March 21, 2013

MyIrelandBox Craft

My Ireland Box is a monthly deliveries from Ireland of curated surprise packages of the best of Irish Craft or Irish Artisan Foods.

 The MyIrelandBox Craft costs 30 Euro per month.

I was really excited to receive my first package from Ireland. :)
My box was the MarchMyIreland Craft Box, you have the option of picking between the Craft Box or the Artisan Food Box, but the food box isn't available to the US at this time.

Select from either Irish made Craft products (available to the USA UK and EU) or Irish Artisan Food (available to the UK and EU only). Both curated and carefully chosen to offer you the best of Irish.
I really enjoy learning and experience a new country. I have not been to Ireland which makes this box so much more special to me.

Surprise Yourself!
How adorable is this sheep fridge magnet? :) He's hanging out on my fridge right now.
Everything I got in my March MyIrelandBox Craft. I think the packaging is so earthy and natural. It gives me a green country side feel.
Bia Beauty Feed Your Skin!
Bia means "Food" in our native language and all of Tracey Ryan's products are 100% natural using simple ingredients. Tracey studied herbal science in Cork and this led her to create her wonderful company. We love the fact that her desire to use natural products during her pregnancy prompted her motivation to make natural skincare. Her products feel delicious on your skin!
Liz Christy Handweaver
Liz is a lovely woman and is passionate about her work with all things woollen! We think her sheep fridge magnets are really cool. She handweaves the snuggliest looking scarves that are trendy and would add a pop of bright to an outfit.
Matt Jones Woodturner
We love Matt Jones' work. We met him at the Showcase Ireland Trade Fair in Dublin this January. All of his work is handcrafted and he uses native Irish timber. He lives in Co. Sligo with his wife Imelda and he is also a musician!
This teardrop wine stopper is made with Irish wood (walnut), and it's handcrafted in Ireland.
Alljoy Design
The makers of the owl card in the box. These guys are based in Dublin and are quite imaginative in their work! they make beautiful laser cut greeting cards, felt placemats, cute notebooks and giftware, designed and made in Ireland. Jaiwen and Ling Xu are the creative duo who founded the company. We think their designs are fun and funky!

Monthly surprises from Ireland of the best of Irish craft or Irish artisan food. Choose either the MyIrelandBox Craft or the MyIrelandBox Artisan Food - for yourself or as a gift! Sign up before Friday 29th March for your April Box! 

I often like to watch the SacconeJoly's LeFloofTV on Youtube and they're from Ireland and they have the most adorable little baby girl. :)


  1. How fun! It's like getting souvenirs. The lamb is super cute.

    1. Exactly! I think it would be so cool if every country did this!

  2. OMMMMG this box is soooo cute!! the lamb magnet is so adorable heart this!

    1. I'm glad you like it! I've seen others with black lambs too!

  3. Thank you Stephanie for your wonderful post!
    We are very excited to have featured on your fantastic blog. It is so special to be able to send surprises of little Irish treasures that we find throughout Ireland to our subscribers. We are really excited about our April finds - see our blog for a sneak peek inside the box (and more to come!) :
    Thank you also to everyone for your lovely comments!
    Warmest wishes from Ireland
    Katharine -

    1. Thank you for stopping by Katharine! We all love the special gifts sent from Ireland. :)

  4. the wine stopper looks nifty and handy! :D


    1. Wine stoppers are awesome! I think they make wonderful gifts too especially during the holidays. :)

  5. I think the stuff is very cool, but the box is pretty expensive :S

    xx ABI


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