October 5, 2012

Blog Sale Haul!

I was able to shop The Beauty Look Book's makeup blog sale last week. Check out what I snagged from the sale!

 I got to shop the makeup collection of my favorite beauty blogger!! :D I can't get over how excited I am to share my loot with you.

Beauty blogs will always be my favorite blogs to visit.  Beauty bloggers are also the sweetest people you will find in the blogosphere.  I have learned from 3 and 1/2, maybe even 4 years of experience. :)

 I recently started getting into Benefit products so I was super happy to see some Benefit goodies on the blog sale.  I purchased Hoola Bronzer not too long ago, and I love it!

Benefit Dandelion Powder

 Benefit Thrrrob Powder
 My very first Tom Ford nail lacquer!! Yes!! You know you will be seeing some swatches from me!
I have always wanted to try MAC "Peachtwist" blush. :)


Bobbi Brown Bikini Pink!

 Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book included luxurious makeup samples for everyone who ordered from her blog sale.  She's so generous! 

 Le Metier Beaute!!
I'm one lucky girl. ;-)
 I can definitely rock this with an 'Attitude' this Fall. :)
 Dior mini lipstick? TOO CUTE
 I'm so excited to try everything especially the foundation samples!!
 Thank you The Beauty Look Book for sharing your makeup collection with girls like me. ^_^

She still has some items listed (here) so hurry on over! 


  1. Tom Ford!? Le Metier Beaute!? Stepping up your game I see lol What a BEAUTIFUL haul! I especially love the Benefit boxed blushes and the mini Dior Lipstick! And the Chanel lipstick. and the TF nail varnish.

    Nevermind I love everything! I'm always such a sucker for blogsales. Good thing I didn't see this one in time or else I would be lacking some serious funds right now lol

  2. @Gjee I still super happy about this blog sale haul! Sabrina from TheBeautyLookBook is sweet and generous with her samples. :) I feel so blessed!

    I can't resist a good makeup blog sale either. lol I'm overjoyed to own my very first Tom Ford nail polish!

    I really want to step up my skincare routine. My friends all use SK-II and Cle De Peau..omgg $775 for 1.7 oz of product is insane, but her skin is so beautiful..omggggg

    I think I will start with SK-II for now. What skin products do you use?

  3. Wow those all look great! Can't wait to see the TF polish on you.

  4. @Kae I'm super excited to try it! However, I recently got a French Shellac Manicure..it wont be for another few weeks. :/ I wish I had my sister nearby so I can paint her nails! lol

  5. omg how funny! I've been wanting to try out Sk-II also haha Want a money-saving tip!?!?

    It helps to get the SK-II items from asian sites like Sasa.com. Not only do they have the regular items on sale sometimes, they sell smaller sizes for slightly cheaper. For example!

    a small 30ml bottle of the SK-II Cellumination Mask-In Lotion is $18 at Sasa.com

    the same thing in the full-size bottle with 3.3 oz at Nordstroms is $75 and 3.3oz = 97.6 ml

    at sasa, its .6 per ml while at nordstroms, its .77. It doesn't sound like a lot but buying 3.3 oz at Sasa in the smaller bottles would cost $58.56 so you'd be saving $16.44. Not a TON of money but still something!

    I really hope my math is right or else this is really embarrassing! lol I'm going to blame it on my tiredness if its wrong :)


  6. I agree!! i love BB girls!! such sad that some already quit blogging!! i miss the days where so many BB girls still blogs! Great haul!!! love the Benefit!

  7. I agree!! i love BB girls!! such sad that some already quit blogging!! i miss the days where so many BB girls still blogs! Great haul!!! love the Benefit!

  8. @Gjee Thanks for the tip on SK-II! :) Let me know when you start trying it out! I REALLY want to try the Cle De Peau cream..but $775 for 1.7 oz..I have to think about it a little bit harder. lol

    @Iyah Love I know! I miss the good old days. We both have grown so much, huh? I'm glad I still have you BB <3


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