January 20, 2012

Starbuck's "Vietnamese Coffee"

Hi everyone! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed my last blog entry! ^_^
I'm so happy to be back in Seattle and back at work!

One thing I missed about Seattle were the friendly baristas at Starbucks! Everyone is just extra nice here in my opinion! I also feel like they make the best coffee drinks out of all the non-Washington Starbucks I've visited.

While I was at home I introduced my dad to what I call Starbucks "Vietnamese Coffee."
I order a Grande size regular iced coffee with milk (which comes sweetened) with an additional 2 shots of white mocha syrup. It taste just like delicious Vietnamese coffee!
My barista gave me a Venti size cup because she was generous! After all the ingredients with the white mocha syrup, there wasn't enough room for ice! She gave me a larger cup with lots of ice free of charge. : )

My dad was impressed and he enjoys a cup of traditional iced Viet coffee every morning! You could also order iced espresso instead of coffee, but my body can't handle espresso. lol
I'm more of a tea drinker, but I do enjoy my occasional Vietnamese Coffee, or Starbuck's "Viet Coffee" like I got today. : )

My friend Jenny on Twitter mentioned that she reached a new level on her Starbucks card.
I was so intrigued and I researched how to earn rewards from Starbucks. Over Christmas, Minh and I received a couple Starbucks gift cards from family, and friends. *Shout out to Chi Kimmy, and Mikie for the generous gift cards!* Thank you! *hugs*

I learned about the Starbucks app from my good friend Marisa. She said I can use it to pay for my drinks with just my phone! I downloaded the Starbucks app on my iPhone and registered my Starbucks card. My gift card amount appeared on my phone, and I was able to have my Starbucks barista scan the bar code (after touching the "touch to pay" button on my phone to pay for my Starbucks drinks today! I was blown away! Where have I been all these years? Being an iPhone user just gets better and better EVERYDAY. I am beyond impressed and will continue to rave about Apple products forever!

Our new fun goal is to compete with one another to earn the ultimate gold Starbucks card (it's a personalized Starbucks card with your name on it!)!!
LOL, can you tell I have a small interest..well obsession with earning gold cards?
I will keep you updated on my Starbucks rewards here on blog. My quarter of a century birthday is coming up in April family and friends! Starbucks cards are always appreciated! ; )

My other favorite drinks at Starbucks include the Shaken Black Ice Tea, and Ice Water! ; )
What are you favorite drinks from Starbucks?

Do you have this fabulous Starbucks app that allows you to buy a drink from Starbucks without bringing anything but your smart phone?!

If you have never tried Vietnamese coffee, I encourage you to break out of your shell and try something deliciously new. I hope to hear from you after you try your first Viet coffee!
Our giant Toyota Tundra truck for the next month! Thanks to Minh's Dad who is on vacation in Vietnam on a long vacation! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!! Stay safe, stay warm, stay incredibly awesome!


  1. Welcome back to Seattle, Steph! :) What a greeting with all the stormy weather and snow haha
    I've always been so curious about Vietnamese coffee whenever I saw it on a menu!

  2. i use to barely drink sbucks but once i got the app i got hooked on getting stars and wanting the gold card xD haha the app is kinda dangerous too ;P but i guess thats their plan hahaha

  3. You have become SUCH a Seattleite, lol! Love the pickup!

  4. The starbucks app is so cool! Wish it was available on other countries tho.. Viet coffee is made with sweetened condensed milk right?

  5. Yum! My favorite drinks from Starbucks are iced coffee with milk with a shot of vanilla syrup and a delicious, cold mocha frap!

    I was introduced to Viet coffee when I started dating my bf. Viet coffee is SO GOOD! Love it way better than American coffee! His family taught me how to make the slow drop cafe su da! Yummmmy!

  6. lol this is all sorts of amazing. i've been tired of my typical coffee drinks too. thanks!

    and the "but my body can't handle espresso" LOL I swear espresso isn't as strong as coffee to me! I can fall asleep instantly when I drink it but coffee will keep me up for a good few hours o_O

    when you're earning stars for your gold card, remember its PER PURCHASE, so it doesn't matter how many drinks you buy! if you want to cheat, you can get small things like a $1 biscotti so even when you don't want coffee/tea, you can get a star for cheap! definitely helps get you there faster haha

  7. I actually started using the app recently as well and found that I already registered a card a couple years, but lost it and on my app it said I still had $5 on it! Total score! It's so useful to just use your phone to pay too, since I hate carrying around too many cards anyways. I love Vietnamese coffee so I'll definitely have to try your recommendation and also the iced expresso ;]



  8. *ha ha, makes me want to run to the store and get a nice chocolate mocha instead. :D I use to be a waitress at a pho restautant so they taught me how to make viet coffee and all I can say is that stuff is strong yet so good! :D Its simple and easy, no more than 10 bucks for the coffee and condense milk. I just do it the orginally way where you let the coffee drip then pour it into the ice. Everytime I smell it, I always think of pho. lol. So good for a day like this in rainy Washington. :)

  9. Starbucks in Seattle sounds so...legit. XD The drink looks sooo good! The Starbucks here in LA...they're not that great. I dunno, but they don't appeal to me as much. I'm not a coffe drinker either...but I may go try that tea you recommend! Good luck on getting to that GOLD STATUS. VIP!

    Ah~ how convenient w/the app! I swear...technology these days. heh. Ooh, but I just checked now on my android and they have the same program. Woo~

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  11. I definitely want to try this now! Sounds delicious :)

  12. Totally never knew that Starbucks could have the capability of making something to taste like Viet coffee. They have so many possible combinations, it's amazing! I will have to pick this up tomorrow :) Thanks for the rec!

  13. Did you just say it taste like Vietnamese Coffee?! OMG. I am going to have to try this next time I go.

    I usually order a grande soy carmel macchiato with extra ice in a venti cup.

    I'm always afraid to try new things...but I may have to get your order a try! Lol.

  14. @Mai Try it and let me know how you like it! :) It taste SO good!

  15. I need to download that APP ASAP!!!! And Vietnamese coffee is an addiction. I have it once a week when I get my vietnamese food fix! ^_^

  16. YUM!! i didn't even know starbucks has a "vietnamese coffee" i wonder if they have it here.. i'm going to see if i can find it at a starbucks here!!

    that is so cool!! i know i feel like such a technological dunce.. i mean i still pay with a debit card. FOR SHAME!! HAHAHA :p


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