July 15, 2012

$5.99 Deborah Lippmann at TJ Maxx!

 There was buzz in the blogosphere about Deborah Lippmann nail polish sightings at TJ Maxx.
The best part, they are selling for $5.99/bottle!  
I stopped by the TJ Maxx in Factoria (Bellevue/Seattle people know which one ;)) and found a lonely bottle of Deborah Lippmann "Naked," on one of the beauty shelves.  I also saw 3 bottles of Essie polishes going for $3.99 ~ the bottle style before they started to print "Essie" in white. 

Finding this polish was the highlight of my morning!
 Deborah Lippmann "Naked"
I almost bought this polish in the past but decided on "Satin Doll" instead.
"Naked" is more of an ash beige.  It's very opaque and looks perfect with two thin coats!
Left: Deborah Lippmann Ridge Filler Base Coat
Right: Deborah Lippmann "Naked"
Don't you just love the cute little pink bow? I'm assuming this was a left over from a holiday, or special edition collection? Does anyone know? :D I'd love to learn about it! 
 Two lovely friends I know from blog have told me Naked is their favorite nude polish. :D
I was thrilled to hear it!  Best $5.99 I've ever spent at TJ Maxx this year. ;)

I'm going to be checking back often to see if I can pick up more colors.  I saw an Instagram pic from someone who found three different colors.  That means they do exist!  I haven't seen anyone mention seeing a glitter just yet.  Everyone check your TJ Maxx! :P

I just love the "search for the hyped beauty product game." lol  It's the beauty blogger addiction.

Wally had his follow-up/check up appointment at the vet today, and he's official back to his Wally self.  :D
My life partner and I had dinner with his cousin Adrien at Moonlight.  It's a favorite Vietnamese Vegan restaurant on Jackson in the International District (Chinatown) of Seattle.  The food was just okay because they used so much sugar in their cooking.  The chef/cook must be from the West(?) of Vietnam because I heard they like their food/entree's sweet.  I do suggest their $12.95 Moonlight Sampler.  They offer imitation meat at Moonlight which really makes it a unique place to eat.
Doesn't the meat skewer look like real meat?
  It tasted just like real meat too!  How they do it? I have no idea, but I know it's made of some combination of soy plus others. lol  My mom told me not to eat it too often because my grandma says it's made from such and such..but then again..Asian mom's will hear a rumor and believe it to be true...
Anyhow, you wrap everything up to create your very own vegan spring roll. : )
Dip it into an imitation fish sauce, and enjoy.  It was really good.  If you live in the Seattle area, I'd suggest trying the Vegan menu at Moonlight!

Saturday night, we went to see Ted with bf's family.  It was pretty funny movie, but I'd probably get more of the jokes if I watched Family Guy.

I also picked up my favorite wine from Trader Joe's!!
I loveee Lambrusco and I learned that they carry two versions at TJ's for $5.99/bottle!
My two favorite wines (so far in life) are Moscato D'Asti, and Lambrusco.  
They're the two most easy to drink "dessert" or "picnic" wines.
I learned about this (cheap) delicious sparkling wine from one of the friends I met in college at MSU.
 You can find a bottle at any store for $7.99-$9.99, but the fact that Trader's carries it for $5.99 is pretty awesome.  I've never had the white version before today.  I really like the taste, it's similar to the red, but hint more sweet.
  I can't wait to try the Trader Joe's red tomorrow. :D


  1. Both the red and white Lambrusco's are amazing. I always make sure to grab some before a girls night in!


  2. Colours are gorgeous and food looks yummy!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Totally going by tjmaxx after work! Haha. The color looks beautiful!! <3

  4. i like tjmaxx but i dont think theres one here in nyc. sigh.

  5. I definitely hope to see these polishes when I visit TJ Maxx tomorrow! The food looks delicious, too :)

  6. DB at tj maxxx??? thank for the sale alert! this is such a great deal! i luv the colors you picked.

  7. I went to look for these but they were all gone!! :(

  8. pretty!! i love a good pretty nude color on nails! it's so chic and elegant!

    OMGOSH i can't believe that's vegan! i was drooling over the pics.. until i read that it was vegan and then i was like ' WHOAAA ' that's nuts! i thought it was real meat! hahah

    i wanted to say thank you.. your comment was so sweet steph :) you should come visit!! heheh we can play in europe together ;p


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