July 1, 2012

FOTD Vannie's Bachelorette Party! Chippendales!

  OPI "Strawberry Margarita"
This nail polish is an OPI must have!  I see it on so many stylish blogger's fingers. :)

 The iPhone 4S camera does the best job at capturing this polish's true color. 

I came across this photo on Pinterest (here) when searching for Chevron prints. There was just something about this combination that works so well together!  I looked through my nail polish wall and picked the color closet to the one pictured above, and I decided on OPI "Strawberry Margarita."  I'm excited to find a glitter polish similar to the picture!  Does it look like gold or silver glitter to you?  I feel like my eyes are playing tricks on me as I stare at this picture.  Does anyone have any color/brand recommendations for me?  I'm also hoping to find some nail apps with a similar black and white print!  I love this nail look! 

Minh decided to take me to CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) for lunch in Northgate Mall last Wednesday since we were coming back to Seattle from Everett.  One of our very first dates was at CPK in Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan 5 years ago. I remembered we shared a bottle of our favorite sparkling S. Pellegrino with lemon instead of soda.  I knew that day that we would get along! :D I love when we talk about our shared memories. Now-a-days, he wakes me up to the creepiest picture of Lord Voldemort he can find on his phone. He literally puts his phone 2 inches from my face, and then yells, "Wake up! Stephanie!! Wake up!" Ughh I was so mad the other morning, I hate getting scared. He gets a kick out of pissing me off.  I always get him back though.  I'm supposed to be the master of sabotage in this household!! 

Anyhow, the reason I shared this picture is because this bottle is a limited edition Bvlgari (or Bulgari) bejeweled bottle!  How cute, right?  It makes drinking water seem extra special! lol  I'm on the search for a few bottles for the house just because I love jewels! I'll let you know if I find the bottles! 

On Thursday, I had lunch with one of my favorite online blog friends turned real life friends Kellie!  She was in town from LA with her bf who I got to meet for the first time. ^_^  I met up with them at Wonton City in Bellevue for some yummy HK style soup. :D  She's one of those friends I don't see for months and months, but when I see her again we pick up right where we left off. :)  She brought me my favorite Rock & Republic blush, Bedroom!!  Thank you Kellie!!

Speaking of friends, I need to bug some of my Michigan girlfriends, cough cough Jennifer & Phuong!

I miss you if you're reading <3
Timmy, Nickel, Wally, Ty (all boys!)

My boys and their cousin Ty who's spending the weekend with us while his mom and dad are at a wedding in Bellingham.  Doesn't Ty look super different with his summer haircut?  I'm sure you can tell by the twinkle in their eyes and Ty's tongue that Aunt Stephanie was going to give them a delicious treat.

I don't remember if I've mentioned this before, but Ty's real doggie mom and dad used to belong to an online beauty blogger friend. :::It's a small world after all moment::: I find out that she is an old friend of Vannie's fiance. How crazy it is that I made a friend online 4-5 years who I would have met anyways in real life through my extended family. :D lol  Sometimes, I feel you're just fated to meet certain people.  Do you ever feel that way about anyone?  It feels like some force is guiding you towards the person or people that are meant to be in your life!  But enough about my weirdness, a group of us came together to celebrate Vannie's bachelorette party last night. :D

Let's get into the makeup look!
Before adding falsies.  The lipstick is NARS Honolulu Honey, and MAC Virgin Kiss Lipglass.  
YSL Tient Resist & Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation, plus Solodyn (miracle acne drug).
I had some acne a few weeks ago, so I took Solodyn and my skin cleared up in days, and all the redness/bumps went away.  It was amazinggggg.

Makeup is amazing at covering up discoloration, spots, but definitely not bumps. I'm so so happy to have been introduced to Solodyn (ask your dermatologist about it if you need a quick fix for breakouts!).
Ardell Lacies lashes on! Also, check out my new $14 Viet haircut.  
I finally had a reason to wear my Ardell Lacies falsies!  I used Urban Decay Naked2 Eyeshadows, and Lancome Artliner for my eye makeup. :) I also got my haircut last weekend and got side swept bangs for a change.
I cut off a little bit of the ends to fit my eye, but the lashes were still super long.
I still prefer the Ardell Wispies, but it was fun to use the Lacies.
The Lacies' (in my opinion) make the eyes appear smaller instead of opening them.  I wouldn't buy them again.
T & Me :)
Steph & Vannie :)

We went out to see the Chippendales at the Tulalip Casino & Resort.  It was a fun girl's night out, and I highly recommend the show!  They kept it pretty classy (you don't see any front action unless you're one of those 50+ ladies who get picked to go on stage). lol  There were at least 10 other bachelorette party groups at the show.  It was insane how drunk/wild/loud it got in that ballroom.  I was surrounded by hundreds of screaming women ranging from 21-70+!! 
I think Vannie had a memorable night! 
Our group was bigger, but apparently all the Asian ones ended up in the meet & greet photo. Haha
I took one for the team. :P

Everyone got grabbed by the guys as we got up on stage for the picture. They moved us around by pinching and slapping our bottoms... I think they assumed ALL women want them to be touchy feely. It was hilarious to share our experience once we got off stage.  One of my friends smacked her guy's hand. HAHA
They also assumed we wanted to throw up the peace sign... *ROLLS EYES* 
Afterwards, we watched a bunch of other groups get their photos taken while we waited for our prints. Some women were asking the guys to spank them. Some guys refused to do it while others spanked away. lol It was awkwardly awesome to witness.  A few women kissed and touched every single guys before she was willing to get her photo taken.  I think the best part of the whole experience was just be in an environment where you're able to let loose, and laugh with hundreds of other women enjoying the show. :D 
H got everyone  c*ck suckers. Haha

Speaking of touchy feely and inappropriate things..Ty always does this (see below) to my innocent Wally...
The little guy seems to like head (literally...Wally's head!)..

I hope you enjoyed my post and got a good laugh or two (cough cough TY). Talk to you soon!!
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  1. Your boys are grown up so beautifully!!

    So is your hair... hahaha! I would hate to wake up to Voldy's face or image right in my face, that is to say because I have a poster of him and Harry.... Not gonna say where...

    <3 Rubiiee

  2. Oh yeah! That nail color is gorgeous on you, I wonder if it would pull off on me.

  3. ahhhh you went to Chippendales!!!! i wanna go one day hahahahhahaha looks like such a fun time w the girls!

    and omggg your dogs lol

  4. Love that nail polish and the chevron nail look. Please do a tutorial of your eye makeup too!

  5. Love the nails, the makeup, and those rings ahaha ;D

  6. very entertaining blog post!

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