July 24, 2012

Rebecca Minkoff "M.A.C." Shoulder Bag

Forget the Mini!
After getting input from my girl friends on Blog and Twitter, I decided on the Rebecca Minkoff "M.A.C." bag in Pale Grey! ^_^

A huge thank you to Lily for telling me about Endless.com by Amazon and their 20% off (Coupon Code: YOUSAVE) on the handbag! :) I also shopped through Ebates and received 7.5% cashback!

I recently learned about Save1.com, a family owned coupon and loyalty site representing more than 5,000 of the top online merchants.  What makes them different is that when someone shops from Save1 to save money, they provide a healthy meal to a malnourished child through one of our non-profit feeding partners. Since launching 10/01/12, they have provided more than 93,000 meals.

Save1 is similar to Ebates, but the savings goes towards a good cause!

Jess' Mini MAC in Light Grey

And a big big thank you to Jess for the Twitpic of her gorgeous soft grey Mini M.A.C.!  I immediately fell in love with this shade of grey. ; )  She also told me the mini is pretty small, and has enough room for a phone and keys. I decided on the next size up after emailing with Angie, and tweeting with Tanya. Thank you so much ladies in helping me today with my purchase. :D

I paid $263 after savings. :D  The coupon is good until 7/30/12

I also got $17.70 in cashback through Ebates for this purchase. :D

Thank you blog friends! <3

 Rebecca Minkoff 'Mini M.A.C.' Shoulder Bag
Black with gold hardware

(M.A.C. stand for Morning After Clutch). lol

 Rebecca Minkoff "Mini M.A.C." Shoulder Bag
Pink Iris with gold hardware
I've been wanting to get a bag I can throw around more comfortably than the bags I have now.
My cousin N told introduced me to Rebecca Minkoff bags around 3 years ago, and she only had good things to say about the brand. :)  I think the Mini M.A.C will be a great addition to my everyday life.
Post office runs, grocery stores, and of course, Total Wine.

Now the tough part is which color to get?  There's isn't a huge selection of colors on Nordstrom.com (see more colors here), but I have narrowed it down to the fun pink, and classic black (see on this fabulous blogger I just found today called Vivaluxury).

Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Marc by Marc Jacobs also make iPhone wristlet/wallets!  It just won't be able to hold any keys like the Rebecca Minkoff bag.  After hearing input from you girls here and on Twitter, I think the M.AC. Bombe might be a better size bag for me.  I'm also looking at this fun print now too!

Which one would you buy?

I need your help!


  1. i've been lusting after one of these for so long now. all my bags are black, the pink seems more fun :) i want the cream w/gold hardware....

  2. @eri I read a few comments from girls who have the Rebecca Minkoff bags via Twitter and I learned the lighter colors seem to get very dirty/stain easily. And the colored leather fades quickly. :-| The black one sounds most promising right now. lol

  3. I just got the Black with Gold hardware and I love it! Endless.com is having a 20% sale off right now and I only paid like $156. Also you can always use Ebates to save even more money as well.

  4. @Lily Thank you for telling me about Endless.com! I didn't know Amazon had such a cool site. :D I love Ebates too!

  5. Aww! You're welcome Steph! =D

  6. The grey was definitely the right choice. Love it!

    xo Emily

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  8. Congrats!!! You're going to love it and what a great color!! Agreed on getting a MAC instead of a mini :D

  9. awesome buy, Steph!! i've had my eye on that bag for quite some time. RM bags are really good quality. the leather is very thick & sturdy!

  10. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH pretty!! congrats on your new bag steph!!!! i definitely know what you mean.. i've been looking for a more of a "throw around" bag.. because i use and abuse my chanels but i don't want too!! i want to use something for more of a everyday.. especially now that i live in a small town in germany i feel weird wearing my chanels... as opposed to when i lived in san francisco.. anyways your pale grey is GORGEOUS it'll look so pretty with everything.. hrmm now you have me eyeing the pink orchid color hahahaha

  11. ive been looking for a small shoulder bag too for when i`m just running errands or taking kimchi out! that gray one color is so pretty!

  12. This RM MAC Clutch is super popular among my girlfriends! My friend just ordered the eggplant one. If you are a RM fan, giltgroupe is having a sale today on RM and the prices are a lot cheaper. check it out if you have time.

  13. The Deborah Lipmann ones look pretty! I don't think i've seen them in Australia before


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