March 1, 2013

My New Red Glasses!

What do you think of my new burgundy framed glasses? : )
  My eye glass prescription is at (-7.0, -7.0) so it's really hard to look cool in glasses because of the thickness of the lenses. lol 

They even came with extra screws and a mini tool to adjust your glasses! I love it!!

I got my glasses from, they're an affordable online optical store. Their stylish frames won't break the bank. They're priced from $10-$46 depending on style for the frames alone. If you need prescription glasses or sunglasses, they also offer those options.

You can select your face shape model and choose different frames to dress your model. (It's called the Virtual Try On System.) It's a great way to see how the glasses will look on your face shape. You can even upload your own photo onto their website and apply different frame styles to suit your face.

The style of my glasses are the #ZS5104, you can find them here.
 Visit for your optical needs. 8)
Firmoo has over 574k fans on Facebook!
Firmoo is offer a First Pair Free Program to everyone worldwide.
Visit this link for details on how to receive your free pair of glasses. I believe you only have to pay for shipping.
The quality of the burgundy pair I picked out is really good. The fit was pretty good; I adjusted the screws on both sides to be a bit more tight to fit my head and ears more comfortably. I have always wanted a pair of red glasses (so Zooey Deschanel/New Girl, I know). I still can't believe how affordable their glasses are at Firmoo. Normally, it costs hundreds of dollars to get a pair of prescription glasses at the store. Firmoo online is a great alternative to buy fashionable glasses. :)


  1. Those looks great on you! I'm -6.0/-6.0 so I feel your pain about the thick lenses lol :D

  2. Love the red glasses...I think you totally make em look hot!! ;)


  3. My prescription is -7.25 for both eyes and my lens are soooo thick. I am in need of new glasses too. Those red ones look great on you. :)

    1. Thank you! Let me know if you decide to get a new pair. :)

  4. Did you have to pay extra for the strength of your precription Steph?

    1. I didn't! I think most places charge for the thinner version of the prescription lenses.


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