July 22, 2012

Absolutely Amazing

Here are a few I know will be absolutely amazing products that I have been meaning to buy and try.

BeautyBlender $19.95 (one)
BeautyBlender $25.95 (two)
BeautyBlender with Cleanser $34.95
Does anyone have the BlenderCleanser? 
I'm trying to figure out which one to purchase. Any help would be very appreciated. ;)

Hoola by Benefit $28
I hear/read this bronzer is the best of the best for contouring.
It's such a tiny little box in person.  I swatched it today at Sephora (University Village, Seattle), and couldn't bring myself to buying it without any perks (gift set, promotion, freebies).  I'm trying to be smarter with my makeup purchases (and not just a crazy makeup junkie blogging hoarder I used to be in my early 20's).  I always think about all the dried up, used only once mascaras I have owned.
::shudders at the thought::

Tom Ford Beauty Bronzer Brush $110
I would loveeeeee to own the full line of TF makeup brushes, but that would set me back around $700? @_@

One of my favorite Beauty Gurus on Youtube is Lorraine/TheCurrentCustom. She keeps it real, and gives the most honest makeup product reviews on Youtube. She did a review on her select TF brushes, and recommended the Bronzer Brush out of all.  I love how she's always on the quest to find the best of the best makeup, and beauty products.  But then again, aren't we all? :D

I love our social webs of blogs, Twitter, and Youtube because it helps narrow down our trial & error efforts in finding the best this, or the perfect that.  If we are searching for it that is!  Other times...it just convinces us to buy things we don't need. lol

Tom Ford Beauty Spanish Pink Lipstick $48
This lipstick color has been on my wishlist for at least a year.
I have owned 2 TF lipsticks, and liked them a lot.  I just haven't built up the shopper's courage to splurge again on this beautifully packaged lip product. lol 

Butter London Hardwear Nail Polish Top Coat $18
I have only heard great things about this top coat.  I look forward to the day I can try it out myself. :)
I'm still very Seche Vite loyal (with their warning label and all). :P

My latest purchase:
Salvatore Ferragamo Bali Sandals
Lotus Beige Size 8 (they don't come in half sizes)
Available at my favorite department store (everrrrr), Nordstrom
I want them in black too!  The last time I tried to order the black, they were back ordered until January 2013...but I think they're available again.
My fellow beauty blogger girl friend, turned Facebook girl friend Angie totally introduced me to these sandals.  Thank you Angie!  She has the best taste in everything high end. =P  I love it!!

Speaking of sandals, my pair of black patent Tory Burch Thora Sandals from last Summer are falling apart. I don't often wear them, and the patent leather is peeling off the sides.  For a pair of $100+ flip flops I expected to get a little more life out of em.  I contacted Nordstrom online via Live Chat, and they told me to bring the sandals in to have them repaired or exchanged (if possible).  I'll let you know how that goes.  I don't want to be one of "those people" but I really haven't got much wear out of these sandals.  Boo

Anyhoo, I've had a really awesome week, and weekend so far!  My cousin Chuong and his friend Steven came to Seattle from Southern CA to visit.  It's been fun showing them around the city, and just hanging out.  It's was refreshing for me to laugh and smile as much as I did this past week. :D

Boyfriend and I had the chance to see Batman at the Pacific Science Center's IMAX theater (next to the Space Needle) on opening day.  He's part of the University of Washington Alumni Association so we got to order some discounted tickets earlier this month.  The movie was really good!  I've never been a fan of the Christian Bale Batman movies, but this one I liked.  But then again...I love Anne Hathaway.  I think she did a great job as Catwoman. :D
 Prior to the movie, we roamed around the Bite of Seattle.  It was my first time!
Freaking awesome.  We got so much free stuff.  My cousin and his friend even ate deep fried alligator meat.  Doesn't that sound crazy?  I also really enjoyed the free sample of this wine slushy. lol
I can't believe we never ventured out there when we lived downtown.
I just had to get my Hello Kitty spoon!  
 Steven and Chuong bought the dogs a whole bunch of raw hide treats. 
 It was so thoughtful of them!
 Nickel has been my new roommate this whole week!  He recently decided to make my bed his bed.
Usually, he sleeps by himself in the living room.  Timmy and Wally sleep in their crates ("rooms") in the kitchen.
Nails of the weekend: Orly "Luxe" & TheHungryAsian "Cookies & Cream"
I know I'm lacking FOTD and EOTD post. My real life has consumed my blog life. lol FINALLY!   I don't really have any occasion to wear much makeup (I'm sure my skin thanks me).  However, Van's wedding is coming up on August 11th, so you will most likely see the morning and evening makeup looks I decide to wear for her big day. :D  
I have noticed a recent improvement in my skin since using the Clinique Even Better Corrector Serum.  It seriously took one full bottle (like some of you have said ;)) to start seeing a noticeable change in my skin.  It's much more even, it gets rid of dark marks and freckles (on me at least).
It might also be because I've been vegetarian for the last week and a half.  Boyfriend thinks it's because we eat better, but I'm convinced my face serum is working!! lol Maybe a combination of both. :)  Only time will tell.

It's nearly 6AM..and I'm still not sleepy so I figured I'd write this blog post.
Random, I've had Invisalign for the past 7 months! Wohoo, I'm half way done with my trays.
I have noticed my teeth moving back to where they belong. :D I'm loving my smile more and more everyday.  I have an Orthodontist appointment at 2:30PM on Monday. (Note to self!)


  1. I have the iris one and after one month the leather color starts fading.. its disappointing since its my first minkoff.. but non the less its pretty spacious.. and the handle on top eats my hair!! am i just not having good luck with this bag?? I like tory burch leather better..

  2. @smilecusiluvu Thank you for your comment! It's very helpful. I'm sorry to hear about the pink leather fading. I noticed the same thing with my black Balenciaga bag. I wonder if it's part of the distressed/aged leather look? Sounds like this bag is good with any updo/bun hairstyles only! Do you have any Tory Burch bag recommendations? :)

  3. I got the traditional logo bag from tory burch its pretty small only fit a wallet and keys.. yes get the regular size minkoff it fits a lot of things in there! by the way both eats my hair.. and if your short the straps might be long on both bags for the minkoff u can adjust it but for tory its a little harder

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  5. ohh i've heard so many things about the beauty blender.. but i feel like whenever i watch the tutorial that it's so hard to use.. i feel like such an idiot hahahha.. that's why i haven't purchased it yet.. bleh.

    those ferragamo sandals are SOOOO cute tres chic!!!


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