October 4, 2012

Louis Vuitton Key Pouch Damier Ebene

 It's been a while since I've shopped at Louis Vuitton!
 What's inside? :D Scroll down!
 LV packaging is one of my favorites. :D
 Louis Vuitton Key Pouch Damier Ebene
 I went shopping at LV in Downtown Portland with my friend Jennifer, and I proved to her LV does sell items in the $100 price range!

The canvas LV Key Pouch comes in three prints, the monogram (which Jennifer purchased), the Damier Ebene, Damier Azur for $185.  The fabric print styles are $265.
The LV Key Pouches used to cost $150-$165 from what I remember.
Price inceases...sighhh

I bought this key pouch for my mom as a birthday gift.  She often misplaces her driver license when she goes on trail walks. She usually leaves it somewhere hidden in her car while she went walking with her keys in hand. This way she can have her ID with her keys. :D  She really loved it which makes me really happy.
 If you've been following my blog for a while, you know I had an issue with the gold/brass plating chipping off the key ring of my Vernis Key Pouch. The sales associate who helped us at LV was super nice, and she told me to bring it in to get replaced.  She said it may be free, but she couldn't promise until they actually send it out for repair. 
 It's the perfect size for your ID and maybe a credit card or two.
 It was a pleasant surprise to see that this tiny key pouch was made in France, whereas the Speedy 30's sold in the US are often made in the USA.

Overall, I think the LV Key Pouch makes a great gift. It's practical with splash of luxuriousness!
I already plan on buying another one as a gift for a really good friend.

A peek at my girl friend Jennifer's Seattle/Portland haul!
Doesn't she have fabulous taste?
I'm so jelly of her Chanel wallet!  It's perfection.

Jennifer came to stay with me from September 17-27th. ^_^
We had the best time catching up and of course...shopping!  We've known each other since high school, and we became even better friends during our college years. She's also a former beauty blogger. :)


  1. loveee it! and yay for you blogging again! :) I have the LV key pouch too but I do like the damier better!

    I always think of price increases as a way of justifying things lol like "oh Chanel is going to have a $600 increase?! Thats almost like buying a bag AND a wallet if I buy it NOW!" lol /confessions of a shopaholic right?

  2. @Gjee Girl, that is how they get us! It gets us all eager to buy the item as soon as we can. lol

    I'll just stick to collecting my Chanel earrings now that I have my Jumbo. I do eventually want to get a brooch. :D It's just a matter of meeting the right one at the right time. :D What have you been up to? Any shopping? I wish you would blog again!

  3. That's so sweet of you! I've been looking at getting the LV key pouch in the Damier Azur print since all of my other LV stuff is in the Ebene print. haha.. variety. ;)

    I love shopping in Portland! By chance, was the LV SA's name Sam?? She always helps me when I go there, super nice!

    Yeah.. talk about price increases.. I kinda cringed when I bought my Chanel Jumbo. haha.. You got lucky on yours before the increase! I heard there might be another one before the end of this year. Don't know how true it is. That's what the Chanel SA told me.

    More blog posts please! ;)

    xo - Sheila

    P.S. Still can't get over your friend's Chanel quilted wallet... I showed Hubs the other night from Instagram and he was like mmhmm and gave me THE look. :P

  4. @Sheila I really enjoy shopping in their Portland store as well! Our SA's name started with an A, she was Japanese (if that helps). It's funny how most of the helpers there are Asian! Have you noticed that?

    The prices can increase all they want! lol I don't plan on buying another bag anytime soon. I like to collect Chanel earrings, and those don't increase too much each year. :D

    The wallet Jennifer got is such a staple piece! I don't think the price on the wallets increases very much. She paid $950 for it, and the last time I looked at it was a longgg time ago and I think it was in the $900 price as well. I remember 4 years ago I saw the most gorgeous patent cherry red Chanel wallet at the Seattle store..I still dream of it from time to time. I hope to find it some day!

    Minh always give me THE look too when I talk about buying anything. HAHA

  5. awww steph you are the sweetest daughter ever! your mommy is so lucky to have such a thoughtful daughter! i've actually always wanted to get a key ring pouch for myself because there's just so many times i just want to grab a card or two & my keys and head out the door vs. carrying my giant wallet!! so annoying!! i love the print you picked out :) and i'm sure your mom hearts it!!

    holy shopping! i want to show with you girls hahahaha!!

  6. @Lisa I want to go shopping with you!! You have such fabulous taste in bags & shoes. :) I love that you share your shopping stories with us too through your blog. <3

  7. Waaa!! so pretty and so luxurious!! I miss shopping!!! wish I have the means because I want a chanel bag!! lol! seriously I want a balenciaga bag so bad.. maybe someday :)

  8. Love LV! I haven't gotten anything from LV in awhile as well. I must...or maybe I'll go for a balenciaga bag. Continue to blog more! :) Miss hearing bout your daily ins/outs.

  9. @Iyah Love I haven't been shopping to much either every since I got my Chanel Jumbo. I think getting the bag was good for me because I have little craving for anything else!

    Which style Chanel & Balenciaga would you get? :D They're discontinuing the Balenciaga Rose Gold Hardware soon! That's why Jennifer picked it up while she was here. ^_^

  10. @Amy Let me know when you start shopping for your Balenciaga! I love talking bags. :) I don't plan on buying another bag for a while so I'm going to live through you!

  11. I've been wanting a Chanel brooch too! The one I was interested in was $250.. not bad right? Not bad when you compare it to the rest of Chanel prices lol

    i'm going to NY next week so hopefully I'll buy something fun there! One time I went, I went to every Chanel store in Manhattan LOL I think it was 7 in total but I probably won't have enough time to do that this time.. maybe!

    Have you ever been to NY? I do so much research in to where to go and what to eat, that I was thinking of doing a blog post on it.. Jean/extrapetite asked me to like over a year ago lol but you must go! Especially in the winter time when they have all the Christmas lights up!

  12. @Gjee I love New York! I have family and friends who live right in Manhattan. I've been to NYC twice now, and I adore it! I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria once just because of the movie Serendipity! haha

    I've only been in NYC when it was March and April..so still pretty cold. lol

    I can't believe there are 7 Chanel boutiques in NY!! That's so awesome!

    I want to see this brooch you like! If you have a picture, e-mail me! DSKJewelry@gmail.com

  13. @Gjee YES! Please share your NY trip with us on blog!! I loved your blog. :) I hope you start it up again! Pretty pleaseeee <3

  14. Yes!! I did notice most of the SAs at the Portland LV are Asian! They are all really sweet. I only know Sam there. ;)

    Ah! I know what you mean.. after getting the Jumbo I've been put on a shopping ban.. well any BIG items that is. >.< I still have my wants though and just browse for now... haha...

    You totally should get your dream Chanel wallet someday! ;) I know.. I just bought my LV wallet last year.. and I def would have to wait on the Chanel wallet until my LV breaks apart or something. lol But yeah the price doesn't seem like it went up too much compared to our purses...


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