March 1, 2013

Gray Violet Contact Lenses

 I got another pink animal lens case for my collection!! Woohoo!
It's a shade darker than my last pink animal lens case too. See it HERE. : )
 She's a pink bear! I really love collection the lens cases. To me, the animal lens cases are a big perk. I'm more excited about the contact case over the colored contact since I have so many of those and so few animal lens cases!

Thank you for including the animal lens case with my order. : )
 These are my first colored contacts by ColourVUE. I like that they come in a box.
 This is so helpful for new contact is very important that your contact goes in your eye correctly! It's very bothersome if they're inverted.
 ColourVUE Gray Violet
I have the POWER of negative seven.
 Gray/Violet sounded like a really pretty to me because I like gray contacts, and hey, my favorite color is purple. I get the best of both in one pair of contacts.
 The colored contacts are packaged in little solution packets. You just have to peel off the foil to get to them. It's much easier than taking then out of the glass vials with difficult safety seals. I vote all contacts be packaged easy to peel solution packages! : )
I like it when my brown eye color is visible through the decorative lenses. At the ends of the day, I'm excited to take my contacts out so I give these 7/10 for comfort.

Have you ever tried violet lenses?

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