January 18, 2012

Hello from Seattle! I'm home!

Hello from Seattle! I'm home!
My very first FOTD on Instagram! My screen name is DSKJewelry, surprise surprise. Find me if I haven't found you yet! :)

I love Instagram so far! It's effortless to add a film to any photo you take with your phone! It makes your photos look so cool. I also think it makes everyone 2x more attractive than they could get away with in raw photos lol just like the Japanese photobooth photos! #justsayin'!

Oh! My lashes are growing super long! I am so in love with my natural lashes these days thanks to Maximum Lash, and L'Oreal Lash Serum. : ) The L'Oreal Faux Cil Fiber Mascara is still my current favorite too. :)

Minh and I switched over to the iPhone 4S from Blackberry Bold while we were in Michigan. :) I can't believe how much we've been missing out! The iPhone is amazing! Blackberry were great for e-mail, but that's as good it gets for the Blackberry data plan. We both couldn't be more happy with our iPhones on the Verizon network. : ) It's SO much easier to share photos and communicate with everyone with an iPhone! You definitely will be seeing me more active on FB, Twitter/Instagram and Blogger! ^_^
View from my parent's house in Michigan. Now this is what snow looks like!
You can't even see the road. lol
Minh and I bought my parents a surprise gift while in Michigan. : )
We have this same TV, but last year's model and we absolutely love it! It's a Samsung 55" LED 8000 series. It's the best SmartTV ever! It's so cool because the 2011/2012 model fixed all the "flaws" consumers complained about! The remote is also a keyboard on the flip side. The TV comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses. The bundle deal at Best Buy got us a Samsung 3D Blu Ray player, and an extra two pairs of 3D glasses! You can't beat that!
My dad is so happy! lol My dad really loves Minh because he teaches him how to use the TV, computer, etc. Minh's a great teacher. :D We also switched my parent's Direct TV plan to HD. They didn't know they weren't getting the best quality! I don't like it when sales people "trick" my parents. I always call and correct their error. Minh's parents got "tricked" also into signing up for the non HD Direct TV box. There's NO extra charge for HD. It upsets us so bad when things like this happen to our parents. Good thing they have American born children who can speak to any customer rep supervisor and explain the situation! : )
My Dad, Minh and I went to test drive the new Acura RDX. My Dad wanted to surprise my Mom with one when she got back from her trip. : ) She currently has a Honda CRV so the RDX is a great size car for her. My Dad is getting her a silver or graphite grey color after she test drives it. :D We love Mom!
I took Minh to meet my favorite cat cousin Nunu for the first time! :) He also met my Dad's older brother and his wife. It was his first time meeting them too. Nunu is even more of a cat-dog than our family's Tobey! Nunu will force you to play with him. :D I probably have over 50 pictures of Nunu on my phone! (My aunt says Nunu is a French name so it's okay that he's a boy named Nunu). lol His sister is Nana, but she's super shy, we just left her alone.
Minh and I went to get our annual teeth cleaning with my cousin Dr. T.
Someone had two cavities! It's great that Dr. T gives us a generous family discount. :) He rocks!
We're trying to get him out to Seattle to meet one of Minh's single cousin. ;) Minh knows my cousin is a great guy from a great family. And I know his cousin is a great girl from an amazing family as well. It will be perfect! I trying to get him to visit us in March!
On the last day in Michigan I earned my Gold card at Gun Lake Casino! I was in Michigan for 1 month and probably visited the casino 5 or 6 times. I earned 20,000 points in days! Play big to win big!! lol My dad has the Gold card and I was always jealous. Precious is finally mine! The next and final level up is the black card..which no one really has according to their Rewards center. I'm happy with my Gold card and flaunt it proudly at Gun Lake. They know you're big time if you're wearing the Gold! ; )

Gun Lake Casino is near my parent's house and everyone pretty much knows them there now. lol They frequent so often since both of their baby birds have flown the nest. One to Seattle, and one to Boston! : ) Anyhow..Gun Lake is such a fun casino! Minh won $1k minutes in, it was definitely pay out time that night. :D
Here's my latest picture of our family's 12 year old dachshund Heidi. She's such a sweetheart. She slept in my bed every night I was home. :) I miss her! I don't spoil Timmy or Wally like I did Heidi growing up. I don't want them to become too dependent emotionally on me. It was super hard for my Mom to leave for her trip because she knew Heidi would be sad. That's a big reason why I flew back to Michigan for a month's stay. Heidi's a big part of our family, and we want her to be comfortable at her age. ^_^
After we got back to Washington from Michigan (where we suffered a 7 hour flight). lol We met up with Minh's siblings and cousin for Korean BBQ at Blue Ginger in Bellevue. I've been here once before and it's pretty good. I think it's a tad bit over priced for Korean BBQ, but overall delicious. :)
Minh and I went home and passed out after dinner while everyone else went out to party. We heard all their fun drunk stories the very next day at Hue Ky in Viet Town. We all had their famously delicious Braised Duck Soup. :)
Minh's super sweet cousin Loan was visiting from Denver, which meant so were all of Minh's siblings and significant others. What's a more perfect time to use my Groupon for a dozen of Seattle's delicious Trophy Cupcakes (University Village location)! :) It was also Nikki's birthday (She's Minh's brother's adorable gf).
I'm so blessed to have so many new friends who I already consider my family. ^_~
I love them!! I think I finally grew up and realize how forever important they all are to me. They're my Washington family!
I went bowling for the first time since the 5th grade and I scored 2 strikes in a row! It was an amazing experience! I'm going to go bowling more often now! :)
Those first two strikes did come with a price! Each time I would be up to bowl, I'd break off a piece of my thumb nail. How am I supposed to nail blog now? lol Must take more Biotin!
This is Minh's new Dad Toyota Tundra. He let us borrow it since we're in the process of moving. :) His parents are also vacationing in Vietnam right now. This truck is incredibly hard to park in our building garage! All the spaces are so compact. lol Trucks aren't meant for city life at all.
Maxi Lambskin $4700 (The Maxi's were the only classic available at Nordstrom Flagship).
Maxi Caviar $4700. He brought this one out from the back for me. I guess they have to call back to get approval to bring out a new bag. It's interesting. Frederick told me the price increase on the small classic flap is $500, m/l increase is $600 and $700 for jumbo and maxi.
The WOC (wallet on chain) usually only increases by $100. I don't know if it will increase on February 1st. He says they don't increase too much on the WOC's.
$4700 for the Maxi. He almost convinced me to buy one, but my friend stopped me and told him a firm no. lol My goal is on the Chanel Jumbo Black Caviar Silver Hardware which they didn't have, of course. The wait list is 38 names long at Nordstrom! Fortunately, for me my friend was able to have her Neiman Marcus SA locate one for me from Houston, TX. :) She's big time, and I love it!
She busted out her monthly Nordstrom Notes to pay for her purchase and my jaw dropped. lol
The SA helped me arrange the notes so I could take a picture! She says this isn't the most she's gotten in one letter. lol You get a $20 note for every $2k you spend (sometimes you get double or triple points). But still..that's a lot of notes! : )
I really fancied the Mademoiselle clasp. But my friend reminded me my eye were only to look at the Classic Jumbo. :) She's such a great friend!

I was so happy to see the Camellia WOC and wallets! I've always thought they were super cute.
The WOC is $1600 if I remember correctly and the zippy wallet is $1000. I was debating between this WOC and the PST for my mother.
I left with the PST for my mom. Before I went into buy my bags, I called in to Nordstrom to make today my Triple Reward Points Day! It's so cool they offer this now to their card holders. You can pick the day you want to shop and get rewarded for shopping in Nordstrom Notes! I'm officially a Level 3 at Nordstrom out of 4. I get $300 worth of alterations and 3 personal Triple Reward Points Days!

I'm going to save this bag until her birthday in September! The light blue film on the hardware means it's new because it hasn't been peeled off and touched yet. :)
I am a lil bummed I can't use my triple points on my jumbo, but I'm really grateful that my friend is helping me get a jumbo from NM in Houston, TX shipped to the Pacific Northwest. *hearts*
I also picked up a pair of pearl drop CC earrings I know my mom has always wanted too. :) They will be her Christmas present next year. I love my mother and father! :D They really are the best! Minh's parents are amazing as well! I feel so blessed to have them in my life.
That's my friend's grey patent leather jumbo. Isn't it dreamy? She was wearing it the first day I met her and I knew we'd instantly become the best of friends! ^_~V
The Chanel pearl necklaces were gorgeous! I would love to own one someday!
The sparkly blue WOC was super cute too!
I did pass on the enamel stud earrings because they just didn't feel high quality. They felt like a light plastic toy. The enamel was clear with a black background. They looked like toy plastic earrings on. They were priced at $300 (which is on the higher end for studs).
Studs currently are $265-$300 from my experience buying them today. I picked up 3 pairs in total. I will share pictures of my haul soon! : )
I picked up the pair of earrings that are hidden in this gorgeous display.
They're an elegant silver crystal studs with black pearl drops (~10mm size). They're really cute! I love them!
Do you like Chanel jewelry? I think the designers there are amazing! They do such a great job at creating fabulous fashion jewels. My lifetime goal is to collection 50 pairs of Chanel earrings by age 50. I love and adore Chanel jewelry. I don't think I will ever get into fine jewelry apart from my engagement/wedding band. However, I do want the biggest and prettiest ones we can afford since I won't be asking for more in the future. Hint, hint! lol
Minh (on the left with his drink) and I came home after meeting with our friends to learn that the fire alarm had just went off in our building (again!) I felt so bad for all the food delivery guys! They all had to wait. The doors, the elevators were all "frozen." One of my neighbors told me he was locked in the parking garage the last time we had a fire alarm (real smoke/fire on my floor). The parking garage door wouldn't open to let cars leave! Isn't that crazy? The only way out was to take the stairs down to the street.
But yeah.. the building automatically locks all the access doors into the elevator lobby so we all were stuck waiting until the fire department came to save the day. We had the option of waiting outside too, but since we all knew it was a false alarm we all stayed warm inside! It's frigid out in Seattle tonight!
I love our current home. Can you believe we've lived here for nearly 2 years?
They always have something for us at the concierge desk. Today it's boutique dog biscuits from Scraps! I love that doggie boutique. It's 2 blocks from our place next to Whole Foods. They sell price-y pet accessories, and treats but it's still super fun to visit and browse. :) My neighbor bought his dog Cody a $100+ Swarovski crystal collar. He once asked if I got Wally a similar Swarovski collar there and I said no..I found it at TJ Maxx for $10-$20 and watched his jaw drop. lol He didnt' look like he's the type to even know what TJ Maxx carries. lol I bought Nickel a coat and harness there for nearly $60! lol They do give you a cute punch card though. I do like to support the local businesses. : ) That's how I justify paying higher prices for a specialty (probably unnecessary) item for the dogs.
I will miss you free fancy doggie treats and random coupons on the counter. I will miss you random free massages in the lobby. I will miss you the smell of free freshly baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies everyday even though I never eat you. I will miss you building summer BBQ's and free random wine & cheese. I will miss you daily bulletin that tells me what's going on in Seattle. I will miss you community bulletin of what my neighbors are selling in building. I will miss you Met Tower's version of FB that allows me to know exactly who lives in what unit, and their occupation if they chose to share it. But most of all, I will miss hoarding all my neighbors recycled Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons. LOL

Anyhow...the men in uniform came to our rescue! (We live two blocks from a fire department and one block from the police station). Sirens have become a part of my sleeping life. I won't miss you sirens that wake up my dogs and encourages them to howl in unison in the middle of the night. lol There have been so many struggles living in a building with furbabies. There are just too many furbabies in one building! Everyone has 2 dogs..the dog restroom area is always used. Doggies can't potty when other doggies are present. Sigh. They just want to sniff each other and play! It's a lot of work to be so dog owner social. I won't miss all the time I've wasted waiting with my dogs on another dog to poop in the designated doggie terrace area!!

But back to the local Seattle heroes!
Firefighters! Aren't they sexy? Minh LOL-ed so much at my "oh yeahhhh" commentary around our neighbors. It's okay, we're moving! You have to admit though..men in uniform are hott!
Get to know your neighbor time because the real fire alarm went off even though it was a false alarm alarm. Apparently, we all like to wear black at Met Towers. We're moving soon and we will be writing a review about our building and end unit Space Needle view living experience. I think we will be posting it on an apartment review website to help those who want to move here get the best for their buck. A few of our friends have inquired about living here, and it will be a great way to guide them into this building, or not. : ) Overall, I really enjoy our downtown living experience. I love the people who live and work here. I love the location, the views, the city. I will miss it very much.

Today I officially became a "home owner." lol It's a long story, but we're both very happy and moving forward! It's time for us to settle down and move away from the city to start a more calm life together with the dogs. I will be living down the street from my amazing new friends! They have two Maltese doggies and I know we all will have many future play dates with our doggies. My next big attainable goal is to become the president of my home owner's association (HOA!) Or at least be a member on the board of directors eventually. I'm completely into this stuff! I guess you can say I enjoy to spend my time in odd ways. I like to do things rather than leisurely do nothing. Granted, I spend most of my time at home, but I spend it all networking online and meeting new friends. I know Timmy, Wally, Nickel and I will be the best neighborhood watch ever! lol Chihuahua Penny might move in with us too if Minh's Mom lets her. :)

Yay! This year has started off on the right foot for us! Fo' sho.
Bow chicka wow wow. jk. lol
They had to bust open the door to the elevator lobby. I think it's a magnetic door.
It was quite exciting to watch them at work. But yeah..we're safe and comfortable now in our apartment unit. : ) The dogs are asleep. Minh and I are tuning into Late Night with my older man crush Craig Ferguson. Minh thinks I have weird taste in "celebrity men." I also find Alec Baldwin might attractive. lol But to keep it young, I do like Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling! I'm a normal American girl!

Who are your celebrity crushes?
Leave a comment below and I will pick my favorite and gift you with a DSK Fresh Water Pearl, 14K Gold-Filled Necklace! I will ship anywhere!
: ) Thanks for reading everyone! I'll talk to you soon!


  1. eep. It literally pains me to see the price tag on that Maxi Lambskin. I can't believe the list of names is so long at nordstrom! Insane!


  2. Thanks for the update!! Congrats on the new home!

  3. Congrats on the new home, do tell us the story. I'm loving the Camellia WOC and wallet, sigh.

  4. Wow, so much SNOW! I really want to visit the north for a real winter experience..but the cold scares me! Lol, I loved all the precious doggy pics :)And omg, thank you for starting my cravings for a CC purse..hahaha :P

  5. You make me itch Chanel! Can't wait to see your new haul!

    My favorite celebrity crushes of course includes The two Ryans (Reynolds and Gosling), pretty boy Ben Affleck and the bad but pretty Adam Levine. As far as my old man crush, I'd say Ben Stiller. Can't resist a blue eyed funny man!

    I love all you're jewelry! They're always so unique and pretty!

  6. @Mangotatoes Can you believe the price tag on the Maxi will be +$700 after February 1st? lol I won't be buying it!

    @Jamilla Camel Thank you JC! I'm super happy and excited for the move. I will be living very close to my friends!! :)

    @jeweliette23 Thank you! I really fancy that little WOC too! Do you think it's a style that would stand the test of time? That was my debate!

    @dkimkimchi You should go on a winter vacation getaway! I think Colorado would be an amazing place to visit in the wintertime! Let's go! Ka ja!

    @♥ tiffany I like your taste in famous men! ^_~ I do love a funny guy with an amazing sense of humor!

    I absolutely loved Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal!

  7. I cannot believe Chanel raise their prices every 6-12 months. I've been thinking about getting something from Chanel, but have held off due to the "student budget". I guess I will just have to wait a while longer.

    As for bowling, I don't bowl too much but have learned to always trim my nails before going. I've had bad experiences with broken nails before and it was not fun.

    Well, I'm glad that you're moving to a house! Are you going to show us the interior designs and decorations? It sounds like it will be lots of fun!

    <33 Rena

  8. i began to follow you sometime early last year and i was always lusting after your chanel earrings! i never knew they were $2-300 or i would have started looking at them way earlier! reading this blogs is so entertaining but they make you spend so much cause you want everything!
    i may invest in a pair of my first chanel earrings soon, are there any tips or other information i should be aware of or something you recommend?

  9. @Rena I definitely want to share in the interior of the house. :) I love looking back on my video moving into my first apartment. :D

    @alina I suggest getting your earrings sooner rather than later since the prices do increase every so often. Some earrings that were once $235 are now $265. It's not a large increase, but it still could buy you a dinner! I suggest visiting the Chanel near you and check out what they have in stock. Talk with the sales associate and tell them what you're looking for; they're more than happy to help you. :) You can ask if they have a mailing list that you can join. I love getting photos of the latest from my sales associate at Nordstrom. You can also call Nordstrom Flagship's Chanel to ask and buy over the phone! If you need my SA contact, please let me know. He'd be so happy that I'm sharing him with my blogger babes. :) E-mail me if you'd like to talk more! dskjewelry@gmail.com

  10. Chanel bags are one of those classic pieces that I would love to own someday, but the price increases are ridiculous! Hopefully by the time I am able to afford one, the price wouldn't be too bad. And I can't wait to see what you bought!

    My celebrity crushes are Chace Crawford, Bradley Cooper, and Ryan Reynolds. :)

    Also, congrats on being a new home owner!

  11. thanks so much! i wish the nordstrom nearby carried chanel- you would think so since it's the biggest mall on the east coast!- i love their customer service though. i guess i'll have to track them down at NM or saks, but if i'm unsuccessful, I may ask for your SA's info! thanks again :)

  12. i too am saving for a Chanel bag. I'm resisting the buy on the WOC since that's the most affordable one *sigh*
    I need to wait for a double points day too great idea!
    imnotarunner at gmail dot com

  13. You're leaving the downtown area?? nooooooo!!! lol! Where are you moving to? Congratulations on being a home owner, that's a huge step :D

    Dying over all the chanel stuff. mmm eye candy!

  14. @anita b The WOC really is tempting! Forget about double points day, it's all about the triple points girl! :)

    @Tanya I'm moving across the pond! Let's meet up for after the snow goes away! :) I really want to meet you! (You can add to your meeting people in the internet list! And I can add you to mine!)

    I'd love to see your building's roof top deck!

    My last day living in downtown is January 31st. My bf will still be working down here so it's all good! lol :D

  15. Now I reeeeeally want to purchase my first Chanel. There are no Chanel handbags in my Nordstrom's or Neiman's...maybe it's because there's a Chanel boutique in the same mall? I would love to be able to get points on such a huge purchase! You should see if you open a NM card if you'd get any additional savings or points!

    My celeb crushes are Paul Walker and Ryan Gosling!

  16. Oh my gosh, crazy jam packed post! But I've missed reading your blog & I'm glad you're back! I'm sure your parents are super appreciative of everything you get for them - I would be a happy parent having a daughter like you! :D

    I can't believe Chanel is raising the prices again. I swear it happened twice last year. My Chanel dreams are slipping further and further away.. haha. Can't wait to see what other earrings you got, and for your jumbo reveal!

    Also, congrats on the new home! It probably will take some time getting adjusted to, considering the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle.. no more walking over to Pike Place for lunch! And good luck with the pursuit of becoming the HOA President. I can totally see you in that role.. you'll be a trophy wife! Bahaha.

  17. I love the blue sparkly WOC! It's so sad how Chanel is increasing its prices AGAIN. ): If the price increases keep going at this rate, in a couple of decades they might match the price of Hermes bags! Which means it might be a lonnggg while before I get my first Chanel. Hopefully not though...!

    George Clooney is one of my celebrity crushes too, haha! But on the younger side, Chase Crawford. :)

  18. Congrats on the new home!!! :D I haven't been to the flagship Nordstrom in a while, but it is quite amazing. And Trophy Cupcakes, oooh!

  19. All I have to say is... FINALLY!!! You really deserve your very own Jumbo!! You've been wanting it for so long and you work so hard on your jewelry line, it definitely won't go to waste with you! I only wish you listened to me SOONER and got it before last year's price increase!! We used to e-mail about it, remember? haha =) Did you make a NM card before you ordered your Caviar with SHW jumbo?? I think they give 10% off too! I know Bloomingdales and Saks does (saks does even if they don't approve you haha) They're nice and often waive the shipping fee too ;)

    And ugh I've been trying to find those CC studs forever! I have the ones without the pearl but the ones with the pearl keep escaping me =( Your mom is so lucky! My mom keeps asking me when I'm going to be able to spoil her with Chanel and get her a fancy car lol I was like "let me finish school first!!" I wish I was an entrepreneurial, self-made business woman like you though.

    Can I just say how excited I am for your new house though? LOL I've been following your blog since forever so I know how much you love to stalk homes on zillow and how you didn't want to move to Seattle since you hate the weather and miss your family, etc and you were so patient waiting for Minh to open up his own firm, helping him along the way, etc. I feel like 2012 is going to be the start of big things!! New HOUSE, new CHANEL, got to spend tons of time with the family, became a GOLD CARD holder!, lol!!!!

    and its only january!! only more to come for you missy!

    /btw is your instagram picture WITH lashes!? or without!? cuz they look flawless

  20. @Gjee Thanks girl friend! :) Those are my natural lashes with 1 month of maximum lash serum! It's crazy! They've grown so much. You should definitely try it out. I have seen no side effects at all. I do use the L'Oreal lash serum to coat and condition my lashes because they grow out a bit stiff and not soft like they used to be when they were shorter. lol

  21. I LOVE my iPhone! I always say to myself how I ever LIVED before a smart phone. It amazes me. My entire life is on my iPhone. :D

    I live in Wisconsin and we had such a mild winter! It didn't even really start snowing until like a few weeks ago. haha. I miss seeing white on Christmas day though. It never feels like Christmas without snow.

    I like Ryan Gosling too. I haven't seen any of his latest films though so I wonder if my thoughts will change about him? I like George Clooney's voice and his gentlemen attitude. I like Harry Shum in Glee. He can dance, sing, act, AND he has a nice body! *drooling*

  22. Omg all the Chanel items are absolutely gorgeous! I told my boyfriend that the day I'll have my first paycheck from my real job, I'm running to Holt Renfrew and get a Chanel flap bag! hahaha :)

    Yay welcome to the iPhone club & I love your instagram FOTD! <3

  23. Congrats on becoming a homeowner!

    If you have a broken nail, using a tea bag and crazy glue is supposed to be a good fix! I've seen a bunch of tuts on youtube about it

  24. Welcome back to WA!! It seems as though the snow has followed you back home :P Hehe.

    I had no idea Chanel had such a vast selection of jewelry! I'm really ignorant when it comes to higher end designers (the only thing I know is that I want some of the purses in my mom's collection. Haha).

    My celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling, too. And in terms of Asian celebrities, I'm quite in love with TOP from Big Bang :) I think I like men whose looks are unique? Gives them character, I think!

    It's so awesome to see how you treat your parents so well. I'm sure that they know how much you care about them (not just from giving gifts but I can always tell in your blog posts!). Hopefully I can be successful one day and do the same for my parents because goodness knows the headaches they have suffered thanks to me and my 2siblings! They deserve all the good they can get! Haha.

  25. LOL commented on the wrong post... the comment was totally irrelevant to it! Anyways, I'll say this again HAHA congratz on getting your jumbo & I wish I could spoil my family like you do! It's even more fulfilling than splurging on yourself LOL. Best of luck again on being a new homeowner and getting onto the HOA board of directors! :)

  26. Chanel! I just bought my first Chanel bag recently. Gotta get one before they increase the price... again.

    Anyways, my favorite celebrity crushes? For an actor, it would probably be Antonio Banderas or Keanu Reeves. For a signer, probably Michael Buble. For a jewelry magician... Steph from DSK! ^_^

  27. Holy moly the Chanel is GORGEOUS!! I'm aiming for the maxi by the end of the year! :D Classic and will last forever :D

    My celebrity crush is... even though I don't like her, I just think she is SUPER gorgeous with or without make up, is Kim Kardashian.. GAH I AM SO ASHAMED!!!

  28. OMG thats only been a month worth of the serum!?!?!? I was going to ask where you got your lashes because they look so fluttery and pretty! Where do you buy maximum lash serum!? You convinced me :)

  29. Congrats on becoming a homeowner! All the Chanel purses look so beautiful!!

    Ah, celebrity crush. I do have to agree, Ryan Reynolds is a big cutie. I also crush on Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and Jared Leto. I think I watch too many superhero movies... >_<

  30. I also love Craig Ferguson! Gotta love someone who can make you laugh ;) My other crushes include James McAvoy and Chris Martin from Coldplay... maybe I'm into men from the U.K.?? Lol

  31. omg. CHANEL.
    PWAHAHA. I bet if you and Queenie (the Canadian blogger) put your collections together, you guys can open up a mini-Nordstroms. It's so cute how both of you guys have totally lovable significant others that woo the queen in you.
    Gaahhh. I just love the Chanel collection you talk about.
    I remember being in the Seoul airport about a year ago and the only place I couldn't bare to stay away was the Chanel store. Their jewelry collection was small, but still so gorgeous. I just love the detailing that Chanel puts into their work.
    Oh! & their spring-summer 2012 precollection is out! GO GO GO!! :D

  32. Wow I loved this post and all those Chanel eye candies! You are so fun!

  33. I love reading about your trips and what you did. I liked that I felt like I was window shopping right there with you. Thx Steph!

  34. Wow! So many activities. It's only the beginning of 2012. You're such a caring daughter. You are too kind to continue caring for them even though you are so far away. Keep up the great job.

  35. I'm in love with all of the Chanel jewellery! They're all so gorgeous, your mom is very lucky!
    My celeb crushes are all the guys in the Vampire Diaries haha :P

  36. oh my gosh, its been a while since you've posted sooo much. i enjoyed reading every bit of it, so much that i was almost late to class today because i was enjoying it. haha. i had to rush out of the house in order to make it on time, and only now have the time to comment.

    you really think a loyal blackberry user like me could switch over to an iPhone? i've been contemplating, but life without a keyboard is a mess :( haha.

  37. Aw, back home so soon! Glad you had a great time while in Michigan!

    Dude, everyone's been getting the iphone lately. Kinda makes me sad that I didn't get one too! :3 I'm always trying to make my Android pics look close to Instagram quality. lol.

    SNOW!! We never get snow here in LA. One day...I hope to visit a really cold place! though I'd probably complain about it later...lol.

    Oh man~ that SmartTV looks EPIC! I always see those new type of TVs displayed at Best Buy and other electronic stores. Your parents have been officially loaded up with some high-tech gear. Movie night? XD

    Aww. Your Mom is going to love it!! Reminds me of those car commercials...make sure to put a bit gift bow on top! hehe

    KITTY NUNU! She's so fluffy...I'm gonna die! XD

    Ah...good to have any type of medical professional in the family!! I see some match making in the works!! Hopefully it'll all work out. ;]

    Oh dang...gold card? BALLER STATUS!!!

    Aww~ Heidi! She's adorable~ Glad she's being kept happy within your happy home. ^^

    NOM NOM...here comes the foodie parts of the post. XD I've been craving KBBQ AND CUPCAKES recently too! Omo..

    I LOVE BOWLING!!..though I suck. lol Congrats on those 2 strikes! XD I think it's a sign for you to continue and play more often.

    Ahhhh Chanel bags~ seems like I'll never be able to own one at the rate their prices are going up! -sigh- But the Nordstrom rewards system seems quite awesome! So many great perks!

    Your mama is so blessed to have a daughter like you! I'm sure she's gonna love everything!

    Can't wait to see your haul~~~~ *o* *iDrools w/you!*

    False fire alarm? Oh dear~ I guess it's good though for you guys to be prepared if ever it goes off for real. (not saying that it will...anytime..soon :3)

    HA..serves your neighbor right! Ain't no shame in some awesome TJ Maxx shopping! hehe.

    And congrats on being a home owner!!! It's a big step in the game of life!!! :D So excited for you! Good luck with the move. <3 Make sure to blog about your new home once everything is all settled in! You'd totally make an awesome HOA too! hehe.

    Seems like 2012 is starting out on the right foot! Best of luck to you and Minh on what life brings you next!!

  38. welcome back hun!!! and congrats on the new home & new chanel bag :D

    yes the firemen are hot hahahaha i must agree!

  39. i love this post!

    1. seriously how pretty are you steph?!?!! hahaha you look so gorgeous i have no words!

    2. i loveee that you and minh are so good to your parents so cute!! gives me the warm and fuzzies!

    3. chanel loveeee i could look at chanel all day long hahaha


    4. CONGRATS on your soon to be new bag!! i can't wait to see you rock her!! congrats congrats congrats!!

  40. Johnny Depp, for sure.

    Loved this blog posting, as you know - I've only told you a ton of times! It was just so cute to read and see the photos.!

  41. Haha! It makes me happy when people post a lot of positive and happy things! Though, I must say it's really funny when your friends buy jewellery that costs a fortune but then you end up finding the same one for a much reasonable price... Of course, it's not funny for them but... you know! xD

    It's also really sweet of you to think about your mummy whilst shopping for really gorgeous things because we usually just end up buying it for ourselves! :P

    I'm glad that you've had an AMAZING holiday! I can't wait for mine... IN THE SUMMER! D: Still got a while to go... hehe!

    Before I sign off, I just want to say that... YOU MAKE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL JEWELLERY EVER! :D Wish you best of luck, Steph! :)

  42. @Yiwen I left a comment at your blog. Don't stop blogging! ;)

  43. wow i fail... i left a comment for this post.. under your last entry... -_- anyway, congrats again on the new home! i want to see pictures!!! :) PS i still have to post a pic of me wearing the contacts! been so sick i havent wanted to wear any makeup therefore... no pictures! :P

  44. What is it about men in firemen uniforms that make them so HOT? I am so with you. Seeing firemen always reduces me to a "bow chicka wow wow" moment, where everything pauses and I am left staring in awe....

  45. Oh my goah, your poor nail!! can't believe that happened just from bowling! >_< ..nonetheless, glad you're home, but be safe in this weather!

  46. sOOO much eye candy in one post ..i love it hehe ! :)

  47. Damn Steph, that's really an INSANE increase. I don't think I'll ever get one out here in the States. You might as well fly to JP and hit up the second hand stores!

    Good luck on the move, you already know I'm movin again soon but hopefully that'll be the last time until I leave again... and I have my eyes set on Italy next!

    Firefighters... mmm..... lol.

  48. Wow, step, I couldn't imagine buying a purse for almost 5k - no way! I'm so glad you're friend talked you out of that one. XD.

    I hope I get a chance to win something as I never do! It'll be fun and I hope your waitlisted isn't so much waiting.

    Emely at www.emaura.com
    Oh, yeah! I have a giveaway for a free pair of circle lenses of your choice, please take a look!

  49. *Congrats on your new home, cant wait to see pictures. :) Where have you and Minh decided to locate? I been living in WA all my life, well since I came from Thailand but theres many great places. My favorite? Bellevue as you've mentioned numerous times was my home town. Mercer Island also have many great houses there, like big nice houses! lol, something you'd definitely like. Have you ever seen Bill Gates house yet? I havent! -__- lol, maybe in the future. You always have many great stories and things to share, I always look forward to reading your blog even if I dont always have the time to comment on them. Well honestly one is because its been about nail polishes lately and I cant do my nails cause my right hand cant paint my left nails nicely. lol. And makeup, ahh no time for makeup these days, but everything else is nice to hear from you. But your selection for colors and doing demos on them is a nice picture to see. Congrats again and stay warm.

  50. Hi Steph!

    Thank you so much for the Vietnamese Starbucks coffee tip! I've been starting to feel like I'm stuck in a rut always ordering the same drink, and this is just the thing. (:


  51. Hi Steph!

    Thank you so much for the Vietnamese Starbucks coffee tip! I've been starting to feel like I'm stuck in a rut always ordering the same drink, and this is just the thing. (:


  52. I was about to faint when I saw the pictures of channel jewelry! lol

  53. ahh pretty pictures. congratulations on your new home!

  54. oh my goodness so much to read lol
    but it's ok because it kept me awake in class :)
    I'm so happy for you...becoming a homeowner. I, for one, am totally used to the city life. Of course, I do live in a dorm that doesn't allow pets (other than fish) but it's so convenient.

    Celebrity crushes: most of them are kpop celebrities lol but in America, my celebrity crushes are Ryan Gosling, Chace Crawford, and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio. They all have the most AMAZING eyes >.<

    Also I bet your giveaway is already over, but I'm still glad I read this post. :)

  55. It is so nice of you to stay with your dog especially in her old age. I would also be heartbroken to leave her all the time. I had a really old German Shepherd that I grew up with that I miss a lot. I love that you are always thinking of your parents when you are shopping because I am the same way! I end up buying more stuff for other people than myself.

    Men in uniform are definitely an eye catcher! I think it is knowing that they are serving their community. *drool! Haha.

    Happy New Year!


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