March 28, 2013

Food Blog: Gourmet Spotting Tasting Box

Nickel and I have the Gourmet Spotting Tasting Box to share with you today!

Gourmet Spotting is a gourmet foods subscription delivered monthly.
Everything is hand-picked and curated $29.99 a month, cancel anytime.
  Gourmet Spotting is different than most other subscriptions. They send full size products, and truly curate their Tasting Box selection as they pay for the products rather than get free samples.
 Gourmet Spotting also focus on choosing amazing and delicious products as you see in my Tasting Box. :)
White Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil! I immediately thought of truffle fries!
I made them tonight and they were so delicious. You can find the recipe I used at the Gourmet Spotting blog! They also have great recipes on their Facebook page. :)
Whimsy & Spice Luscious Brownies Espresso Dulce de Leche x2!
Terre Di Murgia Orecchiette Integrali
Heartbreaking Dawns Classic Gold Hot Sauce
My significant other loves hot sauce! 
Fancy pasta!
I absolutely recommend the Gourmet Spotting Tasting Box subscription if you're someone who likes to cook and try new foods. I'm so happy with everything in my box especially the White Truffle Olive Oil! I'm addicted to making fries. I never realized how easy it was to DIY. lol
Recipes included! :) You can check out their blog for more delicious foods too.


  1. OH wow this looks amazing! White truffle oil and hot sauce??? My hubs loves any hot sauce too! hahaha.. this looks great Steph!

    xo - Sheila

  2. oh my gosh! i've never seen this before, but what a great idea! i think i might have to order this asap...


  3. This is a great idea!!! Love it!

    xx ABI


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