March 21, 2012

Black Chanel Eyelash Curler

I've had this eyelash curler for nearly half a year now. I use it everyday because it's the only eyelash curler I can find in my makeup stash. lol

Do I love it? No, but it is the most stylish lash curler I own to date! I do like how it comes with two extra refill pads. In terms of function, it's very average. It's not spectacular as my (lost) Shu Uemura, however it definitely gets extra points for beauty.

All-in-all, I do not recommend the Chanel Precision Eyelash Curler because of the $34 price tag.
You can get an amazing lash curler from Shiseido for $19 or Shu Uemura for $20.
I've owned both in the past, and the MAC eyelash curler. The Shiseido and Shu are close to being equals in my mind. : )


  1. I completely agree with what you said! The Chanel is very nice to own, but the Shu Uemura is still better in my opinion.

    -Lily <3

  2. it is very lovely to look at though lol

    I can't remember if I told you already but I was at Costco the other day and saw a $400,000+ diamond ring and it reminded me of you LOL It was an emerald cut and the diamond was bigger than my fingernail lol. I thought it would be perfect for you haha

  3. Oh I guess I saw this one? lol it says theres only one!|108|28447|55926&N=4041850%204294966649&Mo=16&pos=0&No=0&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&ec=BC-EC10573-Cat28447&topnav=

    Its not impressive in the stock photo but in person, its insane!:)

  4. @Lily I wish they still sold Shu in the states! I went to Sephora to look for it about half a year ago and it was nowhere to be found. :(

    @Gjee You have the best taste! lol I've missed you! How have you been? We need to stay in contact! Are you on FB?

  5. Wow! Your nails are beautiful! I've always love the idea of having beautifully manicured nails but knowing me, it'll last all of 3 days. That said, I can't help but admire yours.

  6. Thank you for your honest review! I am still using my Shu Uemura but it's on it's last

  7. muhahaha so impractical.. but so pretty to look at.. as is the case with all things chanel hahahaha.. sometimes including the bags.. hahahaha..


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