May 12, 2012

Craving Deborah Lippmann "Sweet Dreams"

Happy Saturday!  I saw the two new Deborah Lippmann nail polishes in my e-mail. I wanted to see if I could create a color similar to the new "Sweet Dreams" with what I already had in my nail polish stash.  This is my first attempt with OPI "If You Moust You Moust" and Revlon's "Grape Fizz."
I realized I should have used my Essie Luxeffect "As Gold As It Gets," because of the holographic glitter flecks!
Essie Base Coat (This is great!  It prevents yellowing of the nails.)
OPI "If You Moust You Moust" (Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection)
Revlon "Grape Fizz"
Dior Top Coat (It's dries super fast, and it's also super thin for a top coat.)

"Sweet Dreams"
"Ray of Light"

"Sweet Dreams" and "Ray of Light" are the two new 3-D Holographic nail lacquers from Deborah Lippmann. 

You can find them at Deborah Lippmann online, and Nordstrom.
They retail for $18 each.

I'm trying to resist buying "Sweet Dreams" for now, and just drool over nail blogger swatches, and reviews. : )  Let me know if you picked it up and your thoughts on the polish!


  1. this is sooo pretty!! the gold flakes on top of the barbie pink is soo pretty!!

  2. Does the grape fizz really smell?

  3. @Jane It does have a perfume like scent when you open the bottle, but it doesn't make your nails fragrant or anything like that lol.

  4. Ooo I love this pink mani!

  5. i`ve tried a few holo nail polishes and i`m so underwhelmed! the milani ones are not so holo-y..and the layla ones from ulta chip so easily! baghhh... )= i do want to try the d. lippman ones..but bf`s gonna lecture me about spending $18 on nailpolish haha

  6. This makeup set is so much fun, I keep seeing the ads for the Bachelorette, but I haven't seen it yet. I can't wait...



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