December 22, 2011

Why Wally, Why??

Minh text me this picture just now...he asked if it's normal that Wally plays with my leopard print shoes that say AGL.

My heart dropped when I heard this news from Seattle! I went through so much to get this pair of shoes!! First they sent me a mix-matched pair..then I went through three different price adjustments in stores!! :-(

Minh cannot be trusted to watch his own dogs!

He then sent me a picture of "the perpetrator."
Now how can I stay mad?


  1. aw wally! my yorkie chewed the tiny bow portion of my cole haan flats...nowhere near the destruction wally caused, but i know the feeling of seeing dog chewed shoes :(

    it's hard to stay mad though!

  2. It's hard to stay mad at the lil guy..especially from 3,000 miles away. lol I wonder if I can save them by getting them fixed..or customized..hmmm

  3. OH NO!!! haha i'm so sorry about your AGL flats hon!! but he is DEF way too cute to stay mad at hahaha.

  4. your dogs have ruined so many things =\ i live with 2 yorkies and have lived with other dogs before but they never chewed stuff, except when they were teething...

    any ideas why they're ruining your things!? they should be satisfied with their chew toys =\

  5. oh noooo!!! RIP pretty leopard flats =(


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