May 9, 2012

OPI "Shatter the Scales" Go Green!!

 I can't tell you how much I like this combination being Spartan and all.
Everyone bleeds green at Michigan State University. ;)
They totally need to carry this at the Spartan Book Store!!
This nail look is perfect for many Spartan occasions: football, basketball games, tailgating just to name a few fun ones. ^_^ It's definitely a fun nail trend to try out on the weekends or if you're still in school.  It's probably not quite work appropriate *cough cough* someone with the first name that starts with V. :D
 I'm wearing "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" as the base, and "Shatter the Scales" shatter polish.
I have to say this is my new favorite colored shatter polish by OPI.  I like "White Shatter" a whole lot too especially with "Your Royal Shine-ness" as the base.

"My Boyfriend Scales Walls" 
OPI's description: Climb new heights with this cityscaping whites.

"Scatter the Scales"
OPI's description: Deep green shimmer inspired by graffiti art.
It's the "high fashion" twist on Spider-Man's reptilian villain's "look" (you could say)  in the upcoming movie. :)
Bravo!  I give you two thumbs up sparkly emerald green shatter polish. :)
 Applying shatter polishes can be a little tricky.  The timing is everything if you know the look you want to achieve.
If you want more of the shattered look (like the pinky nail above), make sure to let your base color dry a little bit.  A thin coat of shatter polish on top of the almost dry base will help you get more shatter for your efforts. lol  If you want less shatter and more base color, apply the shatter soon after you apply your base color making sure it's not extremely wet because you don't want to wipe away the base coat with the shatter polish's brush.
 Go Green!! 
You say: "Go White!!"

That's how MSU Spartans find each other in the World. ;)
Say I go on vacation by myself to somewhere I've never been like Australia and decided to yell Go Green!! in public or at a bar...just maybe (just maybe) I will hear a reciprocal "Go White!!"  Look at that...I made an instant connection with a stranger in new place.  How awesome, right?  It's proven to work!!  Each year around 45,000 people attend MSU, and they give us all the same pep talk about our Spartan pride. lol  Or you can wear a Spartan T-shirt...and look hard for someone representing the Green & White!

Anyhow! I always get excited when I see Spartan flags at someone's home in Seattle.  It really makes me feel happy I went to such an amazing & fun university.

*Random Transition*

Don't you love samples size nail polish bottles?  Super cute, but you never know where to store them. Haha I decided to try out the Sephora by OPI Top Coat that I got from one of the 500 point gifts that was gifted to me by my incredibly sweet & awesome cousin in Chicago. :)  
The top coat applies very thin, and dries in a good amount of time.  However, it doesn't leave a shiny gloss like Seche Vite.  I'm trying to wean away from using Seche Vite all the time because of their warning label.  I just haven't found another top coat that works like it though. 

If you have any top coat recommendations, please let me know!
I heard there was a really good one from Relvon (that's always sold out on shelves).  I just haven't researched it enough to figure out it's exact name, but I'll let you know when I do!

*Random Transition* :)

Who's excited for May 14th?  The Bachelorette Emily's season!! Yay!!  I'm so into The Bachelor/Bachelorette shows...because I like the way ABC portrays real life making it look like so high end.  Maybe life is high end for some, but in gotta mix the highs and lows to be realistic.

But then you read some of their careers, "Admin Assistant," "Account Executive," "Sales Representative" it's all so vague!  Overall, I really enjoy The Bachelor franchise even though for the past 23 seasons, and 10 years there hasn't been a person of color as the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I never did get why they threw one Asian into the mix.  It's obvious what the main person's preference was..kind of a waste of a chance for another guy or girl who would have "fit the mold" lol
I guess it's all about the ratings! ...And that's all I have to say about that. :D

Here are a few clips from my Instagram (which is the best photo app ever invented, ever.)
I couldn't sleep last night so I organized some of my nail polishes.
My favorite nail polish rack has Essie, Deborah Lippmann, Chanel, Dior, and OPI. :)
I ended up sleeping around 2:30am, and I woke up at 8:30am.  I usually wake up around 8:30-10am.
I would love to be one of those people who wake up at 5:30-7am, but I don't think I was engineered that way..

I have a grand total of 6 Chanel polishes. lol  I cherish them so much, I keep the boxes! 

I would love to grow my collection of Chanel nail varnishes, but I die a little every time I get to checkout.
I can justify dropping the dough on face makeup, but not nail polish unless I'm completely in love.

Why is everything Chanel so freaking chic?  Speaking of of the crystals in my Mini CC studs fell out.  I haven't had a chance to take it in yet to be repaired.  That was a sad day for me so I'm going to be more careful with my Chanel earring purchases.  Maybe just stick to non-sparkly but still gorgeous earrings.  Problem solved?!

I also went through a Deborah Lippmann Glitter phase!! I don't regret those one bit!
I am letting go of one of my non glitter Deborah Lippmann polishes at my blog sale if you're interested in taking a peek. :) 
 The little white fluffy one is our Wally.  We call him Wally retriever because he's kick ass awesome at fetch!! He's ADDICTED to the game.  We like to take the dogs out to Magnuson Dog Park near the University of Washington (Minh's old school!).
The dogs all get to enjoy Lake Washington. : )
There were at least 50 dogs around us going in and out of the water!
Wally is always one of the smallest little swimmers. Haha
He's so high energy and outgoing at the park.  Timmy is more reserved, and follows me like a tail!
I can only imagine what would happen if he ever got on a tennis court. lol


  1. i wish i had good storage for my nail polish, but i have so many that it always becomes too heavy. i tried a shelf and it actually ripped out of my wall! kimchi ate all my chanel caps too )=. now they`re not as pretty haha. wish i had kept them in the boxes like you did!

  2. oh wow the green shatter is so pretty against the white!!

    looove your nail polish display. please show the whole collection :D i am sure it is nothing short of amazing!

    wally is adorable!!!


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