July 26, 2012

More Deborah Lippmann, Essie Finds at TJ Maxx!

 Earlier this week, Monday to be exact, Marisa and I went to TJ Maxx (Factoria) to continue my hobby search for Deborah Lippmann and Essie nail polishes. :D
 Deborah Lippmann, we did find! I also found more Essie polishes. Yay.
The only exciting part about buying these polishes is because they're $5.99, whereas they once retailed for $16.00
But then again, who can resist the adorable made for Juicy Couture pink little bows?
 Left: "Oh! You Pretty Things"
Right: "Pearl Queen"

 I'm was pretty excited to find these two little bottles because "Naked" now has two new friends!

 Deborah Lippmann makes the prettiest nail polish bottles!

The Essie purple is called "Bangle Jangle," and I'm pretty sure the green is "Absolutely Shore."  The name label was missing when I bought it last weekend from the TJ Maxx in Kent. Essie polishes were $3.99, so I can't really complain there!  The Kent, WA TJ Maxx also had 3 Guerlain Bronzers for $20.  There were two light shades, and one dark.  I didn't buy them because I'm saving my money for Benefit Hoola Bronzer. :D
Essie "Absolutely Shore"
I super like this shade! It's the perfect pale green creme polish color.  I like it more than Revlon "Minted."  In my mind, it's more of a sophisticated green nail polish. :)
However, the formula was pretty horrible to work with!  It was super thin, runny, and overall drove me nuts. I got super cranky while painting my nails. (Minh was asking me questions and I was not in the mood to talk!) lol I needed to concentrate on applying the polish. I allowed each coat a good amount of time to dry before applying the next, but even then I got streaks!  I had to apply 3 full coats before I could get the polish opaque. 
I'm headed out to Ulta today to look for Essie "Mint Candy Apple."  Thank you for all the comments on where to find it!  I really appreciate the help. : ) I've been looking at every Target in Seattle, but I haven't come across it yet.  I've never seen MCA in person so I'm mighty excited to make a trip to Ulta!

Instagram Photo Recap!
 Deborah Lippmann finds!!
Essie "Absolutely Shore"
Desserts with bf, and Marisa at the new 12 Moons in Snoqualmie, WA ;)
 Vivace espresso on Capitol Hill.  Bf and I had an amazing evening just hanging out in Cap Hill before we met up with friends for dinner last Sunday.
Told ya! $20 Guerlain Bronzers at TJ Maxx. :D

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  1. damn girl..you`re on a roll! i never see ANYTHING in stores (and that`s including the department stores) haha

  2. So jealous!!! Did you purchase the Guerlain bronzing powder? If so, make sure you do a review on it! I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

  3. @LC ^_^ I loveeee deal hunting! Finding the polishes makes me so happy!

    @Frmcoasttocoast I passed on the Guerlain bronzers, I'm saving the money for Benefit Hoola bronzer. :D

  4. The orange Deborah Lippman color is perfect for summer! Jealous that you find Guerlain Terracotta bronzers. :P

  5. omg so many awesome deals!!!! will hv to check out my TJMaxx to see if i am lucky enough :D

  6. Your nails are so perfect! I'm so addicted to nailart myself. I have a few posts on my blog =)

    <3 Kelly

  7. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG i cannot believe you found deborah lippmann at TJ Maxx and at that dirt cheap price too!!! i've never ever tried deborah lippmann because i can't justify the price tag.. but.. omgggggg you are sooooooooooooooooo lucky!! muhaha!!

    nomss those desserts look so yummy :)

  8. Lovely colours!


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