December 21, 2011


Nordstrom Exclusive Leopard Fleece TOMS!
I order these a few weeks back and they arrived just in time for my trip home. : )
They're so comfortable! I love them! I ordered the leopard sequins pair too but my order got canceled the multiple times I tried to order when they were in stock. They look so cute too! They also have a different sole which I am really curious about. If you can still get your hands on these fleece leopard print TOMS, go for it! They're awesome. :D
Bf and I browsed Nordstrom Rack at Factoria Mall in Bellevue the other day and I found these super comfy (and cute) Torby Burch flats! I found the grey pair first, but later saw a black pair on the other side of the shoe rack. I couldn't decide on color so I snagged both. Which pair do you think I should keep? Or should I return both? They were $149 each (regularly $260). I thought it was a fair deal for leather comfy flats. : ) I like the sparkle too!

I do have a lot of pairs of flats already, but I wear them often. I like to rotate my shoes daily so I don't wear down one pair too quickly.
I tweeted about this gorgeous pair of Valentino bow pumps and got so much feedback!
They were size 37 which is half a size too small for me. These beauties were priced at $299 which is a really good deal for such pretty pearl, and gold hardware shoes! They're the definition of princess shoes. : ) I love the Nordstrom Rack at Factoria. I used to browse every other day when I lived nearby. Good thing I'm moving back to that side of town! lol I can leisurely stalk the designer shoe rack and share my fun finds on twitter. :D

I was tempted to go back to Nordstrom Rack before I headed to the airport, but we ran out of time. I was thinking about picking up the princess shoes just because they're so pretty!

I just googled the shoes....and...whoa...they're still available at Nordstrom online for $995!
I knew I should have picked them up! I wonder if it's too late to send bf out to get them. lol


  1. Great selection of shoes! I can't believe what a steal the Valentino bow pumps are :0 I am definitely making runs to the Rack soon haha

  2. I love Nordstrom Rack! lol I'm moving back over to the Eastside! We should meet up sometime Tiffany!

  3. I <3 TOMS!!! The cheetah print is beautiful!

    And what an amazing deal on the Valentino's. You should hurry and go get them! LOL, they were probably refurbished which is why they are priced at such a steal. My sister used to work at the rack and she copped an really nice burberry ($400) wallet for only $30 for me!

  4. OMGosh! I hope you went back for the Valentino's.... they are perfect! I love your new TOMS!

  5. Love those TOMS! Are they true to size?

    Happy holidays, Steph!

  6. @Jessy I buy 1/2 size bigger in TOMS. I fit my regular size, but I like a little bit extra room for socks. A lot of my friends who wear TOMS say they do stretch out over time. :) I hope that helps! I just purchased my 2nd pair of TOMS earlier today! :D

  7. omgosh your new glittery TB flats.. you DEF have to keep both they are SOOO CUTE!!

    omgosh i can't believe those valentino's were marked down like that!! that is SUCH a crazy good price!

  8. Ahhh~ gorgeous Tory Burch flats!! *o* The bow and the sparkle~ so cuute!

    Dang...I can spend hrs in Nordstrom Rack! haha. They really have some great deals on designer shoes!!

  9. Great Rack finds!!! The TB flats are super cute.


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