October 6, 2012

Beeyoutiful7 Came to Seattle!

My new obsession. :D
I woke up to a tweet from Harmless Harvest this morning and I couldn't have been more excited!
^_^ They found one of my pictures from Twitter, and shared it on their Pinterest.
I also learned that you can buy their coconut water by the case at Wholefoods for a discount.
I shopped the Wholefoods in Bellevue, WA the other night but didn't see any cases so I picked up the four bottles above. I hope the cases are in stock next time I grocery shop. :)
Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water is the BEST.
It's the most delicious coconut water out of all the brands I have tried. You can find it at Wholefoods.
The only negative is that it's $2.99 for an 8oz bottle.*sad face*
I refuse to buy any other brand, unless it's an actually coconut itself! Watch this video about Harmless Harvest. :)

Another awesome product also found at Wholefoods is Rosewater!
Jennifer introduced me to Rosewater while she was here. We were on a mission to search for it, we went to two different Wholefoods so she could stock up! :)
The Rosewater & Glycerin can be used on the face the same way you would use MAC Fix+.
(Jennifer wearing HK slippers in the background:)
She also makes me want to get my first Longchamp bag! They're so lightweight and wonderful for travel. Plus, it holds so much stuff!!

Jennifer recommended Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara to me so I thought I would give it a try!
I'm currently obsessed with my new Benefit "They're Real" Mascara.  It's SO good!
Me & J.Yo at Pike Place Market on her first day in Seattle!
The last time we hung out, we both had long hair. It's funny how we both decided to cut our hair short without telling each other! :)
White Peach & Original Tart at Red Mango in Bellevue Square Mall.
For some reason, it taste the best there. The temperature in the mall must be perfect for froyo.
Macaroons from Bakery Nouveau on California St. in West Seattle!
Enjoying my mint macaroon in the back seat with Jennifer while Minh drives just around. :D
A gorgeous red caviar leather Chanel wallet in DT Seattle.
I fell in LOVE with this stud collection from Chanel.  The brooch & pin come in a set for $1350. *sad face* I was hoping the pin was sold seperate or came in stud earrings!
I have an obsession with Chanel earrings, I really do.

J.Yo at Cafe Vita in Downtown Portland (right across from the famous Voo Doo Doughnuts!)

Machiatto! This will keep you wired all day long.
Three types of crab at Salty's on Alki.
We took Jennifer for Sunday Brunch and the seafood was super good!
They had three types of fresh oysters too! They shuck them for you right there.

They have Hello Kitty nail tips!

I got my very first French Shellac Manicure done by Brian at Cindy's Nails in Longview, WA.
I can't believe I waited so long to try Shellac!  It's wonderful and my nails stay so shiny. :)

My friends' salon, Cindy's Nails in Kelso/Longview, Washington.
We stopped by on our drive up from Portland. :)

I also got the best pedicure ever!  I also finally found OPI "Crown Me Already."
The Tory Burch Thora Sandals (flip flops) are my favorite ever!  Nordstrom actually exchanged my old pair for a brand new one because the patent leather was peeling on my original pair.  I will forever be a loyal Nordstrom shopper!
I took Jennifer to Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR for 3 days, 2 nights.
We stayed at my nephew Ty's house. :) Thanks Ty for letting us stay!!
So..what's for dinner? JUST KIDDING.
 Jennifer Unni with Ty!!
Chingu ^_^
I bought Nickel his very first American Apparel doggie hoodie in size Small.
Doesn't he look cute? Minh wouldn't let me buy it for him since it's $16, but I figure if I was in Portland, it would be okay with no tax and all. :D
Minh says he looks like a little construction worker! lol
 My favorite H&M Necklace and new favorite way to wear my short hair. :)
I fell in love witht he black chain clutch, but fell out of love when the price tag read $3,000.
I will live through other Chanel enthusiasts.

Here's a non-Instagram effect pic of Jennifer's haul.
She picked up a black Balenciaga with Rose Gold Hardware.
They're discountinuing the Rose Gold!
She really wanted to get an all black Celine Mini or Macro luggage, but non were available.
It's such a hot bag these days! I kept saying how it looked like a robot, and the SA was like..it's the cutest robot ever. lol
We went to H-Mart in Federal Way because I wanted to show Jennifer around WA's version of K-town (that wasn't Lynnwood).
We had my favoriteeeeeee Jajamyun Noodles!!
I wish I knew how to make it because Minh and I have loved this dish since college.
Hello Kitty x Yogurtland in Bellevue right before Jennifer got her lash extensions done at Noir Lash Lounge. I can't believe they do a full set of lashes for only $75! That's about half off everywhere else.
They only do lash extensions at Noir so I'm guessing that's why they can keep their prices so nice.

The different between "bitchy/sexy" eyebrows and "sweet/innocent" eyebrows. lol
Jennifer was showing me how your eyebrows can make a huge difference on your overall look.
Which one do you prefer?

Jennifer and I went and got our eyebrows waxed by the pretty famous Tomoko at the Benefit Brow Bar in Downtown Seattle's Macy's.

Jennifer had read a lot of great Yelp reviews and made an appointment to see Tomoko. I wasn't planning on getting my eyebrows waxed since I have a eyebrow threading membership at Brow Art.  Tomoko is hands down the best waxer ever!  She even fills in your brows for you afterwards.  An eyebrow session with her costs only $20.  But remember to bring cash for tip since they don't offer a gratuity line if you pay with card.
Naturally, I had to show her around the Space Needle. :)

I had so much fun with you Jennifer!
See you next month in Michigan! ^_^

In other news, I'm currently OBSESSED with country music star, LUKE BRYAN.
I never really liked country music, but I surely didn't mind it. One day Minh was playing Top 40 songs in our car, and Luke Bryan's "Drunk On You" quickly became one of our favorite songs.
I did my research and now I'm a fan!  Luke Bryan also has a weekly Youtube show called LBTV on every Thursday. :D His latest single is "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye." Check him out!
I also like Jason Aldean's songs. :D I can't believe it but I'm now into country music.
Minh and I went to lunch earlier today with his youngest sister and her boyfriend at Mi La Cay in the International District. Their fried tofu appetizer is so good!  I got my favorite, the "Dat Biet" or Special Mi Lay Cay soup. : ) Bf's sister told us about the Issaquah Salmon Days Festival (October 6th &7th) so we checked it out and had SO much fun!  It's even better than the Puyallup fair.  I also ran into the lead singer of Train and his family again. lol I saw them last time at Bellevue Square.  I guess that's as cool as celebrities get in Seattle area!
 Chipstix! It's made from one whole potato. :D I got the sour cream & onion seasoning on it. Yum!

I hope you liked this lil glimpse in my life lately. :)
Come back tomorrow to read about my 2 giveaways!


  1. I've actually been on a mission to find that coconut water here in San Diego LOL I saw you and ItsJudytime instagram it a while back and they don't carry it at my Whole Foods >:( Apparently it tastes superior to other coconut waters because of how its never been heated... which makes it cost more but it sounds worth it!

    And your pedicure is super cute!!! Definitely makes me want to go out and get that polish.

    and ouch at the Cle De Peau cream being almost $800.. like it physically hurts me to think a cream is so expensive :( it sounds amazing though. maybe I'll try to make friends with a CDP SA for some samples. For $800 though, thats a Chanel wallet!!

    and omgosh thats my favorite korean dish!!!!!! Here is a video on how to make it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRTQjRUaXG4

    They sell everything you need at h-mart and a big bottle of the paste is only like.. $5 I think? And its super easy to make! Its so cool that you like that dish too because I don't know anyone else that likes it!

    You're making me want to try the Benefit bar now! Ulta gives you a free wax on the month of your birthday so maybe its time for me to not be a benefit brow virgin any more lol

    Are those tory burch sandals comfortable?? They look so cute on you! I forgot how much your blog makes me want to shop lol I NEED TO STOP COMING HERE UGH

  2. @Gjee They have Harmless Harvest in the refrigerator section near the deli at the Wholefoods in the Seattle area. I tried to find a case of it, but they didn't have any at our stores. It tastes just like a fresh coconut which I love. :) I heard about them from Jarmaine's video! I love the blog network, you always hear about the latest and greatest. <3 (It also makes you want to spend money too!) lol

    I haven't been able to find "Crown Me Already" to buy! It was limited edition from the Miss Universe Collection.

    The Tory Burch sandals are really comfortable but not for long walks or anything. They're great for grocery shopping or a leisurely walk. I highly recommend them! I picked up the Feraggamo Bali sandals in the Lotus/Nude color and I don't like them nearly as much. I would buy another pair just because! I get a lot of compliments on them. I do want to get a pair of Havianna flipflops because I heard they're really comfortable. I bought my sister a pair before her trip to Asia but I haven't tried them out myself.

    Maybe when Nordstrom does triple reward points, I'll bite the bullet on the CDP face cream. lol

    Thanks for the video recipe! I really would love to be able to make it at home. Not many restaurants serve it because they always tell me the recipe is hard to perfect or something. I'm excited now. :) Minh and I love it!

    Please start blogging again! I want to know what's going on in your life. <3

  3. BOO I asked my Wholefoods if they have any of the Harmless Harvest and they said no. Sometimes they only have certain brands at certain times so maybe one day? lol

    And I'll start blogging again soon!! Probably after my NY trip. The hotel I ended up getting was the Waldorf!! Did you like it when you were there or no? I mean its too late for me to change it but I can brace my self haha

  4. @Gjee Awesome! I can't wait to hear about your NYC adventures. :) I didn't mind the Waldorf, it's an old hotel so expect the room to be traditional and old. I think it's worth staying at at least once!

    They have a very fancy brunch spread on weekends I believe..it's around $100+ per person! I didn't try it, but I sure did walk around and look at everything they had!! lol

  5. hahaha I would have totally done the same.

    and boo to the Waldorf. I stayed at the W hotel a block away from the Waldorf and I liked it a lot. Their complimentary bathroom things were from Bliss! They even have a Bliss Spa in the hotel! I didn't go in to the spa part but it was cool seeing regular new yorkers have a spa day. lol

    I'm soo hungry! Why do you have so many food pictures on your blog >:(


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