December 17, 2012

Hair Blog: Emi-Jay Hair Ties and Headbands

Emi-Jay Hair Ties!
Emi-Jay hair ties arrived in this shiny red metallic bubble mailer, and was delivered via FedEx.
I especially like the houndstooth print from their Holiday Collection. : )

Wrapped neatly in holiday red tissue paper, meet Emi-Jay for Splendid!
I have one striped top from Splendid and I adore the brand. It's exciting Emi-Jay teamed up with such another amazing brand. I love designer collaborations!
Each set of hair ties comes packaged in a nice plastic film with Emi-Jay logo sticker, and a card.
The hair ties are made in the USA of imported fabrics.

Emi-Jay for Splendid
The first elastic hair tie brand I learned about was Emi-Jay from one of my favorite vloggers years ago!

Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston wear Emi-Jay. : )

Meet the young creators of Emi-Jay!
Houndstooth Collection, $11.99
The brand and the quality of Emi-Jay justify the price of their products.
The striped hair tie from the Splendid set is so Splendid! They make the best striped clothing in my opinion. My only top from Splendid is a striped. : )
From left: Twistbands (read my review HERE), Sephora Jewel Toned Hair Ties, Emi-Jay
As you can see from the comparison photo, Emi-Jay hair ties are much larger. Their longer tail ends are almost a signature of their hair ties.

I can probably tell if someone is wearing an Emi-Jay hair tie on their wrist. I'm one of those people who notice the little things. : ) I love when something is understated. I enjoy being in the know, and I'm very excited to be given this chance to review Emi-Jay hair ties.
Guaranteed to make your outfit and your day
 You can find Emi-Jay hair accessories at Nordstrom, in-store and online. :)
Look for them the next time you're out shopping! There are so many fun prints and patterns to choose from!
Two young and beautiful entrepreneurs.  : )
You ladies rock!


  1. Oh I am totally going to have to order those!!!

    1. They're super cute!! I love Emi-Jay! I also love that you can pick them up at Nordstrom too. :)

  2. These hair ties are super cute!

    1. Did you see the different collections they have on their website? I love the fun animal print ones too!

  3. Those are really cute hair ties!!

    xo - Sheila

    1. I love them! I saw them at Bellevue Nordstrom in case you were wondering. :) I'm pretty sure Flagship has them too, but I saw them first at Bellevue and got super excited!

  4. ohhh love that they're young and fabulous and had a great idea and decided to run with it! need these hair ties.. i hate the crink my hair gets with the old school bands ::BLEH:: hahaa

    1. Nothing beats being young & fabulous, right?! :D

      I love the Emi Jay hair ties, they're much stronger than the others I have tried. Plus, I love wearing them as bracelets!! They just add to the arm party. :)


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