May 14, 2012

Hello Kitty Brush Set

Vannie and I found this Hello Kitty LE Brush Set on sale at Sephora many months ago, and we snagged the last two in stock!
I had forgotten about this lovely brush set for quite some time until I was cleaning my room last week. I felt the need to share her on blog. :)

I'll let you know the quality of the HK brushes once I used them, but the packaging gets 5 stars in my book. =^_^=

Anyone watching the new Bachelorette with Emily Maynard?  I think this is going to be the best Bachelorette yet!  She seems like such a sweetheart!


  1. She is so cute :D. Good find!

    Never been much into the Bachelorette/Bachelor, but I agree, seems like a good season. >w<!

  2. Ahh this is adorable!! Love the kitty :)


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