July 2, 2012

A little online shopping and browsing!

 I'm absolutely in love with my new Zara sandals!  You know, I just love anything with Swarovski sparkle. ;-)
I highly recommend them if you're looking for a fun and edgy statement sandal for the summertime! 
They're comfortable, and well made! Very comparable to the Sam Edelman Gigi sandals I have in rose gold.
I also like the look of these Steve Madden "Saahti" Sandals. I like the pop of pink!
I think the last time I bought a pair of Steve Madden shoes was in high school.  It's been a while!
I find the Nike Free Run 3's to run true to size.  I tried them on in-store before ordering the color above online. :)  They're incredibly comfortable and light!
 I was doing a little online browsing and came across this fun quilted purple bag from Kate Spade!  My favorite color is purple and I have yet to own a purple bag.  This one will definitely be on my wishlist. Doesn't it remind you of a Chanel tote bag?
 I've been looking for a new iPhone case and came across this super cute cat case!
It's such a creative idea!
I prefer the pink case over the black. Thank goodness for Nordstrom Notes because this phone case is $42.  
The Prada Baroque sunnies seem to be all the rage in the fashion world.  I saw them for the first time in real life in my friend's closet, and they're quite a piece of art. :) 
As seen on Ashley Olsen.
I bought my first Cotton Sleepshirt from VS, and I absolutely love it!
I found mine on the sales rack for $19.99, and it's my favorite new pajamas. :D
Super simple, super comfy.  
I've had Tom Ford Spanish Pink lipstick on my wishlist for quite a long time now. lol
I think it will be mine pretty soon!

What's currently on your wishlist?
My hair pic before I got it cut the other weekend. I'm so happy to finally have long hair! The filter I used is from an iPhone app called CrossProcess. :D


  1. i can`t wait to get my sandals! they sent me an email saying it`s backordered, so hopefully sooon! i`m a sucker for spikes and sparkles! i also recently got a case from nordstrom! i wanted a real rabito case for the longest time so it made me so happy that it was on their site! haha. everyone thinks it looks crazy but it`s so easy to find in my purse now! your hair got long so fast! was it the biotin? it looks so healthy and lush woman! and you look so gorge!!

  2. @LC Yes! Biotin Cherry flavor quick dissolving vitamins from Target helped my hair grow out. :D

    I'm so happy you were able to order the sandals!! There are another pair of sandals I've been wanting to order from Ferragamo but they're always back ordered! They black with a edgy giant bow. Have you seen them?

    One of my girl friends says the Zara pair remind her of Valentino sandals, and it's so true! The spikes! I kept thinking it was more Balenciaga like. Haha, shows how much I know!

    I saw the rabbit case! The one with the ears and the fluffy tail, right??

  3. omg those phone cases are adorable!! I'm still using a Blackberry and am impatiently waiting for the iPhone 5 release. Can't wait to get it!

  4. @The Little Dust Princess I switched to the iPhone from the Blackberry so I know you will love it! Especially if you like to browse the web a lot, it's so much easier (and fun) on the iPhone. :)

    I think the rumor is October for the iPhone 5?

  5. I love your purple hair!! I am starting to take biotin too how long donyounjave to take it before you see results??thanjs bye

    1. Sorry for the typos the iPhone blows when you need to correct something in a comment . I mean how long before you saw results with biotin lol

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  7. Those sandals are an excellent choice, Steph!

    In an effort to save comment space, ima state the following here: can't believe you had a sucker peen! lolllllll

    Oh and if you know what goes down next month, I want a dozen of your macorons!!!!!!

  8. Those sandals are so gorgeous! Steph, how are the Sam Edelman sandals? Are they comfy enough for everyday?

  9. @Lily YES! The Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals are very comfortable for flat sandals. The sole is amazing. You should get a pair! :)


Thank you for your comments!