January 5, 2013

PinkyParadise Circle Lenses Review: GEO Starmish Brown

 GEO Starmish Brown from PinkyParadise, they retail for $23.90 per pair.

 I finally got a pink animal lens case! The mystery gift in my package was the hair velcros in black. I have them in pink, blue, and now black. : ) The hair velcros are nifty for keeping your bangs and baby hairs out of your face. These same hair velcros retail for $5-6 at my local Japanese market. I love that PinkyParadise offers them as one of their mystery gift option for customers. :)
 I'm going to assume the GEO Starmish Brown lenses are part of the Princess Mimi series.
 The color gradient is really pretty, but the comfort level isn't as nice as other lenses I wear on a daily basis since I'm currently out of my normal contact lenses. I love my natural eyes but I'm glad I have circle lenses as fun accessories to change up my look.
Earrings are Louis Vuitton ~ not that you can really see...but they're the mix match pair that I blogged about last year. ;D These lenses are enlarging with a diameter of 14.5mm. The color makes dark eyes look much brighter. If you want a light brown eyes look, this pair is a good choice. It also doesn't look too crazy artificial or alien like. Circle lens wearing girls know what I'm talking about!
 Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette
Eyeliner: MAC in waterline, Make Up For Ever gel liner.
Mascara: Lancome Definicils
[I know the picture is overly surface blurred, but I want the focus of the picture to be on the lenses and the eye and not my freckles. ;)]
 My #2 favorite lashes by Ardell are the #120 Demi. I love the flare, wispy ends.
Normally, I would cut the false lashes to fit the length of my eye but I didn't so my eyes in the photo above look less open. It really does make a difference when you fit your falsies to your eyes.
I have a PinkyParadise Giveaway going on HERE. [Ended]
The winner is Lawko! : ) 


  1. I like those lashes too!
    They look really unique yet nice :)

    1. They're very wearable too! Not as dramatic as the Ardell Wispies, but more noticeable than the Ardell #110. :)

  2. nice lenses
    i use those lashes too. love them.


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