December 5, 2011

OPI "Meep Meep Meep"

"Meep Meep Meep"
OPI The Muppets Collection

Hey everyone! I had on "Meep Meep Meep" over the weekend, and I realized that it's not a very photogenic red. It's prettiest in person, fo' sho'
"Meep Meep Meep" is also a very wearable holiday red with a hint of shimmer. I think this would make a wonderful stocking stuffer!

In life news, M and I went to his cousin's baby's Viet "day thang" (full month birthday) party. I got to me some of his relatives I've never met before. : )
We hung out with his siblings the rest of the weekend and made some new friends too!

Van (his sister) and I are already planning next weekend's chicken wing battle. I have a secret marinate recipe, and so does we're going to see whose wings comes out supreme!!

We've been seeing a lot of his family more since his cousin's baby came into the world. It's been really fun getting to know his family better. I couldn't be happier!

I'm also going to be doing Van's makeup for her engagement and wedding!! She's getting married in August which gives us a good amount of time to prepare.
We're going to be playing around with different looks whenever we see each other. The plan is to collect inspiration for her wedding looks, and practice them in different variations until her wedding day. :) I'm taking photos along the way and if she's cool with sharing them on blog, I will post for you to see!

We're all very excited for 2012. : )
Minh and I are going to be moving!


  1. Very pretty polish.

    And I'm so amused by the thought of a "chicken wing battle" ... if your wings win, post the recipe!

  2. @Rites of Beauty lol! It's not really a secret recipe, but it's a secret from Van until she tries them this weekend! :D I'll definitely share it!

  3. Great nails! Thanks for the family update and look forward to meeting you and Minh at the end of December!

  4. beautiful color

    a wing battle sounds fun...and tasty! haha

    glad to hear you've been having fun with family

    looking forward to makeup pics!

  5. I LOVE chicken wings - mmmm! Can't wait to see the outcome of the battle :)

  6. Love that red - so festive!

    Let us know who comes on top in the Chicken Wing Battle 2011 :)

  7. Perfect for the holidays! me likey! <333

  8. OHHHH!! i love this.. it def is pretty for the holidays especially the little sparkle in the red.


  9. i have that on my toes right now! :) hehe .. :) <3


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