I still would like to try out the T3 flat iron. :D I've heard great things and read great reviews on T3. I do have another flat iron in Seattle by Hana that I will be writing a separate review for when I get home. ^_^

I'm more of a flat iron girl rather than a curler girl. I still am in search of the perfect curling iron. Do you have any recommendations for me? I currently have a 1" and 2" Hot Tools curling iron from Ulta. I am in the market for an amazing 1 1/2" barrel curler. I need your help for that one! :)

Now, let's talk affordable shampoos and conditioners!
I'm pretty easy when it comes to hair products (apart from my favorite Morrocanoil Hair Mask).
I like to try new brands, high and low. I notice the more affordable products work best for my hair type. I have light thin/fine hair, but wavy? It doesn't make much sense to me either. lol

Kirkland Signature is Costco's private label brand. I believe each giant bottle was around $7-8.
They lasted me well over 3 months. I like the shampoo, but I'm indifferent about the conditioner. It does nothing for my hair. I'm really loyal to the Moroccanoil hair mask that can be used as a conditioner.

Let's talk about the John Frieda products my friend Marisa and I hoarded off the Target clearance shelves. lol I think we paid $2-4 for each product.
John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Shampoo. I can't really say I have that damaged of hair right now because I've been growing it out for the past 2 or so years. I do like this shampoo a bit better than the Costco shampoo.
The John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner is just okay. It's nothing special, I'm glad I paid clearance price for it! : )

The John Frieda Full Repair Hair Mist is awesome! I am a big fan of spray leave in conditioners and this product does the job. : ) It makes my hair feel really nice after I wash my hair.
Out of the JF products I've tried in the past and present. I really like the "Blonde" glossing hair gel/cream and this hair mist! I don't even know if they make the gloss cream anymore, but it was amazing for flat ironing your hair.

The hair set below was a gift from the ever so kind Van.
She uses it and she loves it. I will be trying it out after I get home!
I don't have thick/coarse hair, but hopefully it will give me thicker hair! lol My significant other man friend does have thick hair so I'm sure he can use this too. Or maybe..she gave it tous so she can have her shampoo/conditioner ready when she visits us on the weekends! That sneaky Van, I tell you. lol jk, we love her!!

Does anyone use Joico products?

Joico Shampoo
Joico Conditioner
Bonus treatment hair cream! I'm really looking forward to trying out Joico products.

Now onto my favorite lip scrubs! I have not suffered from chapped or dry lips since I started using a lip scrub in the shower.
The Lip Strip (Cooling Sugar) by Laura Geller came in a lip kit from Sephora. I am so in love with this scrub! I just did a quick search on it and I found it at Macy's (here). It looks like Ulta also carries Laura Geller products too.

It retails for $19 for 1 oz, but mine has lasted for well over 6 months! I have not had dry, chapped lip since I started using this product. This is the first Laura Geller product I've tried and I'm really impressed. The Lip Strip leaves your lips feeling fresh (probably because there's menthol in it). :D I'm sure anyone can make their own sugar, honey lip scrub a home, but realistically for me..it's just too messy. I cringe at the thought of dealing with sticky honey on the kitchen counter. 0_O lol

The CO Bigelow Lip Buffer can be found at Bath, and Body Works. It can't be more than $10. I like it too, but I love the Lip Strip so much more. I keep both in my shower rotating accordingly ^_^.
The Lip Strip looks like a thick lip balm with a little bit of oil, and sugar like grains (it's probably sugar). I'm sure we can research it on the web to get the facts!
I just get a little bit on my finger and exfoliate my lips, and rinse it off with water.
The CO Bigelow lip buffer conveniently comes in a tube which is a plus! There's no sugar like grains in this, it's more of a gentle scrub like texture bead (but not really). It's hard to explain because I got dumber watching too much reality TV at my parent's house.

All I can tell you right now is if the Laura Geller Lip Strip came in a tube, life would be that much better. : )

I'll catch up with you all later! I'm going to head to the grocery store with my dad. I'm going to impress him by cooking Vietnamese congee! And the pork spare ribs recipe Minh's mom taught me. : )


  1. you must have really lovely hair if you get the same results from GHD and Chi!! lucky you! the KQC gives me shinier results than my GHD but my GHD makes my hair look the healthiest and softest! The chi... just doesn't really do anything lol it like flattens my hair but doesn't straighten all the way O_O neither did the T3 but i'm sure you'll have better luck since your hair sounds like its not high-maintenance !!

    your post reminded me I need to try the Macademia hair mask! i absolutely love their leave-in cream! half a pump in my hair before I blow-dry it and it tames my frizzy hair so much!

    and Van is so nice to send you Joico stuff! their hair oil is so amazing too! SHOW US PICTURES OF YOUR NEW HOUSE ALREADY lol =P

  2. @Gjee I don't do too much with my hair so it's been good to me! :) I also don't have a lot of hair so flat ironing is really fast! I wish I had some more hair though. lol

    New house pictures coming up in February or March!

  3. i have been searching for a new flat iron and was thinking of a GHD...i've been using a sedu.

  4. @eri I don't regret getting the GHD at all. You should get if you're shopping for a new flat iron. :)

  5. I think I've had my share of frizzing my hair out by using cheap flat irons (though my hair is super straight already... :3). Looks like you've got a good variety of good ones!!

    I'm currently using the Tsubaki Shiseido brand of Shampoo/Conditioner but...I now feel like it leaves too much build up in my hair. --sigh- Still on my search to find the right type for my hair. I'm curious of Joico though.

    Ooh! And a lip scrub! I need me one of those too~ lol. Gooey honey on the counter. That does sound cringe worthy. lol.

  6. steph i think you would like the t3 :D since i just recently got the solano straigthener i've been waiting for all winter break. i'll let ya try it out next time i come visit you :D

  7. My lips are soo chapped after the sun in Thailand so I really need a lip buffer - I am going to keep that Laura Gellar one you recommended in mind! I agree, wish it was in a tube! Thank you for the review <3

  8. ooooh that's a lot of irons! I only have one (FHI runway) and for the amount it cost me (even on a supersale), I'm using it until it dies. For the curler have you tried clipless ones? I use an Amica one and it's magic. For the amount I rave about it, I should do an actual review.


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