December 12, 2012

Food Blog: Bestowed Box & Giveaway! [Ended]

Discover healthy foods you'll love! Join Bestowed and get 5+ amazing nutrition and lifestyle products delivered to your door every month - each one hand picked by celebrity nutritionist and author Heather Bauer. She's also the founder of Bestowed!

***Bestowed has agreed for me to have a giveaway for one of their boxes!!!***
Bestowed Giveaway!
This giveaway will end on December 15th at Midnight PST! [Ended]

Winner: Renee L! [Claimed]
Please e-mail me to claim your prize. ^_^
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 Let's take a look at what's inside!
The box comes with an information sheet of what's inside your box. You can also find this information at their website under their "Featured Products" tab. You can also see what others got in their Bestowed box that may be different from yours. I was a tad bit jealous they offered Justin's Nut Butter Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups because I love those!! You all know how much I love Justin's brand of nut butters in my post HERE.
The unique thing about Bestowed box is Heather writes a little bit about why she loves the box, gives you two tips, and let you know where to buy the products in your box if you like them and need more!
 The weight of the box was more heavy than any other food box I've tried out thus far. I was surprised to find an awesome bottle of Tessemae's Red Wine Vinaigrette!
Continue reading to see what I got in my November Bestowed box. ; )
Only $15/month!

1. Tessemae’s Red Wine Vinaigrette
No need to hold dressing, at least not with Tessemae’s on hand. Feel free to go crazy with this zero-calorie salad dressing. You heard right—zero calories! This family-run business started when the mom of three athletic boys tried to find a way to get her kids to eat their salad. She didn’t want to settle for pouring on an unhealthy dressing, so she crafted her own. Made with fresh, organic and all-natural ingredients, your taste buds will look forward to salad.

This dressing complements any salad well. Dress your salad as you like—no guilt required! Feeling creative? Chop one cucumber, tomato and avocado, and then season to taste with this red wine vinaigrette. Chill in the fridge for at least an hour for the perfect lunch or dinner side dish.

Whole Foods and online at
2. Pacific-Organic Pumpkin Puree
Pumpkin is always in season in my house! I love pumpkin everything!
 3. Seasnax Sea Sprinkled, Grab & Go
I love seaweed snacks!!

4. Hail Merry Macaroons
Who doesn't love a sweet snack? Plus it's Gluten-Free & Vegan.
There was a coupon for 50 cents off one package of any Hail Merry snack in my box!
It's a healthy energy drink that does your body good.
I got 2 in different flavors. The Pink Lemonade sounds yum!
 6. Chobani Champions Coupon 
I love Chobani greek yogurt, it's a well known brand. I often buy it when it's on sale at the grocery store. lol I'm not ashamed to admit it! It's a great brand of greek yogurt and this coupon is good for One FREE Champion 4-Pack of Chobani Champions! I bet if Chobani didn't need to be refrigerated it would be sent in this box to me.

7. Qdoba Free Entree Coupon + Recipe Cards
Need I say more?! One free meal, that's at a $6-7 value!
Plus, I have two new recipes for salsa and guacomole (my favorite!!)
Thank your sharing the love of Bestowed with my me on my blog!

Here is what my November box looked liked, I think they have new oranges boxes for December as I saw on the Bestowed Facebook page. They currently only have a little over 2,000 "Likes" on Facebook so if you like what you see, please help me support them and "Like" their FB page. ^_^
I love the Bestowed gift box, and I would gift it to anyone I know. : )
Two thumbs up!!

Give the gift of Bestowed!
Membership Options:
  • Monthly Membership - $15 billed monthly, cancel any time
  • Annual Membership - $165 billed annually, transfer any time

I'm working on getting a coupon code to share, and if they're generous, a gift giveaway box for my readers! :D I am in such the holiday blogging spirit! I do have a lot of posts coming up. I might even be posting two blogs a day just to get these giveaways posted for you in time for Christmas!


  1. Oh I LOVE that they did Qdoba! that alone makes me want to try this.

    1. I know!! I was like WHOA free meal, $7 value. lol Their chicken nachos are the bomb. :)

      I used to eat a lot of Qdoba when I was in high school/college before I discovered Chipotle! lol

    2. I ate a lot of Chipotle before I discovered Qdoba (I LOVE IT) but we need one closer to me.

  2. This food subscription box looks so good! I'm a college student right now so I'm always looking for ways to eat healthier. Unfortunately, I don't always have enough time to shop around and find products that I like! The seaweed snacks here look so yummy.

    1. I think you would love this box! It would be a great idea for loved ones to gift any college student with monthly food care packages!

  3. Hi Steph! i like discovering new foods so trying out a box would be fun. i haven't been getting any beauty box subscriptions lately, so i may sign up for Bestowed in the near future. thanks for the post & giveaway :)

    1. Hey Mayumi! Thank you for the Tweet about this giveaway! :) I really appreciate it!

  4. I would love to win the Bestowed box because I really think that they'll introduce me to new products and I always love discovering new foods! (:

    1. ^_^ I hope you will get a chance to try Bestowed!

  5. Hi Steph! I never heard of Bestowed until you made this post - I think it's really neat that you can get neat healthy things like this sent to you every month. I've changed my diet a couple of months ago and since I am going to be working on my blogs in the next couple of weeks, finding new products to try would be great to talk about! I'd love to give Bestowed a try since I have a passion for food and I'm always up for trying new foods! And coupons? Who doesn't love coupons? :) Thank you so much for sharing this post - I'll share the contest on my Twitter and as I work on my blog!

  6. Ugh before when I visited your site, I would always get the shopping bug and want to go buy whatever you bought or reviewed lol but now I get hungry too!? my wallet and stomach can't handle you anymore steph!!

    I love seeing whats in these boxes! Like Christmas all year round.. who doesn't love that!?

    1. I'm so into subscription boxes right now! Up until a few months ago I just knew of Shoe Dazzle, Jewelmint, and Birchbox/Glossybox, but there is a whole world of non-beauty, non-fashion related gift boxes out there! It's so awesome. I feel like my life and my blog is moving in a different direction as I get old and I love it!

      I haven't abandoned beauty blogging all together though! I do have some beauty related posts in mind to share. :)

  7. This is such a great idea! I love those macaroons:)

  8. I want to try Bestowed because I like to try new foods. :) Thanks for hosting this giveaway Steph!


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