January 5, 2013

My Salvatore Ferragamo Experience

My friend and I had a girl's day since we're both going away on month long trips soon. She asked me to help her pick out some gifts for her brother and sister in law at Ferragamo. I've always had an appreciation for Salvatore Ferragamo, but I find most of their shoes and accessories too mature for me. I'm 25 and I want to save signature brands like Ferragamo for my old age jk, my 30-35+ years of life. lol It gives you something to look forward to as you age gracefully, of course! I do own a pair of their sandals but they're more of a youthful style, plus they're sandals and not "grown up" shoes.

Here are some fun photos from today's shoe adventure. : )
The lace pair were on sale for $309, and the others were around $273 if I remember correctly. This style is normally in the $395-500 range retail. I hope the sale prices are helpful for those who are interested in getting a deal on these cute "Varina" style shoes.
I proudly stood my ground. I resisted sales associate and peer pressure even though today was the last day of their sale. Haha! I was instantly attracted to the silver pair. But..If my shoes size were still left in the silver pair...my blog story wouldn't sound like it does right now. ; ) You can buy now and save for your future, more refined, ladylike self, right?

We went on the last day of the sale which started around December 7th so we caught the end. 
These beauties were not on sale, but they were my favorite pair in the whole store today. All gold bows!! YES. The price tag was in the five's and well deserved. lol They're perfect.
 I learned today that I'm a comfortable 37 1/2 C in most SF shoe styles. It's good to know and note. ;)
 I learned they have different letter sizes for the width of the shoe. How nice, right? My friend is so funny, she tried so hard to convince me that Ferragamo's were the way to go if I like to wear flats. I'm notorious for wearing my Tory Burch flats all the time since they're my easy slip on and go shoes. After walking around in a pair of Ferragamo loafers I can see why she likes them better. She's a huge fan of the bow flats, but she said they start to hurt after a while. I can't really tell because I only wore that style around in the store. But they sure do class up your feet! The loafer style have much more support in the sole and they're very comfy. Plus, they just look more grown up...the word I threw around today was ladylike. I just have this imagine of a female politician wearing conservative Ferragamo shoes. I can't get out the imagine of "old lady" out of my mind! I have a great appreciation for the brand, but I don't love it for me right now.
These loafers were on sale for $257 from $395 (I think) and they were so comfy! I just don't think they're very flattering on me because of my wider 7 1/2 feet. My friend has tiny size 5 1/2 narrow feet. I almost got influenced into bringing these homes just so we can be twinsies lol, but I stopped myself because they're not practical for me. I would never wear them unless I felt like wearing reading glasses, reading the weekend newspaper. lol

My friend left with three bag fulls of goodies. She bought the loafer style in 4 different colors. I was like..COME ON. lol She just knows what she loves and has to have it in every color. Plus, the sale was pretty incredible. They offer you Fiji bottled water too for shopping. lol

Both my friend & the sales associate were telling me how Europe and Asia carry the most colorful and fun Chanel and Ferragamo bags and shoes. The SA was saying how they get their fashion before us here in the US. It make sense, and I know that people in other countries have stronger appreciation for many luxury brands we may or may not ignore here. Americans, myself included seem to get wrapped up and sucked into fashion trends. We end up liking what's more mainstream and it's hard to break out of the norm without feeling you didn't get the most of your money if you buy something not popular. It's hard to explain, but I think some of you understand what I'm trying to say.
My bf is in his thirty's now and I think he would really like and appreciate Ferragamo's selection for men. He's more of an understated kind of guy who treasures quality so most of their stuff is perfect for him. 
The SA told us the belts hardly ever go on sale. My friend ended up picking the top left one for her brother. The price tag is around $300-$400 for men. Quality over quantity. My bf wears a belt to work everyday and he's really wears out his standard leather belts. You can see the leather crackle on his belts and I wonder if a high quality belt will be a good solution to his problem.

Ferragamo also cut belts to fit too if needed. I told you I learned a lot today. : ) It doesn't hurt to know more things about things you like!
We ended up deciding on this gorgeous magenta/fuchsia leather bag for her lucky sister in law. : ) It's so cute! It's called the "Soft W," on sale for around $1,090 from $1690. I was surprised how fair I felt the prices were for their leather handbags.
I liked the look of this tote for an older woman. It's very proper and yes, ladylike! lol
This Mini Bag is one I would love to own one day. The price tag is $895. If you own the shoes..might as well snag the matching bag, right? I think it's completely adorbs and classic.
Girl friend pretty much left with all those boxes. I've never met anyone in my life so passionate about shoes, handbags, and fashion! I'm drunk on her! ; ) [Luke Bryan "Drunk On You" is my current favorite country song.] 

We stopped by Neiman Marcus for their amazing beauty department (& a quick peek in Chanel) then drove over to Bellevue Square to return something at Tiffany's. Naturally, the next stop was a few doors down at Nordstrom! I love that store so much. We had a yummy dinner at Nordstrom Cafe and spent nearly 2 hours chatting about life. Did I tell you she's getting married next week?
I love their wedding invitation, it's so creative! It looks exactly like them too. : )

In other news! My bf and I have have grown so much together especially in these past few years. We both feel very blessed and lucky. I know we will figure out the balance between work and a fun life outside of work. We celebrated our 5th official year together a few days ago. : ) Yay! He really is my best friend. I got home from Target and the gym this morning to find a bunch of long stemmed pink roses on the coffee table. I didn't even notice until a lot later because I spent my time in the kitchen cleaning up and loading the dishes all angry at my life. My new Martha Stewart scissors were also left broken on the kitchen counter. I took a picture and text him and wrote, "Explain!" lol 

I get angry every time I have to do the dishes because it's not my favorite chore nor is taking out the trash. I'm also angry because I live in Seattle where the sun shines 2-3 months out of the year. :P Seeing the soft pink roses changed my mood completely. The last time he bought me "just because" flowers was in college! It feels like so long ago now. Those really were the good days. He's not a big sentimental, romantic type of man so any little gesture of sweetness doesn't go unnoticed. However, I much prefer the small things like remember when trash day is so I don't have to worry about it. lol I have anxiety and I get very paranoid about the smallest things (like did you remember to feed the fish?!)...so if he can help me ease my worries, my life would be a lot easier!
Have a wonderful weekend!

It seems like everyone I know is leaving the Pacific Northwest for a month! The winter season here can really take a toll on you mentally if you're not tough! [or not born and raised here]. The weather still affects me so badly! There's just too many clouds and not enough sun to make you feel normal and happy. I bought a happy blue light and everything but this is year 3, and I'm going to go looney if I don't get out of Seattle for at a few weeks! lol It's really not that bad, but I know I would be happier living elsewhere for a few months out of the year. : )

Please let me know if you want me to blog more like this, I kind of took a different direction with my blog because I didn't know if many of you were still interested in reading my "blog journal," like old times! The view counts are huge for nail polish swatches and subscription box reviews. I enjoy doing both, but sometimes I stop myself from diary blogging because it might not be what my readers want? I really enjoy sharing my life, it's really therapeutic to free write from time to time. :D

Many of you have been with me for a while (since 2008!), and know that I blog randomly about every sort of topic that's on my mind. I love that about my blog because it's my space to share my obsessions because sometimes people in real life just don't care as much as new friends do on the web. lol It's all about finding a connection and meeting people with shared interests online. :D I feel very happy to have an audience. Thank you for hearing me out because it feels good to be heard!


  1. I agree, it is a brand for the rather mature women. But you never know, when it´s time to grow up all of a sudden..don´t we all have those days where we need to at least look like we´re all mature...


    1. I'm in no hurry to grow up, but I do appreciate the brand!

  2. Ah what a great post Steph! I am really glad you did a "diary" post AND blogged about SF!! I definitely love your taste and the "luxury brands" but because i am still so young & in school (22), i can't quite afford them yet; maybe one day! :D I absolutely ADORE the bow flats, especially the ones with the gold! I would love to add those to my collection one day! I LOVE flats & since moving to CA, I wear them nearly every day (opposed to rainboots & riding boots in Seattle!). Keep blogging girl!! Hope you are well! P.S. I totally agree w/ you about seattle! I was just home for 3 weeks and am ready to get back to the CA sunshine! i had NO motivation to get up and out while hear because it was so dark, cold, and rainy - hahaha

    1. I'm California, dreamin' for sure! I'm glad you liked the post! Sometimes I feel like no on cares about the things I'm crazy about! :D The day will come and when it does, it will be so much fun because you earned it with studying hard, and working hard. I feel luxury goods are great rewards in life for those who have an appreciation for them! ^_^

      Happy New Year to you! <3

  3. I actually enjoy reading about your life more than about your nail polishes and beauty posts....prefer reading about a person better than products sometimes most of the time. :)

  4. I love your variety of blog posts!!!! been following a while and just like every aspect! :)

    I think you should also do a post of your updated chanel earring collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

    1. Thank you Sabrina! :) My Chanel earring collection is very small, but I would be more than happy to share them!

  5. Awww I love when you blog about your life updates Steph! I feel like I've gotten to know you more better. :) And wow... your girl friend is someone I would just love to watch go shopping. hahaha.. I wish I had the funds to do that. ;)

    I know what you mean about the Seattle weather. I'm born and raised here but sometimes I still get sick of the rain. Maybe because I can't wear what I want to wear that's all rain-proof. Le sigh.. I was just telling the Hubs today that we needed more sun in our lives. Just a week of sun is good and very much needed. Hang in there! Sounds like you'll be out of it soon on vaca. ;)

    xo - Sheila

    1. Thank you Sheila! I've had so much fun getting to know you better too. :) I hope we get a chance to meet up and maybe have a doggie play date in the future. I have a feeling we'll eventually run into each other at Target. :P

      I look forward to that day!

    2. lol! I know right? I have a feeling as well that we'll be seeing each other at Target. One of our fav stores. ;) That'll be so much fun if we got together one day and just chatted!

  6. more life blog pleaaaaaaaase :p i think this is really how we get to know and even get "attached" to bloggers like we're bestie's in real life ahahaha through rando life posts :p

    your bf is so soo soooooooooooooooooo sweet those roses are the prettiest soft romantic color ever!

  7. STEPH!! These are my absolute favorite posts from you! These and the hauls ;) haha Its always amazing getting to know the person behind the screen and see glimpses of a person's life outside of the beauty world. These are the types of posts that made me a devoted reader! Nail polish blogs and beauty blogs are a dime a dozen these days but not everyone is capable of gathering an audience that is beyond that - something with substance, so you should feel proud that you have that quality! Your blog has a great balance so I definitely hope you keep up these types of posts!! :)

  8. And ugh I really love those loafers lol! When one of my friends first got a job at Google, he was so proud to show off his new Ferragamo loafers. I was surprised he even knew of the brand but apparently some of the guys at Google like Ferragamo and introduced him to it! :)

  9. awwww!! damn kinda got me sucked into the salvatore ferragamo! OMG STEPH! lol yeah! blog more like this ^_^ even tho i can text you anytime. i rather read this! ;)

  10. I've never heard of Salvatore Ferragamo. I think the shoes with bows on them are cute though. Kind of out of my price range and I don't think I'm dainty enough to wear these. LOL. I like reading your posts on shopping and events you go to. It makes it slightly more personal but not overly so that it's boring.

    1. I do love their cute bows too! :) Thanks for the kind words about my blog diaries. :D I'll try to post more fun things!

  11. i like a variety, i love your reviews, but i love your diary-styled posts the best!


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