October 15, 2012

OPI "You Glitter Be Good To Me"

 One coat of "You Glitter Be Good To Me" on top of "I Think in Pink."
OPI "I Think in Pink" on it's own is gorgeous too.
 I like this glittery polish with one coat on top of the light pink jelly-like polish.
The tiny glitters remind me of Deborah Lippmann "An Enchanted Evening." The larger fuchsia glitters make this combination of pinks perfect. :)
Two coats of "You Glitter Be Good To Me" on top of "I Think in Pink."
The Pink of Hearts 2012 duo is a must have for October in my book!


  1. Sad to say that I'm a bit tired of the light pink colored glitter. It seems to be the only type of pink glitter that nail polish companies are into selling. =\ But I do really like the color of the "I Think in Pink" by itself! I've never had a regular pink color like that, but I have to say that color is tempting. :)

  2. OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMG so funny as soon as i saw your nails for some reason i thought 'breast cancer' AND low and behold it's a OPI collab w/ breast cancer muhaha!! this is sooo cute i love it!! the fuchsia sparkles are so pretty!!

    ohh and to answer your question about the celine bags.. i love them.. they are cute, stylish and chic.. but i won't get one.. why?? because i'm really low maintenanced w/ bags.. i can't stand having to carry a bag.. it drives me bonkers.. i think i'm just lazy or soemthing hahaha.. it's the same reason why i won't get a birkin.. i mean never say never of course.. but i just can't do handheld bags.. and as i get older.. the the idea of having children + having to handhold a bag.. is just impossible for me to do.. hahaha.. so no but i definitely think if you don't mind having to hold a bag.. or wear it in the crook of your arm it's a gorgeous bag.. but i'll stick to my chanels.. they sit ever so perfectly on my shoulders.. totally fuss free hehe :)

  3. @Shiseiten I don't know why they don't make different shades of pink glitters!

    @Lisa Thank you for getting back to me! I really like your reasoning with bags! I completely feel the same way. I rarely carry around my LV speedy's anymore because I'm sick of holding them. lol The Celine crossbody is pretty darn cute though!! ^_^ *robot face*


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