July 13, 2012

Nude Nails! OPI, "Bubble Bath"

Picture #1: My naked nails!! They're not incredibly stained, and I've been using that teal color Essie basecoat for the past several months.  The picture is a result of that teal base. I'm using my Deborah Lippmann Ridge Filler Base Coat again because I recently found it!

I also still use the Essie Smooth Trick cuticle oil on my cuticles. I love living without hang nails!  I stil highly recommend the Essie oil, if you haven't tried it yet.  It's around $8 at Target in the Essie nail polish section of the beauty department.

Picture #2: I finally go around to wearing the bridal favorite, "Bubble Bath" by OPI.  The polish is a very sheer, ultra light pink. I used two full coats with Deborah Lippmann Ridge Filler Base Coat for Bubble Bath. I suggest using the ridge filler basecoat because it's dries a matte nude color making an excellent clean base for any sheer/jelly like polish!  If I decide on wearing a French manicure in the future, Bubble Bath will be my base color!  It's a very clean color, and it makes me feel slighly sophisticated for having well manicured, clean fingers. Remember when Mia met her Grandma for the first time in the Princess Diaries? Grandma: "You look so...young.." Mia: "You look so...clean..."

I love The Princess Diaries!  It is still my favorite "happy" movie to watch as an adult. ^_^

In other news, my friends are opening their 6th Cherry de Pon Frozen Yogurt shop in Lakeland Town Center in Lake Land Hills (Auburn), Washington tomorrow!  I didn't even know of the area until my friend took me out that way. It's such a nice area!  It's full of newer gated residential communities.  They also now carry Chocolate Rocks as a topping option at all their shops because of meee. :D

It's been really fun helping them look for new locations to expand. The other day, we went out to Snoqualmie Ridge to look at a space for the 7th shop.  I absolutely love exploring the Greater Seattle area. I am so in love with our Summers here in the Pacific Northwest.  You can't beat the mountain views, blue lakes, and green landscape in Washington State.

Next week my cousin C, and his friend are flying up here from CA to go to the Sounders vs. Chelsea soccer game. I'm assuming they're coming to see and cheer for the Chelsea team..and not the Seattle Sounders. lol The last time he visited Seattle..it was the middle of Winter. I hope he will have a better impression of Seattle now that it's Summer!  In August, my parents and cousin Dr. T are headed out here from Michigan to attend Van's wedding, and to visit Minh and me.  We're excited to introduce my parents to Minh's relatives, and our new friends. :)

My active dog child was not acting like himself yesterday. He was acting very needy, and down so I took him into see the vet.  They found out that he ate a one inch piece of wood. The vet said it probably did some minor damage to his digestive track.  I'll spare you the details, but he's fine now. Wally eats EVERYTHING.  When he was a pup, he would eat hair ties..to throw them up later. (Thank goodness). I don't know why he decided to eat wood (most likely bark dust from the yard). Anyhow, he got two different doggie meds to take home.  He has to go back to see the vet on Sunday.  I had to pay $55 out of pocket, and if I didn't have his doggie Wellness plan through Banfield, the bill would have been around $400+. Being Wally's mom is priceless.

Wally at the vet yesterday wearing his new collar I got him from the new Home Goods store in Lynnwood, Washington (across the street from Alderwood Mall).  The collar came with a very nice matching "leather" leash as well.  I've been wanting to switch over to nice leather leashes for the boys.  I'm over the extendable leashes because they're harder to walk with when you have 2 or more dogs on one outing. Anyhow, it's only a matter of days before his brother Timmy rips off the bow during a play fight. 2 year old male dogs...omgggggg. lol Play fight, all day, everyday.

Also, I've been a vegetarian for the past 5 days!  I feel lighter, but then again it might just be in my head. lol The boyfriend has been vegetarian for the past 2-3 weeks.  He convinced me to try it out for a month but really he just wants to eat off my plate. lol  It's easier to share food now, yay! We needed a fun challenge, and it's really different (in a good way) to order from the vegetarian section of our fav restaurants.  It's neat! :D  I look forward to trying out this Viet restaurant called Moonlight this weekend! I hear it's dirty, but sometimes...the dirty restaurants make the best tasting food!


  1. my nails are so stained from my lack of using a base (i blame my lazy ways!). i`m definitely going to try the ridge filler next time lol. glad wally`s doing okay! kimchi likes to chew EVERYTHING but he always spits it out. he did eat some prunes the other day on accident and had a bad allergic reaction )=. i`m so glad for banfield because it really helps! wally`s new collar is soo cute btw!

  2. @LC Base Coat 4 Life! I know you will like the DL ridge filler, it's an HG product in my book! :) Timmy is more like Kimchi then, he'll chew and then leave it. Wally will chew a wall and eat it. o_0 He's the kid I have to watch, watch or else he gets himself in trouble. lol

    I think I read somewhere that dogs shouldn't eat raisins, so I'm assuming prunes fit in that dried fruit category. :/ I hope he's better!

    So when are you going to get him a playmate?! :P

  3. Have u tried the Burt's Bees cuticle cream? I wonder how it compares to Essie. I love it and use it everyday, but think I will try Essie's when I run out :)

    I am happy to hear you are trying vegetarianism! I have been for years now and absolutely love it. I love asian restaurants particularly, because compared to most other restaurants; they tend to have a plethora of vegetarian options. Depending on how into it you want to be, a forewarning that a lot of asian restaurants also use fish sauce in their sauces so if you gave up fish as well, then make sure to ask if the sauce is vegetarian :) Also, make sure the soups are not made with beef stock, chicken stock, etc.

    I was actually just at Cheesecake Factory and they have this delicious mushroom soup. You would think it is vegetarian but I had a hunch to ask and they told me it is made with chicken stock! AND then the waitress proceeded to tell me most of their meals (including seemingly vegetarian pasta, etc.) have some kind of meat product in it/ base. I am not vegan so I eat eggs, have milk, etc., however, beef broth, etc. is another story because it is part of the "meat" of the animal! Bleh hahah.

    I would love to hear how your vegetarianism continues to go! :)

  4. did the essie base coat work out well for you? I'm on the hunt for a new base coat since my nails are rally stained but i don't want to pay that much too

  5. @Pearls & Politics I haven't tried the Burt's Bees cuticle cream. I haven't had much luck with their products so I never really look at what they have available anymore. I like the Essie because it's mess free, you just use apply it straight from the applicator on the tube. It's been doing wonders for my cuticles, but I will keep my eye out for the BB cuticle cream you mentioned if it's worked for you! :)

    I really like to be able to know that I am able to live normally without eating any meat. It's really nice and refreshing in my mind. :D The only meat I really miss is canned tuna! lol I love making tuna salad, and tuna sandwiches but overall no real cravings for meat. I'll keep you update through my blog. :D I've committed myself to a whole month of vegetarian fun!

    @Wendy Kong The Essie base Coat isn't anything spectacular, but I do like it a lot better than Orly Bonder (which completely stained and yellows the nail). The Essie is very thin, and dries super fast so if you're the on the go kind of gal, it would fit great in your nail routine. :) What are you using now?

  6. Wow! Your nails are in great condition. I'm jealous! I've been using the Orly basecoat, might have to go and try this one now.

    I've been cutting a lot of meat from my diet too. It's hard at first, just make sure you are getting enough protein!

    I hope you are well! <3

  7. Glad Wally is ok! I grew up vegetarian as a child (dad didn't eat meat) sounds like a fun challenge!

  8. @Rubiiee Orly base coat really helps keep the nail polish from chipping, but I didn't like how Orly Bonder stained my nails. :/

    We eat a lot of eggs in the morning! Usually one whole egg + egg white omlettes. :D I haven't been craving steak or anything just yet! lol

    @Kae I'm trying to have more will power in my life. lol :) I really like veggies and tofu!

  9. ok LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i've been looking for a sheer jelly pinky nude color because i like that look for a tiny bit of chunky big sparkles on it.. and was having trouble with finding the right shade.. but i love yours.. will have to hunt this color down.

    but OMGGGGGGGGG poor baby!!! i'm so sorry.. and you are such an attentive mommy!! poor thing.. i'm glad he's better now.. good think you have pet insurance.. haha when we first got our first fur baby and we bought him insurance.. we kept laughing about how ridiculous it was.. until he broke his leg. OMG.. thank goodness we had it.. because we paid about $300 hundred out of pocket.. but everything.. the cast.. x-rays came out to like $1500!!! omg!

  10. I love dark polishes so my nails get stained quickly. But i always try to give my nails a week in between as a "break" so they dont turn yellow. i like how the nail polish looks! really elegant looking. ahhahah i remember that movie. i love it too! it's like one of those happy feeling movies~

    keep in touch :)

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