May 5, 2012

OPI "Just Spotted the Lizard" The Amazing Spider-Man Collection

OPI "Just Spotted the Lizard"
Sephora by OPI "Only Gold for Me"
Deborah Lippmann "Boom Boom Pow"

My nails have been growing so fast!  Look at April 30th's post where I'm wearing "Your Web or Mine," to see how much they've grown in a week's time.  I've been taking Natrol Biotin 100mcg Fast Dissolve, Cherry flavor tablets (Target) everyday. You only need to take one tablet a day with food.  I'm also taking Cod Fish Liver Oil twice a day with food thinking it's doing my body good. lol
I know Biotin works for me because my nails are super strong and grow fastttttt.
 "Just Spotted the Lizard"

 The photos below were taken with flash:
 The gold in the polish really stands out with flash photography.
 I think the name is very appropriate for this color because it does remind me of a lizard!  The color is a chrome green, and reflects shades gold.  It's applies beautifully, and surprisingly is not streaky for a metallic polish.  Two coats does the trick!  It's one of those "you can't mess up" nail polishes.

 OPI "Just Spotted the Lizard" is said to be the twin of Chanel "Peridot."
If you're a big fan of Chanel "Peridot" (Limited Edition) and need a back up, this shade might be worth picking up.

 I added what I call a crown of gold glitter on my polish hoping to achieve a nail look I've seen on my friend Joey's Instagram & Tumblr.  :)  She's amazing at nail art! 
 Here's the line up of the 6 new OPI The Amazing Spider-Man, Summer 2012 Collection
My bf got a kick out of this collection.  I read the names of each polish off to him and he LOL-ed. :)
From left: "Just Spotted the Lizard" (Featured)
"Into the Night" (I'm super excited to use this midnight blue next!)
"Number One Nemesis"
"Shatter the Scales"
"My Boyfriend Scales Walls" (I love this off white polish especially used as polka dots.)
"Your Web or Mine?"

Speaking of Spider-Man, I'm excited for the new movie!! I LOVE EMMA STONE!  She's an amazing actress, and I loved her in Crazy, Stupid, Love!  Another actress I'm currently obsessed with is ZOEY DESCHANEL!  My cousin told me about her years ago (when she was still married to the front man of Death Cab for Cutie (one of my all time favorite bands)).  Bf and I have watched every single episode of New Girl because her character is hilarious.  I'm glad Zoey finally got superstar status!
But enough of my actress crushes, I'm pretty certain the emerald green shatter polish will look amazing over the off white shade.  I'm going to have to try that out very soon!

P.S. Essie Smooth Trick is officially one of the most awesome finds for me this year.
It's HG status!!

 It's a cuticle oil in genius packaging!
I use it everyday, and it takes less than 1 minute to apply to all your nails.
You just run it along your cuticle squeezing it gently.
The product absorbs pretty quickly into your skin so there's no oily messy.
I've introduced it to 3 of my girl friends and they seem pretty impressed with it!
 It's worth every penny, and available at Target for around $7.79-$8.
Introduce it into your life!  You will thank yourself later. :)
It's that good!
I (try to) keep all my beauty products (makeup, nail polish, etc) upstairs, but I like to paint my nails downstairs in the living room (where the main TV is located) so I put all the polishes I'm currently using or want to use in this black little bin for easy transport up and down stairs. lol  I don't want to drive bf crazy with my stuff so this is my solution to keeping it out of his way. :)
He's really easy going with my (massive) amount of beauty products, but I would be annoyed if I was him and had to live with nail polish all over kitchen, living, and windowsills. lol
I just throw all nail stuff in the bin.
You could say I treat this little tub as a shopping basket.  I go upstairs and pick out what I want to use, and what I want to put back on my nail polish racks.  I currently have 3 nail polish racks in my room and bathroom. ;D  I take pride in my colorful collection!
I'm looking forward to trying out Color Club nail polishes, and adding those to my collection soon.  I've read so many great reviews about them.  I also want to grow my Dior and Chanel polish collection because they are just so darn pretty.  I've kind of fallen off the Deborah Lippmann nail polish wagon because she's just coming out with too many nail polishes too fast!  Each bottle ranges from $18-$22?  I like that Chanel, and Dior comes out with a few polishes by the season.
Overall, it's been a very relaxing Saturday.  It's a sunny one here, and cars are lined up at the nearby garage sale. lol  People love their steals and deals!  I dropped off a crate of DSK Jewelry Mother's Day orders before the post office closed for the weekend. : ) I love living minutes from the USPS!  It was one of my requirements when looking for a home.

I changed my nail polish, and now I'm just chillin' online and watching the Kentucky Derby because it's "all the rage" on my Twitter feed.  Horse #19 I'll Have Another won the race!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Peace.


  1. ooh! gonna go look for that! that is perfect for on the go and just perfect in general!

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE your gold glitter collection!!!! i just stocked up on 3 extra bottles of sephora by opi only gold for me.. because i love the size and texture of the gold flakes so much!! muhahaha.. i loveeeeee the just spotted a lizard color.. it's like the prettiest iridescent gold and green color... ohh you are feeding my need for more nail polishes haha

  3. @eri It's a great color!

    @Lisa I picked up the silver and the copper Sephora by OPI glitters a couple months ago! I haven't had a chance to try them out though, but the gold is definitely an HG glitter! :)

  4. I love the gold glitter you added. It's subtle...almost like real life light bokeh!

  5. that nailpolish is so pretty! it kind of reminds me of beetles lol. i also bring around a thing of nail stuff up and down at my parents house. but, boyfriend gets so annoyed cause i leave nailpolish all over his place! i can`t help it..i never know what i want to use lol. i tried to bring ALL my nailpolishes around with me one time..but it was so freaking heavy!

  6. Just Spotted a Lizard is sooo unique! I love it. Great pictures and review :)


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