January 23, 2012

Chanel Trunk Show Bags and Tet (Lunar New Year)!

We had such a busy, fun filled weekend! Van and Tony came up to Seattle. I made banh pate chaud for the first time for my family and friends. :) We met up with more friends for lunch at Din Tai Fung in Bellevue. We shopped, we ate, and we moved!

Chanel bag and shoes my friend was wearing on Saturday for lunch. :)

Minh and I met up with our two friends yesterday at Chanel in Nordstrom Flagship.
She loves her bags!
My girl friend's Hermes bag of the day.
She's a Hermes, Chanel kind of gal. ; )
I am so in love.
Did I mention she's the most successful twenty something woman I know?
She's a true business woman, and I'm blessed to be learning from the best! #blessed
I love her.

We've been hanging out often at the Chanel in Nordstrom Flagship because she's a Chanel addict in the best sense. ;D She picked up three new Spring bags including this Lavender Jumbo (that isn't supposed to be shown at the boutique until February)!
You saw it first at DSK Steph's Blog! ;) Well..I posted it yesterday on Twitter and Instagram..
so follow me there for the latest fun pics of my day!

Instagram screen name: DSKJewelry

Brand new Spring Lavender Chanel Jumbo
(Lambskin, Silver Hardware).
Her husband was telling Minh and I that the whole waiting list thing is bs because they always favor their "VIP's" like his wife. lol She was able to get me my black Chanel Jumbo with one phone call to her SA in Houston while there was a waiting list of 40 in Portland, and 38 in Seattle's Chanel boutiques. He says he's about to move a couch into Chanel because he's there so often. Her hubby asked if Minh goes Chanel shopping with me and man friend replied, "I don't often let her buy them." Haha, please...as if he can tell me what to do. I just choose to save that's all! : )

The guys are both happy because now we have each other to go shop and they don't have to be dragged along!! That's right!
Gorgeous patent cherry red color bag!! I would love this in my collection some day.
I actually lovee the classic jumbo version of this bag. I wonder if I will ever meet it in person. *day dreams*

My girl friend has a very large collection of Chanel bags, and she will be selling a few bags from her collection in the following months. I will definitely share them here on blog just in case any of my readers are interested. :D Stay tuned for those!
If Cinderella had a Chanel bag, it would be this one!

I'm super happy to be moving closer to them at the end of this month. They have two Maltese doggies which means Timmy, and Wally will have new friends! We have so much planned for this year already. I'm going to introduce her to all the dog parks in the Seattle area! Even though, her back yard is a reasonable dog park in itself, but still. It's the friendly dog filled environment which makes the public dog parks fun! I can't wait to introduce her to my favorite Summer hobby with the dogs. : )
More pretty things at Chanel. I really liked seeing all the new items. :)
The store looks completely different since I saw it last week. It makes me want Spring to come sooner!
We helped Minh's youngest sister move out of her loft over to West Seattle.
She lives near Alki beach now! : )
The Uhaul was parked at the base of a steep hill, and our Toyota Tundra was parked further up the hill! It was a great workout for us all yesterday! Haha
We still have to pack and move still!!

On Saturday, around 4-5pm we were at the Seattle Center (near the Space Needle) to celebrate Tet with the Vietnamese community. It's a free two day long event! There were several famous Vietnamese ca si (singers) performing and lots of games, delicious Viet food, and more!
I donated $3 to play this gold fish game! Tony, Minh, and I won 5 goldfish total, but only 3 survived. I named my 3 new fishies Gem, Amber, and Topaz. : )
We have a new koi fish pond in the backyard at our new house so I'm definitely going to be raising some fish this Spring! I cannot wait to share the pond with you! I've ALWAYS wanted a fish pond in the backyard. My best friends in college have a koi fish pond building business, and I've always envied those who had ponds built in their yard!! Dreams do come true. :)
The fish!
Last night, we were at Tony's mom's house for a Tet get together. :)
They're playing this Chinese/Vietnamese game with crabs, shrimp, deer, chickens, and gourds. lol This game is why little Vietnamese kids grow up to love gambling! We teach them young! Minh says as a little kid he would always look forward to Tet (Lunar New Year) because this game was his way of doubling or tripling his lucky li xi money. Ty and Penny were also there enjoying the festivities. :D
Single, unmarried people always get li xi during Tet from generous family members and friends. : ) Thank you Van & Rosie!
I baked 36 pastries to share with friends and family. :)
My aunt and mom would be so proud of me!
I told you I baked banh pate chaud! It's a crispy, flake-y, buttery meat filled pastry.
They're so good!
We had our locks changed at the house, and we made some new fun house keys. :)
This way it won't take us a year and half to find the right key to get into the house!

I will leave you with photos of the Chanel Spring 2012 Trunk Show handbag samples.
I can give you the SA's contact if you're interested in buying anything from their Nordstrom Flagship store. E-mail me at nguyenst@msu.edu if you'd like his contact!

^ Girl friend bought this one. :)

^ Girl friend bought this one too. ;)

What do you think of some of the new Chanel Spring bags?

Check out my friend Mai's makeup blog sale (mostly MAC cosmetics!)
Click here.
She just welcomed her second baby too! ; )
Congratulations Mai!


  1. Your friend's so lucky she can shop at chanel so often. well I guess she deserves it since she's so successful. Seriously, all the chanel bags are so beautiful. hehe :)

  2. @Naomi I love learning from her! She's really is an amazing woman. :)

  3. *sigh* heart everything about this post!! i've been chanel deprived living here!! i miss being able to go to chanel every week living in san francisco!!

    haha and the "waitlist" is so not real.. my husband asked my S.A. for the chanel black jumbo and got it within a few days of placing the order and then 6 months later my girlfriend wanted one.. so i took her to my S.A. and she ordered one right away for her.. and she got it within a week.

    i think they like to do this to generate "hype" for the chanel bags.. not that they NEED to do that!! because people are crazy over chanel as is!!

  4. I wish I had her problem Steph! lol I love the lavender & "Cinderella" one. One of the sample clutches is edgy and hip, too... *sigh* One day! haha.

  5. @Lisa It's just too cool how you ladies have such amazing relationships with your SA's! I'm getting to know mine better now. :) And I couldn't be more happy! I love getting information on the latest and greatest at Chanel. :D

    @Lena I'm with you! HAHA

  6. Happy Lunar New Year!
    Beautiful Chanel bags, thank you for sharing!
    Im envying Minh's little sister so much, I grew up along Alki, it's like my second home :)

  7. Happy Lunar New Year, Steph! In my family, there's a really similar gambling game! It doesn't have deer or gourds though, ahaha. Its just fish, shrimp & crabs!

    & all those Chanel bags are amazing! The ones with the geometric shapes & detailing look so cool! Thanks for sharing them all :)

  8. holy crap your post is making me drool!!! your friend has an amazing collection & taste. love her engagement ring too ^_~
    & that lavender jumbo is divine!!!!

    happy new year steph!!!! xoxox

  9. What does your friend do?! My friend's cousin is a business woman as well in her late 20s and is very much successful. I love hearing about successful women and their journey to success[: Anyway, beautiful Chanels! Hope to own one one day :D

  10. All the Chanel bags and accessories are absolutely gorgeous!! As they keep raising the prices on the bags, it's making it even more impossible for me to ever get one.. as its already expensive as is. Please blog immediately after you get yours!! :) You must be so excited (I'm excited for you!) xo

  11. Omg! What does your friend do?? I'm so j! I would love to see her collection of Chanel bags. I'm dying to get a classic flap but no funds. =( Haha Thanks for sharing these great pics.

  12. Oh my goodness~ what's not to love in this post filled with CHANEL! Your newly added purple baby is a gem to your collection. Love it!! And your friend's connections at the Nordstroms! Love it even more!! hehe. Glad you guys are moving closer together~ more pet dates and shopping dates ahead!! :]

    Happy Lunar New Year to you!!! Hehe. Gambling at a young age. Ain't nothing wrong with that! All in good fun.

    The banh pate chaud looks DELICIOUS!!! *O* And cute keys!!

  13. Drool....I've always wanted to go to a Chanel trunk show. Thanks for sharing Steph!

  14. Never owned a Chanel bag but now thinking I might need one. Also thinking I might need to talk to your friend...maybe she has some pointers for my photography business

  15. My friend has a collection of businesses, and real estate. :)

  16. HOLY MOLY. All this Chanel talk and pics is driving up the wall with lust! ^_^

    Leave it to Steph to parade us with all your lemmings! And your very VERY successful 20 something year old buddy! HOW DOES SHE DO IT?! :D

  17. loving all this Chanel talk! i absolutely love the Camellia wallets you posed!!!! I always wanted the Camellia WOC but I never saw how divine the wallets were!

    jealous of your friend tbh! lol

    any idea what the nameof http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-YOjOCJjaeHI/Tx2jrLcSXgI/AAAAAAAAixU/36C10P1_-58/s1600/image050.jpg this bag is? my mom loved the more expensive version of it when it came out in Fall but this bag is even better. love the double handles! interesting take on being able to wear it on your wrist or shoulder!!:)

    can't wait for you to finally get your own Chanel Jumbo! first of many ;)


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