December 20, 2011

My Two Favorite Skin Care Products

Greetings from Kentwood, Michigan!! Mom made me a nice hot bowl of bun bo hue when I got home from the airport. Yum!!
It feels amazing to be back in my hometown. : ) I got to spend two days with my mom and sister before they leave for Vietnam tomorrow morning. I've been visiting my relatives and hanging out with my cousins. I love being home! I love spending time with our family's cat Tobey, and dog Heidi too. :D

My dad and I are going to be buying a new small SUV for my mom while she's gone! It's going to be so fun to test drive a bunch of mid size SUV's this coming week. When you live in MI, it's more comforting to have an all wheel drive vehicles to navigate through all the winter snow! I won't get to see my mom and sister when they get back because I need to get back to Seattle to pack up my crib. I'll be back to visit with Minh in February. : )

Now on to the fun beauty related stuff! I've been loving the two following products so so much!
I wanted to share my latest switch up in skincare with you. :D

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Buffing Beads
A nice size bottle came free with my purchase of the Clarisonic last year and I just started using a few months ago. It's a gentle exfoliating face cleanser. I absolutely love it!

Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Cream Serum
I had the 7 day sample, and I'm sold! It has been keeping my skin soft, smooth, and hydrated this winter. :)

What are your favorite skincare products? I would love to hear them!


  1. Ooh test driving cars is so fun! Sounds like you have some wonderful family time planned, which is always nice to hear! I'll have to pick up that Lancome product, I've heard so many good things about it! :)


  2. these are my favorite posts from you! its fun hearing about you visiting your family and other random tidbits like that! =)

    your new hair color is SO pretty btw! love your harlow necklace too. have you been shopping and not sharing with us!? >:(

  3. @le sorelle Let me know how the Lancome Genifique works out for you! I'm so happy with it! :) Happy holidays!

    @Gjee Thanks doll! :D I have been shopping and not sharing on blog! lol I'm supposed to be saving my money! I don't want my friends & family to know what I've been buying...*guilty*

  4. hahaha thats adorable! but your purchases are always so fun to read about!! you could be helping people out too by in case they were on the fence about something.. :P

  5. New Toms with fleece?? This will make the perfect stocking stuffers for my galpals...great tips! Thanks for sharing!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

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  6. Oh, these Valentino pumps are indeed the perfect princess shoes! :)


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