December 17, 2012

Girl Talk: My Cotton Bunny Review

My Cotton Bunny

Put a period on your period. 

My Cotton Bunny is the monthly subscription service that bundles your choice of feminine hygiene products with a few extra goodies to get you through your cycle.
Your period doesn't have a chance.

I'm sharing with you the My Cotton Bunny December 2012 Box!
I know not everyone is comfortable talking about that time of the month, but hey, it's a girl thing. ; )
 The packaging gets two thumbs up! The design and the look of the box is sleek and pretty fancy in my book. : )

 The box was mailed via USPS Priority shipping inside the US.
 I reached out to My Cotton Bunny for a box to review here.
They wrote me a sweet note on beautiful stationary. I applaud the creative genius behind My Cotton Bunny for the beautiful logo, and graphics!
 The box came with a little card with some fun information about what you get in your box.
Very appropriate for winter. : )
Let's take a look at what I got in my December My Cotton Bunny Box. ^_~
The featured products in my box include: Tea by Yogi, Dagoba Chocolate, Classic Plaid Scarf, and a box of Kotex.
 I have a pantry full of Yogi tea, but I have yet to try Calming and Woman's Moon Cycle!
The tea pouches and fancy little chocolate came in an adorable fuchsia pink drawstring bag.
It's the little details that make such a huge difference on presentation. *Two thumbs up!*
I love my new Classic Plaid Scarf! I was all giddy when I opened the box. I was like..YES!! One more scarf for my collection. : ) Plus, I love plaid!
A supersoft, lightweight, and ultra comfortable scarf with fringed ends. Don't leave home without it! 
Hand wash only. Similar Scarves Retail Price: $10-$40.
 Thank you My Cotton Bunny for the box to review and share!

Price: $13.75/Month
I love this idea! It's beyond brilliant. I wish this was around when I was in college!
You get your necessities, and get some "feel good" products to boost your mood during that time of the month. : )

I'll see if they can offer my readers any coupons or giveaway after reading this post. ; )

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about My Cotton Bunny, and if you want a giveaway!


  1. ohhh the plaid scarf is so cute!!! love plaid hehe :)!

    1. To me, there are no festive Winters without plaid! ; )

  2. Replies
    1. It's the perfect excuse for any lady to sign up for a monthly box. :)

  3. Lol this is so weird but cool at the same time. I'm really curious. I'm always extra b*tchy during my period, maybevthe teas will help.

    1. I love learning about new business ideas. Some people are so creative. :)

  4. ive never heard of all the boxes that u mentioned before lol.. thanks for sharing/intro-ing

  5. Ugh I want to sign up just for the scarf lol What an adorable idea for a monthly box! My boyfriend will be glad he doesn't have to run out to buy my feminine products anymore lol

    1. Haha! I think the idea is super cute. I know for sure it gives some of us something to look forward to each month! :)

  6. Very interesting subscription.. lol


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