December 10, 2011

Nicole by OPI, "Listen to Your Momager!" "Kendall on the Katwalk"

The Kardashians have invaded the nail polish industry!
I do like their "kollection" of Nicole by OPI nail "kolors" quite a bit! (14 shades in total!)
I think the women in their family have great taste in everything beauty. :)

I paired "Listen to Your Momager" (midnight blue) with "Kendall on the Katwalk" glitter (aquamarine, midnight blue glitters).
I really love these two polishes paired together because they're mother-daughter!! lol
But really, I like the hint of midnight blue glitter in the fun aquamarine, turquois-y glitter polish.

"Kendall on the Katwalk"
"Listen to Your Momager!"

This is what the colors look like on shorter nails.
Completely cute in my opinion! I loveee midnight blue polishes ever since I was a little girl in my mother's nail salon. :D

It reminded me of the Swarovski Crystal color "Bermuda."
Don't you think? :D

This is my fun weekend manicure!

I'll keep you updated on the chicken wing battle between me and Van. :D
She had the nerve to tell me over the phone to make 2-3 wings because everyone will be eating her wings..Plz...we'll see about that!!

I'm confident in my "secret" (well..secret from Van) recipe, and I can't wait to impress the bf's family!!
I'll document the recipe for you next week just in case you ever have a chicken wing challenge to attend!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Happy holiday shopping! :)


  1. Gorgeous looking color! Love you add glitter one :)
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  2. Pretty colors! Your chicken wing battle is hilarious!! Good luck and can't wait to find out who is the Queen of chicken wings!

  3. oooo i do like the glitter one!

  4. wow both colors are very pretty :D

  5. Stunning blues! Really love them!

  6. i love the 2 paired together =] very wintery blue! as famewhorey as the kardashians are...i must admit their nail polish collection is pretty awesome hahaha

  7. that's so pretty!!! it's like a gorgeous midnight blue and i love the sparkly sparkly glittery one!! i want that sparkly blue color!!


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