December 9, 2011

NARS Danmari All About Cheeks Palette!

I like the box it comes with! It looks like it would be very easy to gift wrap. : )
NARS packaging always look so sleek when it's new. After a few uses it becomes so blahh.
It's a magnet for dust!
The back has a sticker of the name of the palette and all the colors.
My friend Lara totally talked me into getting this palette! I wasn't planning on getting it because I have had 3 of the 6 colors. lol
I do love the fact that it's compact! :)

I snagged one from Sephora for Lara too!
You can find the names of this palette at Sephora (click here).
I don't want to write out inappropriate words on my innocent blog! lol

I'm going to be using this palette this weekend so I'll post pictures soon. :D
We're going to practice Van's engagement, wedding makeup this weekend so we'll experiment with the colors for sure. : )
The size in comparison to a regular full size NARS blush.
It's quite a bit smaller than the full size, but how can you resist a NARS cheek palette?!
I recently bought my first full MAC blush palette from a blog sale! I can't wait to share that one too. I am so in love with it! : ) I don't know why, but I'm all about blushes right now. Maybe it's the chilly weather that's causing me to lust after rosy cheeks!

Random: I got my hair done on Tuesday and it's a different color! :D
More on that later. ;)

You can find this Danmari palette at Sephora online, or in stores. It's usually sold out so stalk the website or your local Sephora! The palette retails for $65 which is a really great price for NARS blushes in my opinion. Can you believe they're going on Ebay for around $100?

Did you get this palette?


What I did today: Stalked a bum 4 times on my walk (we had 3 hours to kill in Renton because I got my car detailed through a Groupon). I talked to the man with the sign 2 times asking about his dog that I don't even think belongs to him!! I wanted to offer him money for the dog, but Minh says it's mean of me to take away his only friend../man's best friend. Sigh. :(
I can totally tell the man with the sign was not a dog person, he kept pointing at it and talking to it.. it was sad.
The dog kept barking at the bum too! I have a feeling it's not his dog..and he just found it.
Do you think the man dressed up his dog? That was a red flag!
I did see that he had a bowl of water for the dog. :/
What do you do in situations like this? My big issue was the fact the dog was freaking out and barking at the man with the sign. I pet the dog, he seemed pretty well fed, and healthy.
He says the dog's name is Brown Bear. He's a pom/dachshund mix, and not even a year old.
I'll be back to check on you Brown Bear and Mr. Bum Man. I'm not cool with that short leash either!


  1. I totally wanted to buy this because it'd be so travel friendly! I stopped myself since I have half the colors full-size -__-. Is it sad that I still want this anyway or that I want the other half full-size?! haha

  2. @Jill I know what you mean. HAHA I caved in and got it! I was so good at resist this during the 20% off F&F sale! lol, but I still couldn't help myself once one of my friends wanted it.

    I figure I can minimize my makeup collection by owning this palette..? It make sense..kinda.....I just need to get rid of the full size ones that I don't use too often. Overall..get it!

  3. Ooooo I want one! All the colors are perfect! I especially love the names!!

  4. aaah! it's always sold out when i want to buy it! i think i'll go look for it in my actual store at the mall...

  5. @Eugenia Get it!! :)

    @Eri Let me know if you find it! :D I think it's totally worth the $! Plus, it's cute and compact. :)

  6. i need this palette! and i cannot wait to see the new hair!! xo

  7. i was trying to avoid this palette after all the youtube and blog hauls on it, but after seeing your high quality pictures of it and size comparison i am going to cave LOL thanks, babe!

  8. I lovee NARS packaging! Those colours are so pretty!

  9. What a great photos, they inspire us!
    You have a great blog too:)

    Come and check out our blog too and share your though;)

    H&C from Amsterdam


    omgosh that is sad i wouldn't know what to do.. you should go back and see if you can find out more information!

  11. I will buy one from you pleaseeeee

  12. @Michelle The extra one was for a friend. Sorry if you thought I was selling one! You can still find it at Sephora I'm pretty sure! :)

  13. Try using this site: to see if there are any ads regarding the dog you're concerned about.


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