June 24, 2012

Essie "Turquoise And Caicos"

 I finally got my hands on this amazing "Tiffany" blue polish!  I'm wearing two thin coats of Essie "Turquoise & Caicos" in the photos.  The color is amazing, and the staying power is awesome!
 The formula is very thin, and applies a little bit streaky in just two coats.  Essie brushes are very "skinny" so it makes applying polish a tad bit harder than OPI polishes. A third coat would help even out the polish, however it makes the turquoise shade darker and less "fresh."  I know this because I painted Vannie's nails with three coats, and it didn't look as pretty as it does with two coats...sorry Van!! lol
 One of my friends says this is THE best Essie shade.  I still want to find Essie "Mint Candy Apple."  Does anyone know if it's been discontinued?  I've had a hard time finding it at Target, and the local beauty supply shops.  I usually buy Essie for around $7.79-$8 at Target, but I know you can get them for $3-4 at beauty supply shops.

 I suggest giving each coat complete drying time before applying the next to avoid the "bald" spots.
 The base coat was made for Turquoise & Caicos!
Seche Vite is still my go to top. : )
I do want to try the Butter London top coat once I finish my latest bottle of Seche.

 You should get this color if you don't already have it in your nail polish collection. ^_^

In other news, I had another relaxing weekend at the boyfriend's parents house.  I always enjoy spending time with his family, and seeing his cousin's kids.  They're ages 4, 5, and 7.  They're super savvy iPhone users, and have introduced me to a few new game apps such as Glow Hockey, and Bubble Bust. lol 

I'm also reading Fifty Shades of Freed now. :D It's so fun to discuss the book series with friends!! :D
I thought this e-card was pretty funny! Plus, it matches the turquoise theme of the blog post!


  1. Turquoise & Caicos has been on & off my wishlist for years. Everyone says the formula is horrible but the color is perfect!
    P.S. Mint Candy Apple is an LE shade I believe. It came out in a holiday collection a couple of years ago! It pops up on some beauty supply shops sometimes though.

  2. this color is sooo pretty on u! very much a T&Co color :D

    AHAHAHAHHAA looove that ecard. so true!!! i'm currently on the 2nd book.

  3. @Ashley Thanks for the Mint Candy Apple tip! I will continue to look for it at the beauty shops. :D

    @ShinyPrettyThings T&Co, T&C (Turquoise & Caicos!) lol

    I have love for Christian Grey! <3

  4. love that color!

    and i'm reading that too...although i had to stop for awhile when i went on my trip b/c i didn't think it was airplane reading material ;p

  5. Love that color it makes you wanna go ti the island

  6. @eri LOL! How far along are you in the series? I hope they make a movie!

    @anita b I want to go on vacation to the island with you! :)

  7. Love the color! Def one of my favs! I think Mint Candy Apple is limited but try China Glaze's For Audrey! <3

  8. i love this! so pretty! it's like tiffany's robin's egg blue color!! coincidentally i just realized turquoise and caicos has the same initials as T&C muhahah!

  9. I JUST bought an Essie T&C polish! I was drooling over it for months. I told myself that I will never buy another polish again since I'm set with my Julep Maven nail polish subscription, but then I couldn't help myself. I just realize T&C is the same initials too! Do you think it was planned? Must be! Anyways. I really enjoy all your color swatches.

    Please drop by my blog :D


  10. @Maddie3 I have CG For Audrey! It's very close to T&C. :D I think Revlon Minted is the closest color I have to Essie Mint Candy Apple.

    @Lisa You're right! The color does look like a robin's egg! lol I never noticed that! There are a lot of robins from where I'm from in Grand Rapids, Michigan. :D

    @Samantha Thank you for stopping by my blog! :) The T&C is a subtle hint to get us to buy it! LOL

  11. Such a pretty shade :) Reminds me of vacations in the tropics :D

  12. I LOVE the manicure brushes that are wider.. it takes one stroke and its so much easier! I really like the color though, I am actually wearing a similar color from Wet N Wild!

  13. Steph! I dont think mint candy apple is a LE shade, I just saw it today at my local target. And I love the 50 shades series. I was so sad when it was over :( I'm planning on re-reading it soon though.

  14. I saw Mint Candy Apple at my beauty supply and Target, I believe it was so popular they made it a regular! I'm sure you'll be able to find it(:


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