November 7, 2012

Twistband Elastic Hair Ties Review

Hey my pretty ladies!
I recently added a rainbow Twistband elastic hair ties into my collection of hair accessories.
    I really like their cute packaging idea, and the Twistband arrow.  
Speaking of arrow, I really like and want to get the Straight Shot Necklace from Anthropologie.
For some odd reason, arrows remind me of Autumn.  I rarely shop at Anthropolgie but I think I will stop in to look for this necklace. What do ya think? Yay?
But back to Twistbands, you can shop hair bands at their website, and/or subscribe to the Twistband Club to receive an assortment of Twistbands like what I received in my little box c/o Twistband.

Like elastic hair ties, online subscription services are all the rage. Online shopping has definitely made life more fun for me. :) I get click happy.
Twistband also offers headbands and shoelaces. I am loving neon yellow right now and I was super stoked to get these shoelaces!
I'm trying to decide what pair of shoes to brighten up. Perhaps, my pair of classic black Converse?
The elastic headbands are great for those sporty days. :D
 These hair ties are great because they're very gentle on your hair.  I've used elastic hair ties for the past year and love them. About a year ago, I had my hair cut and the hair stylist said my hair had a minor breakage (dent or damage) where I would tie my hair. I tried really hard to not tie my hair up, but I can't help it. I often wear pony tails because I don't like the felling of hair touching my neck. I should have been born a guy, I know. JK
I didn't want to rock a scrunchie either. lol  I searched around and I came across the jewel tone elastic hair ties from Sephora which I blogged about last year. You can find that post here, it was exactly a year ago!  Those have lasted me up until now, but I could tell they weren't the best quality. I also heard about Emi Jay, but have yet to try their hair ties.

I came across Twistband online about a week and half ago, and made it my goal to get some! The Twistbands are really lightweight, yet durable and never snag your hair. They're colorful, fun, and great for kids. I prefer them over the traditional 'Goodie' hair ties. I gave some to one of my favorite friends as well because sharing is caring. ;)  It's the little things, right?
 Beauty bound! ^_^  They also make cute bracelets.  Regular hair ties sometimes leave a mark on the wrist, but elastic hair ties are really soft. I like to always have one around when I feel like it's time to get my hair out of my way.
No more dents or damage to my hair!
Check out Twistband if you're a ponytail kind of girl.
I always rock a ponytail or bun at the gym..that is when I make it to the gym! lol
I went this morning for an hour, and I'm going to try and make it in everyday until May!
It's vital because I need to fit into an ao dai (traditional Vietnamese tunic dress) for an important party in Michigan. :D I will tell you more about that laterrr.
Check out because they offer custom-printed bands!! How cute would these be for your girls at a bachelorette party? 
Trust me, once you start using elastic hair ties, you won't ever want to go back to regular hair ties. 
I never realized I could have so much to say about hair ties, but yeah...
You hair is worth it!


  1. @Cindii They're really great. :)

  2. Thanks for this post! I've been getting into these hair ties and wondering where I could get them. This site has a huge selection, yay. :)

  3. I'm glad it was helpful! I see them around a lot more now compared to last year. Let me know how you like them!

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these are sooo cute i love the fun colors!! going to look for them now.. i hate how my hair ties leaves dents in my hair too.. when i let my straight hair down.. it always looks so awkward!! i love that arrow necklace too you should definitely get it :)!

  5. @Lisa I'm going to go hunt for the necklace in stores this week! I hope I find it. It's back ordered on their website.

    I know you'll love the hair bands. :D They're great!

  6. I like how they come in such pretty colors.

  7. my friend got me some from a different brand, but they aren`t strong enough to hold my hair! they`re so cute though /=

  8. I love these! I got one in my birchbox two months ago. It's been awesome, looks good on your wrist and in your hair!

  9. @MaysaAndSunshine They have so many different colors, and prints to choose from!

    @LC That's because your have gorgeous long hair!! <3 The Sephora ones are more weak than Twistband. I think the elastic varies from brand to brand. I can't wait to try Emi Jay since those are the ones Jennifer Aniston wears! lol I don't think these would be too hard to DIY with different elastic bands. :D

    @Rubiiee I want Birchbox so bad! I love seeing everyone's monthly Birchbox posts. :D I think they always have such great products! I've been debating over Birchbox and Glossybox for a few months now. lol

  10. I like Twistbands..but I think Becca Bands are way better! The ends don't fray like Twistbands and the elastic is better quality.


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