December 20, 2012

Girl Talk: Juniper & Giveaway!

I have another girly post to share and it's about Juniper.  ^_~

Introducing Juniper, a monthly care package service thoughtfully put together and sent to you before your period starts. The package includes a customized pack of tampons, and gourmet treats for you to indulge. Say goodbye to those last minute panic shopping sprees.

Juniper is started by two friends who are passionate about providing amazing experiences. We hope to turn a woman's period each month from a cause of stress into an occasion for pampering. 

At first glance Juniper reminded me of My Cotton Bunny (see my review HERE), however there are some key differences in approach and price.
The Juniper box is packaged neatly and looks very festive. The custom stamp in the box is a really nice touch.

- Juniper keep track of their customer's period cycle and send out each package at the appropriate time to each customer.

[There is this awesome free iPhone app called Period Tracker that you can use to track your time of the month. It will tell you how many days you have left until your next period too. It's an awesome free app!]

- Juniper customize each package to the needs of their customers - you can get whatever brand you want, in whichever absorbency combo you want.

- Juniper have customer support to work with their customers via email and SMS to calibrate each package to suit their needs. [You can pretty much text in when you a ready for your box!]


Juniper is woman's subscription service based out of San Fransisco, California.
 I look forward to the day I get to visit SF. I haven't been there yet, but I feel like I would love being there. The invoice also comes with product details listing out everything you get in your Juniper box.
The Juniper pack arrives in a simple white box.  
Discreet on the outside, pretty on the inside - this is Juniper.

Price: $28 per cycle/box
When you first open your Juniper box, you will find a sweet little letter from Lynn (Founder & CEO of Juniper). I have had the privilege of working directly with her to share Juniper here with you. ; )
On the opposite side of the letter card you will find descriptions of every treat in your monthly box.
Each month the snack pack is a new combination of decadent treats curated by Lynn, the amazing founder of Juniper. 
The gold box is filled with your preference of womanly products. : )
   Each month the snack pack is a new combination of decadent treats curated by Lynn, the amazing founder of Juniper. I have heard of Numi Organic Tea before and have always wanted to try to it! 
a fabulous fête, a fabulous you 
fête = elaborate, festival, celebration, party ^_~

 1. Meganut Maple Fudge
For optimal experience, enjoy in your favorite pair of flannel PJs. 

2. Pete's White Chocolate Snowflakes
This is how I dream of a white Christmas - atop pillows of peppermint marshmallows.

3. Sea + Cane Chocolate Spoon
Warm up a mug of milk and go stir-crazy with this spoon.

4. Botanical Bakery Ginger Cookies
A yummier & stumpier version of the classic gingerbread man.

5. Numi Tea
Orange Spice, Rooibus Chai, Berry Black. A bit of classy indulgence to balance out all that spiked eggnog.

6. BeeKind Honey Sticks
Clover, Lemon, Blackberry. A spicy...citrusy...berry...merry ChristmaHanaKwanza to you.
 Follow @GetJuniper on Twitter to get a peek at Juniper behind the scene.

The boss lady over at Juniper said yes to a giveaway!

Giveaway - have your reader tweet us @getjuniper and #periodcravings or drop us a note on Facebook with a picture of their favorite period craving treats, we'll pick a winner and send her a box! :)  


  1. Wow this is a cool box! I had no clue they even had such thing for women. :) That's pretty nice!!

    Thanks for sharing this Steph!

    xo - Sheila

    1. I think Juniper and My Cotton Bunny monthly box ideas are genius! It just make sense for us to get a gift before that time of the month. lol

  2. Haha, this is such a cute subscription. It would be so nice to get some treats before my period. Thanks for sharing!

    1. My favorite thing is finding new amazing companies to share. :) I like to pay it forward since so many wonderful bloggers and Youtubers helped me out when I first started my blog 4 years ago. <3

  3. This is...interesting. Haha! People are so creative nowadays, makes you wonder why you never thought of it. It's so neat how they send it to you before your period starts. I never want to go anywhere when I get my monthly visit and I always make my hubby run to the store for me when I get it. He would love if I got this! lol.
    I live in SF. I would love to show you around if you ever visit! :) You'll definitely love it here!

  4. Nice review. Love the new ideas of monthly boxes now a day.

  5. Nice review. Love how there are so many different monthly boxes.


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