March 22, 2012

OPI: "Pirouette My Whistle" and "You Callin' Me A Lyre?"

"Pirouette My Whistle" over top "You Callin' Me A Lyre?"
New York City Ballet by OPI
Available everywhere April 2012!
"You Callin' Me A Lyre?" I absolutely love the jelly formula!
"Pirouette My Whistle" was just too pretty I had to paint them all!
I think "You Callin' Me A Lyre?" would look amazing with one coat under a French manicure!
I have a feeling this color is going to be a wedding favorite. :)
I am so happy with my sparkly nails for Spring!
They remind me of the gel crystal nails you get at the salon.
While Wally was at the groomer's, Timmy and I went on a long walk. ^_^
Let's go!
We couldn't believe there was sunshine today!
Timmy likes his pink leash, okay? :)


  1. I'm gonna have to get this combo! So gorge!!!!

  2. @LC I hope you do! They're both amazing polishes. I love the sheer, jelly formula of "You Callin' Me A Lyre?" ^^

  3. OMG I'm obsessed with these nails! They're so beautiful! I was so excited to stop by Ulta and then I saw "Available April 2012". you show off ;) lol jk

    and yes i have a fb! i never use it though LOL My fb is gkjee (i think!) and my twitter (which i'm always on) is adikim! i saw that you got your momma a jumbo!!!! how exciting!! i can't wait until i get to spoil my mom just like you! what a good daughter you are haha :) next is a beige Chanel GST maybe?? or the Chanel accordion?? or do you want to be completely irrational and get a WOC haha. seriously nothing fits inside those things but PetiteAsiangirl makes it look fab, right? hhaa :)

    can my comments have any more exclamation marks!?

  4. @Gjee My mom got herself the medium lambskin flap! :) I got her the black PST. We did see a gorgeous beige ghw GST!! I want!! lol My next one is definitely the cream caviar jumbo ghw! It's available right now at my local Chanel, but I'm going to wait on it lol. Beige or cream is definitely next on the list!! What about you?

    WOC would be super cute for my mom!

  5. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG OMG this is SOOO GORGEOUS. i mean seriously this color combo is AMAZEBALLS. yes it's so gorgeous it calls for an AMAZEBALLS hahahaha.

    haha yes something about ferragamo mini heels makes me feel so classy and elegant.. something i'm really not IRL hahahaha. after dating for a few months the hubs told me i'm "surprisingly" ungraceful whatever that means. -___-

  6. AHHH so pretty!! i can't wait to get them! thanks for sharing, i always enjoy all your nail polish posts :) &how do you get the colors in advance?? do they contact you? you must be so lucky!

  7. Thank you Wendy! :) I get some of the colors in advance because I'm part of the OPI Blogger Network. I was selected to apply and I made it in! :D I love OPI and I couldn't be more proud to be part of the OPI Blogger Network. :)

  8. @Lisa I like your term!! In that case, your Ferragamo heels are AMAZEBALLS!! ;)

    My bf always calls me a clown. He says that's why he dates me because I'm a clown!! lol

  9. Lol what are you waiting for!? Are you trying to pace your self? whats the point :) haha prices only go up! theres a rumor going around that Chanel plans on making the bags almost $7,000 this year! all the rumors have been pretty much true though :(

    the GST should be next though since the Jumbos just went up. The GST was only like $2200 this time last year but they went up to $2900 by the end of the year. so incredibly depressing right!?

    I absolutely love the beige GST with ghw!! you have good taste! I love it almost as much as a beige jumbo.. ALMOST!

    have you ever seen the Chanel Chain Around? I've been obsessed with it! its like the Jumbo but less structure. the gray color is so perfect though!

    Ashley Tisdale has a serious bag collection, right!?

    Have you been to Vegas? I just got back and they have 3 Chanel stores there lol! its heavenly! :)

  10. omg, i absolutley LOVE this color combo. gonna go out and look for them!

  11. @Gjee No one knows their Chanel bags like you! I love all the bags you picked out!! :) I think the $2900 price tag for the GST isn't to bad! It looks beautiful. There's one in stock too at my local store! lol I only have one triple points day left to shop this year! My next CC bag will definitely be beige GST or Jumbo!! :D Does the GST only come in Caviar? That's the one I saw. :)

    Ashley Tisdale does have an amazing collection! I like that she switches it up all the time. :D

    Do you think you'd invest in Hermes one day? I was thinking about getting a bracelet with one of my friends. Friendship bracelets!! lol

    @Eri Yes! You must get them! I love the jelly formula of these polishes!!

  12. @Gjee Yes! I've been to Vegas 3 times in my life but I was broke each time I went. The last time I was 21. lol I haven't actually gone to Vegas with money! I have a friend who lives there, maybe I need to visit!

    I'm thinking about selling some of my LV speedy's, what do you think? :)

  13. The light pink shade looks pretty!

  14. I loveeee Hermes bracelets!!! I think they're so classy and adds a great touch to an outfit! the price tag is so steep for a bracelet though but I think Hermes is worth it. its freaking adorable you want to use it as a Friendship bracelet lol! There are so many great ones though, which one would you get?? and which color!? And yes the GST only comes in caviar! It gets really soft and slouchy after lots of use though so that's something to consider :)

    And omg you have to go to Vegas now that you have money lol! I've stayed at the Bellagio and the Wynn, both really great hotels and it was so fun just walking up in the morning and getting to go to all these designer stores since they're all inside the Bellagio and Wynn! lol and then being a fatass and getting the 24-hour buffet pass hahaha you need to do it!!

    And yeah, I would sell my Speedys if I were you. As much as I love them, its not the same feeling you get after carrying a Jumbo, right!? Plus you have a great Balenciaga already for days you want to be casual and not wear a Chanel. Not a day goes by where I don't see a girl with a Speedy at the mall or at school. Plus, once you sell them, you'll have more room in your closet for more Chanels :) :) Have you seen the new Balenciagas? I'm obsessed with the color range they offer!

  15. The new OPI polishes are gorgeous. Your nails look amazing (as always)!

  16. I love these two together - so pretty yet I could still wear it to work :)

  17. You Callin' Me A Lyre looks absolutely gorgeous! It's the perfect light pink for spring :) I love how it looks sooo jelly-like! Glitter polishes like Pirouette are great because they're still sparkly but nothing too crazy! <3

    I actually just started my own nail polish blog & would love to have anyone check it out if they have some spare time on their hands :) Thanks! I can only hope be as great a blogger as you Steph!

    My blog:


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