January 12, 2013

Food Blog: Knoshbox & Giveaway [Ended]!

 Knoshbox is a monthly subscription box for artisan food.
 This box is the December Holiday Collection box. The convenient part about Knoshbox is the fact that you can go to the 'Market' section on their website to purchase more of the gourmet foods you liked from the box. How awesome are the Mustache gingerbread cookies?!
The Knoshbox typically doesn't come double boxed because they care about recycling and being green. My box was double box to keep everything looking great for this review. : ) Both boxes looked perfect but it's this kind detail and thought put into their service and products that makes it great! I have nothing but respect for the brilliant minds behind the scenes at Knoshbox.
 The Holiday Collection December 2012 box arrived with this card describing your new treats!
 I give the packaging a big thumbs up! It's the little details that really makes the box stand out. Details and perfect packaging make me happy. : )
Let the treasure hunt begin!
 These truly are artisan foods. The labels, the font, the packaging all were well thought out.
 S'mores Bakery
How adorable are these mini S'mores? You'll find owners Sarah + Mike on weekends at Brooklyn's Smorgasburg food market torching smores by hand for customers. Each component is made by hand, from the graham that holds it together down to the chocolate ganache and peppermint marshmallow.
 Keep reading to learn more about these awesome Mustache cookies!!
From Broadway to Baker, Alison Walla brings you her whimsy creation from Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Her gingerbread mustache cookies are made with bits of crystallized ginger rolled throughout the dough for a spicy kick. You'll also try her jam cookies in this box!

You can order the Mustache gingerbread cookies in the Knoshbox Market. My sister and I felt the cookies were the big highlight of our first Knoshbox. : ) There are Vimeo videos about the different brands of artisan goodies on their website as well. Check those out, I just watched the Butter + Love video.
  Fat Witch Bakery
Chelsea Market's Fat Witch Bakery is known for their incredible brownies and baked goods. The white chocolate Snow Witch is moist, chewy and highly addictive. New York City's legendary brownie is now yours to experience. Suggested pairing: Your favorite coffee, brewed by French Press.

I adore this box because it brings a little bit of fabulous NYC to my doorstep!
 I love the colors of the artisan foods! Everything about the treats in this box shouts happiness!!
 How amazing does this roasted chestnut chocolate bar sound?

Ticket Kitchen
This month you'll enjoy Ticket Chocolate, crafted from the finest couverture chocolate mixed with finely chopped, roasted chestnuts. "At Ticket Chocolate, we believe life's best moments are often simplest. And that's the approach we take with our chocolate." A taste of nostalgia you won't find anywhere else.
 Butter + Love
From the same bakers that brought us the Mustache cookies! Jam sandwich cookie sampler, baked fresh just for you.
Knoshbox has been featured in the Wall Street Journal too!
This box is definitely for the foodies with fancy taste. I'm so blown away by how chic these gourmet treats are presented. I'm currently spending time with my sister while she's on her winter break from college. She's already in her third year at Harvard! My family is so so proud of her. : ) She was so excited to open the Knoshbox with me today. I told you these are great for college students! They're such a great way for loved ones to save the college student(s) in their life some time. ; )
The Knoshbox team shares these delicious discoveries, so you can spend less time searching for awesome foods to enjoy or share!

Knoshbox is offering my readers a giveaway for their February "Date Night" box! Keep reading to enter!

I'm SO happy that one of you will be getting a free Knoshbox to try!

You can subscribe, or try/gift the Knoshbox!
Out of the food boxes, I've reviewed this far, I think Knoshbox is the best one to gift because it has that "wow" factor. This box will bring your loved ones nothing but smiles! 

I don't have a promotional code to share, but  right now the subscription is $30/month which includes free shipping each month. That is the most affordable plan at the moment and saves $7/month over a single purchase. 

An Instagram follower asked me:
"I love all your posts! They're so informative! Good deals and beauty ::thumbs up::
How do you hear about the monthly or quarterly subscriptions? Do you get sponsored?"

I spend a lot of time surfing the internet and reading about new start up companies and businesses. I'm extremely fascinated by new and growing online businesses. I also love new ideas, and the convenience of online shopping. These online business are all done so well, and they are popping up out of awesome cities in the US. I make the time to research and actively get in contact with someone from each company and see if we can work together to get their service and products featured on my blog and vice versa. It takes a lot of time but it's my hobby so I enjoy it.

My dog Wally has been featured on Australia's PawBag's Facebook page and his photo received well over 2,000 likes! I was so blown away. On average, my DSK Steph Facebook page's updates gets 10 likes tops. lol I'm not very popular on Facebook. It's amazing to know these companies also help me get new readers which means I have the opportunity to meet and connect with more people through my blog. I do not get paid for my reviews from any of the subscription boxes featured. These companies and businesses did not find me. I looked for and found them! I get press boxes to photograph, sample, and review on my blog. : )

I hope my reviews are fun to read, and helpful for those who search for subscription box reviews! It's so fun for me to get to try all these new boxes, and share them with my friends and loved ones. Many of my friends have subscribed to boxes I've talked about on my blog, and they love it!
 My Knoshbox shipped domestically through USPS Priority mail. Thanks!
It was really great that The Knoshbox Team cared about the condition of my box for photos. I love people who appreciate aesthetics even if it's just a box. :)
 My cat had more fun with the empty box than anything!
 The best part about being home is spending time with my family and our family's pets!
 I forgot what it's like to live with a cat since it's been a little over a year since I've been home. Tobey loves to knock everything off the tables. My chapstick aways goes missing! lol
 Tabby cat, tabby cat, I love you!
Catch ya later!

Be sure to check out the Knoshbox tumblr to see January's box!

February Knoshbox "Date Night" Giveaway!
Ends this Sunday! The Knoshbox Team will randomly select the winner from the comment section in this post!

Let me know why you would like to win their February "Date Night" box in the comment section below. Don't forget to leave your name so they can find you on Facebook! ; )

The Knoshbox winner is Cindy H!


  1. I'd like to win the February box because I think it'd be fun to try a food box as it is different to the other subscription boxes out there and the things in the December box look delish!

    FB: Sheri Wong

  2. I'd like to win the the February box because I think it would be great to try new foods! This box seems like a different type of subscription box and from looking at the December box, it all looks so tasty! =)

    -Katherine Nakagawa

  3. Knoshbox looks grea, especially the mustache cookies. I'd love to give it a try.

    FB: Julia Nguyen

  4. I would love to win one of those Knoshboxs! They always have thing tasty looking but werid in them. I'm thinking about buying a subscription.</3
    ~Amber Keitt~

  5. I would like to win!! The items in this box sound so yummy and I am always down for trying new food!

    ~Stephanie Goddard Kurtz

  6. love this giveway and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  7. I would love to win the box because since I have found your site I have been introduced to a whole new world. I love getting these boxes in the mail. i have already bought one dog box, the birch box, crave box and my next big adventure is the sprig box. To be able to win this box would be great because I would be able to try a new box with fun new products and pass on the referral to my friends(oh and p.s. my husband will be happy that it was free :0)

    crystal paterson (FB name crystal hamm paterson

  8. Haha those mustache cookies look really yummy! I would love to win a box because hubs and I are always looking for new foods to try. This sounds like a really awesome subscription program that features unique and tasty treats. Thanks for sharing!

    Facebook: Cindy Huynh

    1. "Hey Stephanie!

      We randomly chose a winner for the giveaway (sorry for the delay)- the winner of a February Knoshbox is Cindy Huynh."

      Congrats Cindy!! ^_^

    2. Hooray!! Can't wait to try out the goodies!

  9. hey steph, really enjoying these food-related box reviews.

    i'd like a chance to win the february knoshbox cuz it's always fun to try out new snacks :)

  10. I hope February's box has chocolate in it. I'd like to try out new treats!


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